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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

I love FF. THe fit is great. and her appliques are soo cute!!

FB, I have them, 2, and no i am not a fan. I think the qulity in the FF is much better.

SB Again I have 2, and no i dont love them, but they are good fit formy skinny toddler. These seem to run relaly small though. She is iin Mediums in everything, and is SB she is in large, on thext to biggest setting. ( side snap)

Angeldry. I have one and i like it OK, but i with the tabs were longer. And is seems small too. Good quality though,

So anyway. I love wahm quality over mass prodced quality. and i just belivine in supporting the fellow wahm... LOL


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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

I love AngelDry, it's what most of my stash is. They are great quality and have fit ds great at every stage. He was super chubby then thinned out and they fit him great in the waist and legs at each stage. They fit for a long time too. He wore mediums from the time he was 4 months (super chubby) until he just started outgrowing them a few months ago and he's now 2.5. They are fitting great for dd (2mos) too.

FB - depends on the stage. Sometimes they fit great for my son but sometimes I can't get a good fit. When they do fit they are nice and trim.

Snap-EZ - again these depend. The mediums fit ds good but the larges did not. The smalls are working good for dd. Nice and trim.

SB - I agree these are too narrow and prone to leaking.

GADs - I just don't like side snapping but never had any leaks.

Harleyz - Too narrow and prone to leaking (ds is a heavy wetter).

Drybees - I've tried the old side snap style and didn't like it but I've ordered the aplix ones and it looks like they will be a good fit.

Velcro style closures are going to provide the best fit with better adjustability and will be more daddy friendly. As you can see from the conflicting reviews not all diapers fit all babies perfectly. You have to find the one that's right for you. I would definitely just try one of each until you find the right one for you dc. Good luck!
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

I love our FB. Haven't had quality issues, I *think* that's becoming a thing of the past. They are easy to get, I don't have to search at all for them, I can always get them with a free insert and free shipping at I've only tried FF besides these and while they are good quality, we had leaking with all of them.
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

My first pocket diapers were Fuzzi Bunz. Since then I've tried several different kinds, and I still come back to FB's. They are by far my favorite.

I like that they are easily available, cute colors, and good quality. I've never had any quality issues, and had great customer service and free inserts with the site I bought them from. (

I have about 16 FB's in size medium, and I think my skinny boy will wear these until he's potty trained! Love em!
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

My absolute faves are Fuzzi Bunz. They are the bulk of our stash. I've heard wonderful things about Fuzzi Fannies...I've got 2 of them coming my way, so I hope I love them as much as everyone else does! I like Snap-EZ as far as the diaper goes very much, but the sizing is weird to me. The smalls are like newborns, the mediums run small, then there's chubby mediums, skinny larges, etc, none of which fit my son, who is too big for mediums and too small for larges. Make sense? LOL. I'm not a huge fan of Happy Heiny's...I mean, they work well, but I guess it's the whole aplix thing (I prefer snaps), plus they seem bulker than my FBs even though I stuff them the same way. I'm not a fan of bumGenius dipes or Wonderoos, I think it's the one-size thing. If I could use them on the largest rise setting, I think I would like them more.
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

Great Question - Yes, my dh can and does use pockets- pre-stuffed.

1. SNAP-EZ for us are the clear winner in all areas. They fit the best, wear the best and are all around the highest quality diaper I own. Our son has been in a large since he was 11 months and will be I'm sure through PL. Very adjustable. We use both PUL and Windpro fleece for night.... Awesome diaper. If I could do it over it's all I'd own.

2. GAD's - Are probably our second right now. Trim, cute and reliable. I'm not wild about the pocket on this diaper though....

3. FB's - Once we got the fit figured out and worked through some quality issues they are very reliable. I don't think the length of wear will be as long for us, because we started in mediums, then needed petites and probably will need larges..... So they are cheaper but IMO more costly because they won't last as long.

4. We're awaiting a Fuzzi Fannie, I've heard rave reviews.

5. Tried Swaddlebees and they didn't work at all. Our son could wet through one double stuffed in 30 minutes or less.

As a side note, we've had luck with prints. For my son it's all about fit and a suitable insert. I'm having fun with the variety that prints offer.
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Talking Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

It depends on what is important to you. Applix or snaps. And how cute you want your diapers to be. I started out with Fuzzi Bunz and loved them until I found a few wahm made diapers where I can choose exactly what I want.
Fuzzi Bunz-
Pros- Reliable, great resale value
Cons- inconsistent sizing, kinda plain looking once you see some other diapers

Pros- Best nightime diaper I have, never leaks
Cons- DH and I prefer snap diapers, only a few colors

Snap EZ
Pros- Very cute, great selection, great resale, nice fit, and a great Wahm
Cons- A little pricey, inserts are pricey

Fuzzi Fannies
Pros- I love the side snap diaper, so cute, I LOVE the cute appliques!!!!! Great Wahm to work with!!!!
Cons- Kinda hard to snag a custom slot

Beedie Weedie Boutique
Pros- Great wahm, Great diapers, great fit and great prices
Cons- Dh likes snaps

Those are the only ones I've tried. I love Zany Zebra diapers but I haven't tried her pockets.
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

I have tried most of these pockets (except Fuzzi Fannies, which I really want to in the near future!) I liked FBs when DS was lots smaller, but right now they are really droopy fitting on him. SBs are super trim, but for a heavy wetter I don't really like them. SEZ are great quality materials and workmomship, I love SEZ AIOs, but I couldn't get a great fit on DS since they are more low-rise and he needs a higher rise dipe. BGs are good to have a couple on hand. I think they are more of "backup" diapers for me, I don't reach for them first, but I've only had them leak once on me, and it was after a BF blowout that would've had any diaper running for cover! My current favorite pocket diapers are GADs, because they come in medium long, which is just a great fit for DS. She does customs every Thursday (I think there are like 12 slots per week) and she has a great turnaround time for them. For nighttime, I can't really use PUL GADs, but I do have a couple of windpro fleece GADs that I love for nighttime. Windpro pockets are a great option for night because they are waterproof (without a cover) and are somewhat breathable, so your child's bottom can get a little air. I find them to be too bulky for daytime, although lightweight or even midweight windpro is trimmer than microfleece, IMO. And if you do happen to order any custom GADs, I have to really recommend microchamois inners! They are my absolute favorites, they stay looking nicer longer and are thinner than microfleece, which makes for a trimmer dipe. Just my
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

Thanks everybody.I am now more confused than ever .
Guess I have to just start somewhere.Need to make decision as from where
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Re: what pockets do you/don't you like and why?

Maybe you should order from a site tht has a pockets sampler package so you can try more than one out! That might help you make a decision and see what fits well on your son. Then you can order what works best for you
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