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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

""Judge orders trial for former gynecologist
A former **** gynecologist could now face two local trials on charges of molesting five former patients after two more women testified against him Tuesday.
A district judge ruled there is sufficient evidence to try ****, for second- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct for incidents in June and October 1996.
He already faces a circuit court trial in May on charges that he improperly touched three other female patients.
**** had worked for the Medical Arts Group in **** for eight years before he left to practice in **** in April 1997.
He faces two trials in **** on sex charges related to his practice there.""

Ok , so if I am reading that snippet right then he was accused of this kind of thing with 8 different women plus 2 other trails from his last practice ? If so that is WAY different then a misunderstood situation or an overly sensitive women , also molestation , second- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct and improper touching does not sound like something he said was sexest or taken wrong . This is all just my personal opinion but it just seems like way too much to not be taken seriously . I would SO not feel ok with seeing him again . JMO .


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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

I'm taking it that he was not found guilty on these charges because I don't think he would be able to practice if he was guilty, right?
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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

And what does your 'husband' think about this? Seriously, I would ask what came of the charges. Ask why he is still practicing. Be honest. I mean, he couldn't be practicing if there are charges. Sadly that is why docs have all sorts of insurance, to protect themselves financially from some psychos. But that doesn't protect their reputation. Tell him that you respect him as a doc and you truly appreciate the care he has given you but some things have been brought to your attention that you need answers to. Being that you are almost having a baby this is bad timing but you also want to feel comfortable in labor and under the circumstances I am sure another OB would take you if it led to that.
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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

(why is my husband in quotes? )

He at first was shocked. We talked about it and figured he'd never be alone with me... and then he told me it was up to me, and that he'd rather I had a doctor that cared about me and was conscientious and detail oriented (he really is.) than one who wasn't.. "even if he wanted to feel you up" (don't you just love him?)

Sigh. I agree, if he was found guilty he wouldn't still be practicing. I thought about it some more and I don't really get a bad vibe off him. I'm usually a good judge of character like that, but with him I never felt anything bad. He's such a nice man.. maybe that's how he gets you.. or maybe people just misunderstood and thought there was more to it than there ever was? In any case these allegations were a long time ago and I am so far to the end of my pregnancy.

So I'm torn, but I just don't have the energy to research farther options (all of the 5 ob offices in my area (with 20 miles of my willing-to-travel distance are affiliated with each other, a whole other story for another day)
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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

I dont know... 8 cases?? thats a lot of hearsay. I personally would switch, even if he is kind and caring. Thats just too much, ya know?? and for molestation not just verbal whatever, I don't think I would go back to him. Its definitely not too late to switch.
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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

I would NOT go back to him. I'm not sure of your insurance situation, but I would certainly put time into looking for another. I wouldn't want to support someone who was capable of that type of abuse, but that is just me personally speaking (survivor of sexual assualt). There was a guy I knew in college that later became an OB (he was a perv in college) and I told my dh that I would want him to deliver the baby before that guy, no matter how smart/competent he was.
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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

I would switch groups all together as soon as possible. I felt really uneasy about my OB with my DS and should have listened to my intuition. Always trust your intuition. My doc was a liar and a jerk. Also, I couldn't even make a formal complaint in the state I was in even though I had written proof of his lies (there were eight of them) because in the end we were not considered "permanently injured". Although I would consider a completely unnecessary CS to be a considerable injury. So I really have trouble believing that it was just someone being sensitive or getting hurt feelings. This is YOUR birth too, and should enoy it without worrying.
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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

I agree with PP - go with your gut on this.
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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

As someone that has been through sexual abuse my heart and head scream in differant directions. My heart says get away now but my head knows that it could easily have been one person say something because she was over sensitive diddn't like him whatever the case may be. Then other women find out and either decide to jump on the bandwagon because again they didn't like him for some reason or because they thought money might be had out of a lawsuit.
It sad and I would not want to be an OB.

It is difficult to change Dr.s that far along however if you decide to stay make sure you have a family member present at every appt. Someone willing to stand up for you if you even look uncomfortable.
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Re: OB's with a sordid past?

I honestly don't know what I would do in that sort of situation. Wow. It seems impossible that he could be innocent of 8 counts of molestation or sexual misconduct. On the other hand, if you really like him, and there is a nurse there, then there's not much he can do, right? Then, on the other OTHER hand, do you really want to give him your money if he hurts women? On the other other other hand, if his bedside manner is deserving of what you pay to see him, and you really DO like him... Oh my. What a difficult situation.

What do you feel in your gut is the right thing to do? I wish I could help you -- but all I can say is, follow your instincts, as a few PPs said.
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