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Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

I'm just amazed at what changes a day can bring! I went in to see Eden this evening with two of the children, and was at first scared out of my mind. She was in an isolet, and I thought she might be in a bassinet. The nurse quickly let me know that the isolet is a step up, and the bassinet a step up from there. Eden is now off oxygen altogether and breathing on her own, woohoo!!! She's still under the bili light, but that's not bad at all. They tried to nipple feed her earlier today, but she still doesn't have a good suck/swallow reflex yet so they are continuing to tube feed her. The best part was that I got to hold her for the first time! We had a conversation eye to eye, and it felt incredible. I don't care how many babies a woman has, there's nothing like the feeling of holding your infant that you've carried in your body! Such a rush.

I just got home today from the hospital....minus my wee one, but I know she's in good hands. I'll try to make this story short, but I may ramble as I reflect on the experience. Wednesday approx 2:30/2:45 Oct. 3, I had been experiencing some sharp pains in my lower abdomen as normal for my pg to date....figured I'd get some spotting that evening or the next day as was normal. Wasn't on my feet too terribly much, actually felt ok for once! I was going to make a few phone calls, went to go hit the potty, did my business and realized I was still hearing some "tinkling" in the toilet and quickly realized there was some blood. Well, I didn't freak out, I simply figured I was having some more spotting and finished up. I soon came to the full realization that this was more than spotting, this was the real deal and the blood was running out of me pretty well. I opened the door and told DH "Time to go!" - and he proceeded to run around like a chicken with his head cut off! We found the phone, deciding to call 911 instead of making the trip ourselves. I laid down on the floor on my side to help curb the bleeding (I had been running around my room with my hand between my legs, feeling the blood running out, thinking somehow this would stop it, lol!). The EMT's arrived at around 3:00, only to begin a long 20+ minute near-argument about the need to take me to their hospital over my hospital, telling me they had a NICU, that my OB had priviledges there ( I knew he didn't) and I'd be ok at the other hospital, blah blah blah. I called my OB to see if my doc delivered at the other hosp., and was told no, and STILL the EMT's wanted to argue with me. Finally, DH put his foot down and said if she's not gushing blood (I wasn't at that point, laying down helped) she's going to the hospital she wants to, and we are going NOW. That got their attention, they walked me to the stretcher and loaded me into the ambulance....only to spend another 15 minutes "prepping" me....something we felt they could have done in my bedroom.

I finally arrived at the hospital by 4:30, they very quickly prepped me for surgery, got the blood on hand for a possible transfusion, signed all the paperwork and wheeled me in. By 5:30, Eden Grace was born at 5 lbs. 9 oz and 18 3/4 inches long and taken straight to the NICU. I stayed in surgery another 2 1/2 hours. My OB discovered that my suspected placenta acretia was worse than anticipated, that instead of attaching on the former c/s scar tissue, the placenta had grown THROUGH the scar tissue and uterine wall. He had no choice but to remove my uterus with the placenta still inside (to decrease blood loss). I'm disappointed, but knew it was possible, and am just so thankful that I made the decision to come to this hospital. My OB told me the next day that the other hospital doesn't have a NICU, and is inexperienced in high risk deliveries.....and told me that there would have been the chance I may not have survived the surgery if a young inexperienced doctor had handled me (had I gone there instead).

My little Eden has had a rough go of it the past week but is getting better. She was put on oxygen (a "cpap" from what they say, not sure if that's even the right abbreviation), and by Thursday evening was showing signs of difficulty breathing. They x-rayed her chest the next morning to discover a tear in her left lung leaking air into the space between her lung and the outer membrane. They siphoned that off, but it didn't get any better (she looked awful, I was in tears the whole evening seeing her sucking so hard trying to breathe). They had to then insert a chest tube to help relieve the pressure so her lung could heal. That improved her greatly! Her oxygen dependency has steadily been going down, and we found out this evening (got a call from the NICU nurse handling her) that they removed her chest tube and downgraded the oxygen apparatus so that HOPEFULLY I can actually hold my baby! I didn't even get to see above her nose until the other night, as she's been under a bilirubin light, plus the oxygen masks, etc. I was able to see her eyes and she could see me which made me feel so much better. They haven't said when she'll be coming home, and I haven't really pushed for a date/day, just kind of taking it one step at a time. Her daily x-rays still show prematurity, but so long as she's making progress I'm content in knowing she's in incredible hands with the NICU nurses and the caring neo-natologist on staff.

On an ending note....I'd like to caution repeat c/s mama's to do your best in knowing what's going on with your pregnancy every step of the way. It was scary knowing the risks....I'll admit a great fear of dying with this pregnancy and feel grateful that I had a wonderful OB to care for me....but the risks of continuous c/s are high the more you have. Just know what's going on inside of you, both for yourself and your child!!!

today just before being released from the hospital:


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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Oh my what a story! I will be praying for little eden!

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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Welcome to the Big Big World Eden!
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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Wow. Congratulations on your new baby girl! to you for all you've been thru. Praying for your little one, I hope you get to hold her in your arms soon.

How many C/sec's have you had? I'm curious, I've had 2.
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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Welcome little Eden !
momma sounds like you have a great NICU staff watching over you precious one. We loved our NICU
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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Welcome little Eden Im sorry you had such a rough start but am glad to here she is doing well. How early was she? She was the same weight (and 1/4 in longer) as my DD who was born at 34w1d. I pray for a quick recovery for you and your LO..
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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Congrats! Welcome to baby Eden and I hope she continues to improve and gets to go home soon!
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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Thanks for sharing Eden's story with us, mama! Sounds like she's doing well! Great news!

How are you holding up? I'm so glad for you that you have a competent doctor to follow you during your care. I've always wondered what purpose an OB/GYN serves (I've always been fortunate enough to see midwives), but now I know... Thinking of you!
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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Congratulations Carson on having such a beautiful little girl! I have had 2 babies in NICU and know how scary that is. I will be thinking of your family. My babies stayed for 14 days the first time, then a week the second. I am so sorry that you had such a scary birth story, but glad that you have your little Eden Grace! She is so beautiful! I can't wait until you post her coming home pictures! I am sure it will be soon. I wouldn't rush it though. My 2nd dd stayed for 14 days then came home over night. We had to take her back because of some issues that she was having. That is when they discovered that she had sleep apnea. She had to come home on a heart monitor which woke all of us if she stopped breathing. It was really irritating too as we had lots of "lose leads". She outgrew it after several months. 3rd dd only had to stay 6 days and came home very healthy with no problems after that.
Hang in there Mama! You will have a beautiful baby coming home healthy in no time!
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Re: Eden Grace DOB 10-3-07 & our story

Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter!

I'm sorry you had such a rough time and I hope you heal speedily and completely from your surgery.

I'm praying that Eden has a quick and uneventful NICU stay and that she is soon home with her family.

My girls were born at 34 weeks, 4 days and had 10 and 16 days in the NICU. In the grand scheme of things it is a relatively short time, but it seemed like ages. I just wanted my babies home with us. It was also quick the juggling act with 4 other children to care for and NICU visits to the girls.

Take good care of yourself and keep us updated!
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