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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

We really like FB, HH, FF they are easy to use and we haven't had any leaking issues


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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

After trying most of the pockets I really found I like side snapping pocket with elastic in the back of the pocket. I like GADS but they didn't have the elastic. I found Angelluvz fit exactly the same as GADS and they have the elastic in the back. They are cheaper too. They do have a Fabreeze smell when they arrive but a couple washes and they are fine.
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

My all time personal fav is Snap-EZ! I haven't tried much since finding them in March of '05. They fit like a glove, never leak- even overnight, have cute color combos including poly prints, lifetime snap replacement, excellent workwomanship and excellent customer service. I love the PUL and fleece pockets, cotton pockets are good too, but need a cover and are being discontinued. Zane has worn large since 11 months. Ruth offers several sizes, but I don't think you'd need them all, plus she offers extra snaps. I have those on my fleece pockets.

Fuzzi Bunz work ok for us, but I get wing droop , the quality is so-so and the CS is crappy. You can usually find them for a good price on FSOT.

I liked Happy Heiny, but I know they don't work for all babies. I had to quit using them when ds started undoing the Aplix. Solids only!

Wonderoos, so-so, they're do-able once baby is 12-15 lbs, and still fit my 30 lber (barely), but there's so many choices out there I'm not sure I'd deal with them again unless you were trying to be super frugal or had different size babes you wanted to use the same dipe on.

Ellas was ok, but leaked. It was a cotton outer tho.

Harleyz, too narrow to stuff right.

Green Acre Design, second fav, couldn't use at night, trim, good workwomanship, cute color combos, just prefer SEZ.

Hmmm, can't think of anything else I've tried. Oh, I have Baby Soft Wrap fleece pockets that are ok, but I don't think they're being offered anymore.

Whatever you decide on I wouldn't buy a whole stash until you try it and know you like it and that works for baby.

Welcome to cloth!!!
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

FUZZI BUNZ! They are just wonderful for us. No leaks, easy to clean, and lots of cute colors! DH didn't like them at first, because of the snaps, but after a couple weeks of using them, he does fine with them now. He'll still go for velcro if we have any, but doesn't complain about FBs. In fact, he just surprised me and bought be 12 brand new ones!

I got a Happy Heiny today and used it once. It worked well for us too.

I dislike Swaddlebees. LOVE the fit, but he leaks out of them every single time because the crotch is too thin.

Snap-EZ & GADS aren't my favorites either. Cute, but not overly functional for us. I think though that I'd have better luck if I got a bigger size.
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

I agree that pocket or All In One's are a great place to start. It will take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your son because all babies are different. It's taken me a few months to figure out what works and what doesn't and it's always changing.

My favorite pocket is a Snap-Ez pocket. The fit is great. Those are the only pockets we have after many trial and error. We also have a few bumGenius diapers, also pocket diapers. Love them, no leaks. Not the prettiest or cute prints, but they do the job. Also DH/daycare friendly since they have aplix (velcro) closure.

Good Luck! You're in a great place to learn!
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

I began with FBs and after trying many different types of pockets, I realized that they are not my favorite. These are my current fave pockets:

SEZ-work great for DS night and day (love Ruth's inserts, too!)
HH- so easy to use and they fit great for DS. I don't have problems with the prints, but I change him every couple hours and usually save the prints for the afternoon when he's not wetting as much.
BeccaBottoms-trim and cute, very well made
Fuzzi Fannies-lots of fun designs

These didn't work for us:
Swaddlebees (too narrow in crotch-although when I sized up they worked better)
GADs- love them, but they are a little too narrow as well and the inserts didn't work for DS...I was sad about that.

When you choose your pockets, make sure to measure your kiddo. It's the best thing you can do. Then come back and let us mamas know and we can tell you what size might work best.

Have fun and welcome to the addiction of fluff!!!
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

We don't have a lot of $ so we use Wonderoos. We use them on 2 kids, 18 mos. apart, and we have had them for almost 22 mos. in a small rotation and they still work and have no stains. We stuff them with infant prefolds. Very easy and cheap. Don't have to worry about sizes or which goes on what baby. I would think BumGenius would also be good for this but have never tried these since they're so pricey. We got our Wonderoos when there was a buy 2 get 1 free sale.

