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Midwife? How did you know?

Hi everyone,
I'm new here and have a 20 mo old, and am newly pregnant with #2 (7ish weeks maybe?). My first appointment with my ob is in late October. I delivered my daughter with her and I'm generally happy with her care - she is pretty laid back, and I like interacting with her. At the same time, my birth was slightly more managed than I would have liked, and I am rethinking things for this baby. I think I'd prefer to try unmedicated or less medicated, but am not sure exactly what I am looking for in a caregiver yet.

I guess what I am looking for is, if you had a midwife, what made you decide to go that route? Are you happy with that decision? When did you begin seeing her? Is there a downside? I'd really appreciate your thoughts.


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Re: Midwife? How did you know?

I didn't like my hospital experience one bit and I actually looked up midwives in my area before I got pregnant just in case. As soon as I confirmed the pregnancy I called and made an apt with the one that I'd liked best. I do have to say, once you go midwife you never go back It's the best decision I made. My friends that are pregnant right now but are going to OBs are always asking me questions to ask her because she will always try to give you a natural remedy for whatever you need before resorting to medicine.
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Re: Midwife? How did you know?

I was already seeing a midwife for regular gyn checkups when I got pregnant. I have never had an OB but have had more than one midwife due to moving between children and I would never switch. My midwives have always honored me and my opinions and they trust that I know my body better than they do. They take and extraordinary amount of time to answer your questions and basically let me lead in my care and decide what route was best for us (non-medicated, waterbirth, etc.) and I never felt pressured. I also liked how much they made DH feel included. He is loving our midwives as much as me!
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Re: Midwife? How did you know?

I have had hospital & midwife births. Love the midwife because she taught me about the whole process of pregnancy & labor & delivery. It was sooo nice for ME to deliver my own baby and my hubby to catch. If I wanted to wander the hall, then fine. If I wanted to go potty, then fine. No controlling anything. Very peaceful & wonderful! No extra procedures of drinking sugar, IV's or meds in baby's eyes (duh! I DON'T have an std, so why put that stuff in my kid's eyes?).

Their rate of complications is around 3% whereas a hospital rate is anywhere form 30% - 65% or more depending upon where you are located. Pretty crazy! But with midwives, you get so much more one on one time that they can tell if there's something wrong with you way before a reg ob dr would notice.

I'd say at least look into it. Find a midwife & sit down and talk with her. You're not obligated to anything by talking & asking questions!!
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Re: Midwife? How did you know?

My midwife gave a free interview so we could decide if we wanted to go that route. I would check it out for sure, we are glad we did!
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Re: Midwife? How did you know?

I can only think of Pros when it comes to midwives, so I think it's definitely worth looking into for you if you were less than happy with your previous birth experience. I had a homebirth midwife for my last two, and the level of care and attention paid by homebirth midwives is vastly different than what you get from an OB's office. Try it, if you go the CNM route,just make sure you get a midwife, not a "medwife" or a midwife who is very medically minded.
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Re: Midwife? How did you know?

I had a hospital birth with DD and ran into some probs with my OB before it was over... she wanted induction and epidural... I wanted all natural. My hospital experience wasn't bad... but it wasn't great either. I was on cont. monitoring, delivered up in stirrups, had an unneccesary epis with a local I didn't want, etc.

We moved before I got pregnant with DS and in Houston there are birth centers run by midwives... I knew that I wanted to go that route instead and have the birth *I* wanted.

DS's birth was even better than I possibly could have even imagined. I would have gone through labor again the next day. I drank a coke while in labor , I got to walk and get up and lay down as I pleased, I only had monitoring with a doppler, I had no IV, no blood draws, no consents to sign, no episiotomy, no seperation from my baby after birth.

I adored my midwives. I miss going to my appointments now! They were a huge emotional support as well as providing health care. I trusted them and knew they would do what they could to provide me with the experience I wanted. My birth and how I wanted things was important to them. It was never about "policies and procedures".

I can think of no drawbacks whatsoever to having a midwife. I hope to have midwives catch all of my babies from here on out. I would recommend the experience to absolutely anyone! They have lots of training to recognize problems... but they also know how to not intervene and let birth take its course. I would visit with a midwife and then decide what you would rather do.

Birth is one of the biggest experiences of your life. Do what you can to make that experience a great one!
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Re: Midwife? How did you know?

I went with the "in-the-book" CNM practice for DS's birth, since they accepted Medicaid. This time around it's going to be a homebirth, and you bet your *ss I'm not using THEM again, for a number of reasons I won't even go into...I have phone numbers of lots of other local midwives and I'm going to grill them till they're falling off the bone.

Being assertive is the best way to get what you want. I just assumed that the hospital staff would care about my wants and needs - boy was I wrong! But I'd rather do things my way on my own turf than have to worry about putting up a fight in the hospital. That's just me.
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