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Nursery Delima (long PG brain rambelings)

We have an extra room to make into a nursery and curently all of baby's things are in there.

Here is the thing... there is a full size bed in there that DS and I sleep in every night have been since he was born. DS does have his own room with a twin size bed and he does sleep in it ocasionaly but the majority of the time he is in the full bed with me. I can't sleep with DH. He and the dogs drive me nuts. The room is a mess because DH doesn't pickup after himself. He won't put his clothes away or close his closet door. So I pile the clean clothes on top of his dresser (on my side of the bed) and in the corner on top of an overflowing laundry basket of sports clothes (hunting camos, dirtbike riding stuff, etc.). The dogs sleep on the floor on my side of the bed and kick the bed, snore, fart, wonder around, get drinks of water, lick body parts in the same spot over and over for hours. My DH sleeps with a huge body pillow, 4 down pillows and a disgusting pillow he has had since he was 6 (hasn't been washed in years, I did wash it a couple of time and he came unglued on me). He snores like crazy, tosses and turns throws pillows off (usually on my head) and then gets up looking for them. When he first goes to sleep he farts like crazy and the smell is enough to kill a person. We have a Calf. King bed.

So I've measured and the crib and dresser will fit in the room with the bed but nothing else. The changing table and rocking chair will not fit. I also have a arms reach co-sleeper I would like to try in there attached to the bed so baby can co-sleep with us but from what I've read they suck and baby usually ends up in bed with mom and dad. Well we won't be mom and dad we will mom and 4 year old brother who tosses and turns more than his dad, he just smells better

Where would you put the changing table (a must have for cloth diaper stash)?

Would you kick DH and the dogs out of the master bedroom and make them sleep in the smaller room and take over the king bed with the kids. Granted DH is 6' 3" and his feet hang off the end of the full and would need to get into the master to get ready for work every day at 5:30 a.m. Do I move all of DS#1's toys out of his room and move baby in there and make the full size bed DS#1's and buy special sheets and comforter for it and turn DS#1's room back into a nursery where I know everything fits. The crib set I got matches the paint in full size bed room though, and DS#1 and DH have a lot of crap in DS#1's room that would have to go if I made the room back into an nursery and I would want to paint both rooms. I would leave DS#1's twin bed to co-sleep with baby and hopfully DS#1 will still keep sleeping in the full bed. I just don't know what to do about the sleeping situation I guess. I'm sort of hoping DS#2 will not be a co-sleeper and like his own bed and space. I can't picture the three of us sleeping in the full bed safely. I don't think I wouldn't get any sleep with baby in bed with us worrying about DS#1 kicking him, smacking him or rolling over on him in his sleep. DS#1 sleeps on me the majority of the time.

Where does this new baby sleep?????????????????????????

Someone come and figure this out for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Nursery Delima (long PG brain rambelings)

Okay take a deep breath!
Let your tall DH and the dogs have the stinky master- he needs to be in there in the morning anyways.
Make your older son's current room into the nursery and the room that you currently sleep in your older son's room.
Buy a co-sleeper, bassinet with a side that folds down & a shelf under for that cd stash, or sidecar the crib- if you need the larger room to do this then use the larger room for the 3 of you at first.
You don't *have* to have that picture perfect nursery- the goal here is that everyone sleep comfortably and preferably as long as possible.
I would paint the 2 rooms a neutral color- if they aren't already and do what you can without spending a lot of $$- because you don't know what is going to work for you a few months after the baby is born. It is easier to change furniture around if you don't have everything matching and you've spent $1000 on bedding and decorations to match paint and furniture that will only fit in one room- kwim?
If you want the changing table and rocking chair in the room you sleep in- would all that fit with the double bed in the larger of the 2 rooms?
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