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Legendadry Perc
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Re: Can you believe this!?!

I guess I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I rememeber the first time I nursed in public (all of 3 people), and I had my head under the blanket and probably looked just like that 18 yr. old, except for trying to stay under this blanket tent. Absolutely hillarious! (didn't exactly succeed in staying under either) It's funny to think of how hard it was back then!
Then there is the philippines, which I like. Pulling them out for nursing is absolutely normal! I was on a mission there, and these teenage boys would be teaching about chastity, and the moms would be totally nodding in agreement, and whip out breakfast for their kids. practically take the whole shirt off - talk about culture shock! It's not like adult nudity is ok there, but breastfeeding is like scratching your elbow.
On the other hand, I always cover up in public, but that's because of how I feel. I think it's completely a personal preference. If somebody has a prob., then I'm sure they can apologize and ask nicely to fig. a common preference. I just personally hate the thought of others seeing something so personal to me and my baby. But then I don't like the idea of feeding someone elses baby aside from a real need (like the mommy died) either. It's just a special bond between me and my baby, almost sacred.


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Re: Can you believe this!?!

Anyone that thinks we're just trying to show our "tits" doesn't understand. God gave us breasts to feed our offspring!! And no matter how comfortable we are NIP I'm sure most of us turn to the wall or a corner to latch on -- to avoid the "show". She also doesn't understand that baby CAN NOT wait. Maybe someone should hand her a hungry baby and see how she handles it. She must not have kids!
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House of Blue
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Re: Can you believe this!?!

I didn't read the whole thread but I try not to get riled up when someone says it's their opinion that BFshould be private or that someone should cover their childs head to nurse them. My opinion is that it's fine & if you don't like it it's a very simple thing to turn your head & ignore. My problem is when they get ignorant about it and it drives me UP THE WALL when I read those "reasons women NIP" lists Frankly I don't NIP for any of those reasons, those reasons don't even come into my frame of thought when I feed my child.
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Re: Can you believe this!?!

Things like this just make me sick of....well...people. It doesn't matter what the opinion is on this subject, being white trash about it does no good and that's exactly what came to mind reading her reply to you....Total and complete white trash.
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Re: Can you believe this!?!

well first off, the fact this this "woman" used the word "tits" numerous amounts of time, goes to show IMO that she is very immature and has no sense of class or respect for her body. it sounds very much like a man honestly. i too think she has some issues she needs to deal with other than breastfeeding. someone has obviously made her feel that she has to cover her body in shame rather than love and accept it for what it is. she has obviously dealt with ppl calling her a slut or seen it happening to others for just wearing something that is revealing. when in reality there is no way to compare wearing trashy revealing clothes to breastfeeding a child.

"tits"...ugh gosh that is more trashy than her revealing boobies falling out of her slutty shirts.
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Re: Can you believe this!?!

That's disgusting. When I NIP I cover up if possible, if not, I try to turn towards a wall, corner, or away from people to latch, then rejoin the conversations. I'm honestly WAY more concerned that someone will see my stretch marks than my breasts!!! (we've all seen breasts before, come on, but I have a roadmap of NYC on my belly!!!). Some people need to grow up!
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Re: Can you believe this!?!

...that chick needs to be sterilized before she has any kids to ruin.
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