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Talking Nathan Is HERE! :) ~Pictures~

He had different plans than we did, i really wasn' sure if i'd last til my c/s date and sure enough,
i had my dr appt on monday, 9/24, the dr told me to stay off my feet, i did, well at 1:55am while i was sleeping and my water broke. i heard a pop then gulk gulk gulk, a ton of water came gushing out. i told daniel, my water broke! he was asleep and jumped straight up and was standing at the foot of the bed looking at me and said What?
it was funny, he didn't believe me at first but i moved the blankets and i was soaked along with my bed. He told me to call the birthing center but i told him i needed to jump in the shower first which i did and i took a fast shower and then we got our stuff together, got the kids dressed and i called my mom to go meet us at the bc, she was asleep, i felt bad as its 2am and im calling to have her now drive out 30 minutes fomr her home so she can watch danny & BUT she offerred
we finally leave the house about 2:45am, my stomach is feeling weird just like when i went to have danny, no contractions yet but my water continues to gush out. we head to the birthing center who is normally a 1 hour drive, the contractions start up and omg!
i start timing them at 3:01am and theyre coming every 4 minutes and are lasting 1 minute a peice.
we get to the bc at about 3:30am, we got there FAST! i feel alot of pressure on my butt and tell dh i don't know if the baby is going to stay put.
i called the bc so they can get the dr there, when we get there i give them the cordblood kit, and they hook me up to monitors and start trying to draw blood. they took 2 big vials for themselves then had to get 3 LARGE vials for the cordkit, my arms hurt, the lady was having trouble getting my iV in, after trying for a few minutes on my side of my left arm she decides to try on the top of my hand where she finally gets it in.
the other nurse is drawing blood from my right inner elbow, she is using a syringe and pulling the blood out, it felt so gross, i was having alot of contractions and couldnt take the pain, I was shaking soo badly i asked for the dr who i am told hasn't been called YET because he will be in at 7am anyway, it is almost 4am, i am in labor, and dialated 2 1/2, i tell these nurses, i am not going to be left in labor i am supposed to have a c/s. i feel like i have to go potty and tell the nurse dawn and she looks at the other nurse and the other one leaves the room, well they went to call the dr,and he finally gets there a little while later and i am still shaking bad and my teeth are just clattering, one of the nurses tells to to slow my breathing, im depriving the baby of oxygen and i am going to pass out, ican't control the shaking, im in pain and scared he is going to try and come out vaginally.
the anestesiologist comes in and his name is rod, i wanted him to be there as he was the one that gave me my spinal when i had danae and he has the most soothing, calming voice and to my goodluck he was on shift!
they finally take me to the OR, i am contracting like crazy and he tells me he will make mefeel better quickly once we get inside, which he did. this time the spinal, well the numbing stuff they give beforehand hurt!
he said beesting, that mustve been a HUGE bee!
once it went in my back, he inserted the spinal thing and then they pulled me back and my feet/legs went up in the air and my head went down, i numbed superfast!
the nurse then put the cathter in me, which i made sure to let them know not before i am completely
they brought dh in about 15 minutes after me, the dr that delivered danae got to deliver nathan too, his backup dr was julie, it was nice, they were tlaking and we had the music on.
dh came in as they were cutting me open and he held my hand and was waiting, i was being pulled at like crazy, i knew nathan would be here soon. i started shaking like crazy again, they tell me to slow my breathing or i'm going to faint. this time they have the oxygen nasel tubes in ym nose and the air smells when i remember i'd breathe form my nose, the tugging felt really weird but i was waiting to hear the baby cry, they go here he comes, so it ell dh to start taking pics, he gets the ok from the dr and stands up to start taking pics, they covered my insides and dh got GREAT pics the baby was crying like
once he was out they handed him to a nurse to clean him up some and dh went over to the baby warmer thing, the dr then started collecting the cordblood. dh got more pics then came back to show me the baby, one of the nurses who guesses close each time guessed 8# and when they left to the nursery for the apgar tests which nathan got 9 and 9
a nurse came back and said 8#4oz!
i was soo close, in alyrie's post guess your baby's weight, i guessed 8#6oz, so i was telling the dr's..LOL
the collecting the cordblood was a huge success, the dr told me he got out a ton of blood form the cord, this was after the baby was cut from me, dh and the baby were in the nursery , after they put me back together i went into the recovery room where i slept about an hour.when i woke up i was just waiting, i didn't get to see dh or nathan until about 8am and was very upset about that, they didn't have any empty rooms, the bc was full.
finally i get a room and they stil didn't bring me nathan, i asked every nurse who came in, where is my baby, iw ant him here with me, i was told, he's in the nursery with dad and will be here soon. soon took forever, i took another nap, i was onmorphine which made me soo tired.
dh finally came and still no baby, i was getting pissed i wanted to nurse immediately and havent been able to even hold my baby still and its been 3 hours now since he was born!
i sent dh out to go make a nurse bring the baby to me NOW, my dh isn't very outspoken and didnt want to but he went anyway because i made him
he comes back, no baby and tells me they told him they needed to bathe the baby still, and so i said well what have they ben doing this whole time, i want him in here. so i call the nurse button and one comes in, i tell her i want the baby ina nd she says, i need to bathe him still, so i told he,r well go bathe him i want him already, you guys have had him too long and i've just been waiting. i don't know how long passes but she comes in with him and i have dh give him to me and thank her. then before she elaves i ask her, if i fall to sleep, no ones going to take him from my room are they? and she says we can if you want to rest and i told her, i don't want the baby leaving my room under no cicumstances, he is to stay here with me for the rest of my stay, she just looked at me then said ok.
the baby is doing great, and nursing like a pro!
we had a setback, i nurse him every HOUR and he wants to eat so often he actually cracked my nipples straight across on them BOTH!
it hurt so bad to nurse him but i am determined to have this baby BF so i took it as much as i could, finally i gave in and asked a nurse for a bottle of formula, the pain hurts so bad, my face would just tear up from it all.
i got to have a clear diet for dinner, some chicken brother, jello cup and a cranbery juicecup.
so many people came to visit the new baby, i kept falling to sleep while they were coming and going, me and dh didnt get to sleep much, finally i sent dh home to mil's about 5:30pm, he and the kids spent the night there, then my brother and sil came to visit, stayed about 10-15 minutes then left i was soo tired. i got to sleep a little here and there, i felt like if i went to slepe i'd wake upa nd be back at home still pg and this all would be just a dream, it was
the nurses had to give me some medicine, dont remember what it was called, but i was losing alot of blood and they were worried about that and the amount of clots i was passing, the medicine was an injection in my arm and sucked, but it helped and i was better by that night.
i was told to get up 12 hours after the surgery and go pee, the cath was removed and it was hard to get up but i finally did it and went pee.
i walked a little and then went back to bed. i got up again about 2am to pee again and got it all by myself
it was hard to get the baby in and out of the bassinet there i had to keep buzzing the nurses to come get him out and then come back and put him back in, i'm sure i was a bug that first
the next morning, i got a reg breakfast, 2 pancakes,2sausages, scrambled eggs, and cranberry juice, it was soo good as i was starving!
i ate fast in case it was a mix up
i held it down just fine and was up and walking to the nurses station, so when the dr came in that afternoon, i tlaked ot him and he listened to me and said idf i'm feeling good he will let me go home today, i was surprised but was happy and said yes i'd like to go home.
the ped came in to check the baby and we talked and she said he's doing great. a nurse came in and told me the dr was releasing me today 9/26 and she was going to see if the ped would come back and release the baby too, i said is she here which she wasn't and then told the nurse, well can't you call he ron the phone and let her know i am being released so she can release the baby too? so she must have because about an hour later she told me both me and nathan could go home today. we were at the b/c only since the day before and i was happy i didnt need to stay there for the full 3 days they make you usually stay for.
so we have been home since about 4:30pm on 9/26. Nathan was born on my wedding anniverysary 9/25 and everything went great!
Nathans stats