P.S. since everyone hates these how come I'm not finding any good deals on them? I only have 7 now and would like a few more.

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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

I think I've tried most pockets out's my

*FB--okay. We go through spurts where they just don't fit right, though.
*HH--better fit than FB, IMO. DS can remove these easily, so I have to keep pants over them. I don't like the prints, though. They're cute, but they wick like crazy.
*Snap-EZ--AWESOME fit and cute, but pricy
*BumGenius--amazing fit on my boy, and pretty cost effective considering that they come with an insert.
*Wonderoos--love that they're a one-size pocket. They confused my DH though
*Harleyz--Too low rise for our taste
*Swaddlebees--Probably my favorite. Very trim. Snaps & Aplix both fit my DS well. I don't like that I'm limited to the swaddlebees inserts with these.
*GAD--ours leaked big time, but this was about 15 mos ago...the design might have changed since then. The fit was really good.
*Baybee--LOOOVE these also. They fit a lot like swaddlebees, but are hard to get.
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

For clarification, my son is long (27 inches) and skinny (16 pounds)

Snap EZ : My favorite. Low rise, but I can still use them overnight with two cottonbabies inserts. I've even used the pul/cotton mix ones overnight and haven't had wicking. They are kinda pricey but she's having a $2 off sale right now so I just bought 3 more in the next size lol.

Drybees : Other favorite. However they are aplix, which makes them more "user-friendly" but I'm worried he'll figure out how to take them off when he gets older. They only come in suedecloth inners I believe(?), but I prefer suedecloth so it doesn't bother me. You can stuff these like crazy.

Fuzzi Bunz : They work just fine, but I found the sizing in mine to be inconsistent and I didn't like how the elastic in the back was sewn. The fleece would always ride up and he'd wake up with a wet spot on his back. Plus the snaps are weird. The big advantage to FBs is they are easy to find, not super expensive, and have a good resale value.

Dimplecheeks : I had a fleece one for awhile and I liked it. It fit him good, but the snaps confused me a little bit. I would have kept it had I not had so many pocket dipes and so few inserts.

Kuddly Kreations : I just received one of these in a swap and I love the fit and the elastic around the legs. The only bad thing is you put the insert in the front rather than the back, so I don't think I could use it for overnight because I have a front-wetter. It is also aplix.

Happy Heinys : Similar to Drybees. I used to use these for overnight. I only switched to Drybees because I'm not huge on fleece inners.
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

I feel like I have tried all the pockets out there trying to find my favorite. In order of least favorite...

Swaddlebees - Leaked like crazy for us. Are so narrow that only their inserts fit, and their inserts are expensive.

Snap-ez - I know that everyone else likes them, but they are too low rise for my DS. I could not get the sizing correct.

Happy Heinys - Good nap diaper because they can be stuffed very full. The aplix fasteners are not my favorite, but are great for dads and daycare. Stay away from the prints if you want to avoid leaks.

Bum Genius - Good fit and very trim. I find it difficult to stuff them. The one size option makes them pretty inexpensive over the lifetime of diapering.

Fuzzi Bunz - I like them and they are easy to find. They are a little bulky, but I have never had a leak. I started with these in an 8 pack, but have sold some of the off. They have excellent resale value if they do not work for you.

Beedie Weedie Boutique - Good custom diaper selection. Less expensive than most pockets. No leaks!

Fuzzi Fannies - Very cute and no leaks! Rachele is great to work with and has amazing custom options.

Green Acre Designs (GADS) - I love these!!! Their medium long option fits my DS perfectly. They are harder to get because she only stocks on Thursdays and has only 12 custom slots per week. You could try to find only on FSOT to try. The GADS hemp inserts are awesome. We have never had a leak and they are very trim.

Good luck figuring out what works for you. It is kind of trial and error process.
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