Nathan Sebastian M.
September 25,2007
20 1/2 inches long

i will add some pictures asap, i am really tired, he wakes me up every 2 hours around the clock, he is soo cute and looks just like danny did when he was born although nathan is almost a full2 lbs he has a full set of dark brown hair, i love snuggling, we planned on him sleeping in the bassinet although he doesn't like it and will fuss until i lay him next to me, then he sleeps
i am feeling alright, my stomach gets really sharp pains, this incision is longer than my last although i only have 12 staples this time, i go on monday to get them removed.


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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

Oh almost forgot, the CBR people came the day he was born to collect the kit, the girl was soo funny and we got to chat for a little bit, she took it to the airport and shipped it off. i got a message on the 26th when we got home from CBR and were told congrats on his birth and they were looking to collect 3 million cells and got 1 billion 57 million cells!!!
very successful, i am soo happy, i am not worried about danae and form the amount they got, its probably enough for the 3 kids if danny or nathan ever get sick, thank god!!!
iw as soo happy to get that message, iw as worried something would go wrong but it all turned out just perfect!
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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

Congrats,Sally and Family.
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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am having my fourth c-section in Oct so I am always happy to read successful wonderful birth stories like yours!!
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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

congrats sally!!!!
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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

Congratulations and welcome Nathan!!
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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

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Re: Nathan Is HERE! :)

Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics of your little one.
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