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Help with Colic and Reflux!!! Have you tried gripe water?

My DH and I are going completely crazy with our DD. She's 11 weeks and it's been practically hell for the entire 11 weeks. She was diagnosied w/reflux at 8 weeks and the ped said most likely that the rest of the fussiness and crying is colic. Well, just one of them alone sucks but the two together is just about hair pulling. At least DH goes to work during the week so he gets a break from the crying and sleeping fighting during the day. Today DD only slept 1 1/2 hours total from noon until 10pm (just would take cat nap and wake easily). It just plain SUCKS!!! I'm practically in tears everyday with frustration when nothing seems to console her regularly. She's overtired and it just runs right into feeding time. AGHH..

Anyways, I was wondering if any mamas have used gripe water. I'm thinking about trying some and put a call into our peditrician (DD is on Zantac and I don't want to give her something w/out the ped okay) and should get a call back either tomorrow or Friday (she's off Thurs) Is there a specific brand you'd recommend? What's the difference between the 'regular' gripe water and the colic ease gripe water?

I know people say it gets better, but it really doesn't get me through the day/night. At this point I'm worried it will never get better. Poor DD, Poor us!


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Re: Help with Colic and Reflux!!! Have you tried gripe water?

((Hugs)) Mama.

Both my kids were colicy, my daughter though suffered more from (and still does) severe reflux.

My experience with my son as far as Gripe was concerend-- it was great. My daughter? It just made her spit up even more.

A few things that help-- sling time, when she was sleeping to keep her upright (we elevated her crib mattress to a 60 degree angle)-- keeping her upright for an hour after each feeding --- for us we have so many food allergy and intolerance concerns-- cutting milk, soy, gluten-- nothing worked.

Being outside! The change of scenery would quiet her and calm us both.

Zantac is VERY weight sensitive-- so if it's been a few weeks since you were at the doctor's, she may be ready for change in dosage. Some babies just don't do well with Zantac-- we were on that, and then Prevacid and are now trying Zegrid (a form of Prilosec).

Wish I could offer a break and come help you out. ((HUGS))
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Re: Help with Colic and Reflux!!! Have you tried gripe water?

We loved Colic Ease for DS1, he was colicy. We also used (at the recommendation of the doctor) Chamomile Tea too

ETA: Also we swear "The Happiest Baby on the Block" saved us from suicide. All the tips were so helpful and stopped the constant fussing
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Re: Help with Colic and Reflux!!! Have you tried gripe water?

My son was the same way. No colic, just reflux (which very well could be causing ALL your DD's issues), but cried almost all day and all night long. We tried zantac, reglan, and finally prevacid which is helping! At 4 months, he's outgrown the pain. Still pukes all the time, but as long as he's happy, so am I.

Our friend SWORE by Gripe Water. Didn't do a thing for DS.

One thing that helped DS was feeding him enough to where he wasn't hungry, but wasn't full either.

Also, are you co-sleeping? That is the ONLY way DS would sleep at all up until... well, probably 2 weeks ago. And it's still the only way he'll nap. Otherwise it's just 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there... not fun.

*hugs* I know how hard it can be!

ETA: YES! The Happiest Baby on the Block saved us too! Totally forgot about it. I know that doing all the S's isn't everyone's idea of a fun time, but it DOES work. As soon as you stop just be prepared for her to start again, lol.
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We don't vaccinate, we kept our sons intact, we use cloth diapers, we co-sleep, we extended RF, we breastfeed, but we watch too much tv and I totally dig plastic! Everyone has their issues, lol.
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Re: Help with Colic and Reflux!!! Have you tried gripe water?

Do you have an Amby hammock? I've heard GREAT things about them helping colic babies and reflux babies!
My dd had colic from our very first night until she was 3.5 months old. She was fine duriing the day but around 9pm she would cry like she was being tortured. Sometimes it would last until about 5am. An this was every night, let me repeat- EVERY NIGHT! The only thing that would shut her up was a bath and she would usually begin crying again within 5 minutes of being out of the water. I personally blame my induction for her colic. She wasn't ready to be born and couldn't hadnle it.
Anyway, eventually, after trying sooo many things and sitting on the stairs crying b/c I didn't know what to do, something worked. If we put dd in her swing swaddled tightly, put a pacifier in her mouth, tucked another blanket over her so that it held the pacifier in her mouth, turned the swing on high and turned the music up, she would sleep! It looked insane and when I told people, they thought I was nuts. But by then, someone could have told me to walk backward, naked in the rain on a full moon night to get her to sleep and I would have enthusiastically stripped down! Colic is hard to deal with, true colic I mean, not just a fussy baby. People tend to think that colic is gas or whatever, but it really more like stress from being outside the womb. You want to do something to help them, but you can' t sometimes.
Hang in there. It will pass!
katherine-Waterbirthing, breastfeeding, organic eating, and cloth diapering SAHM of Hailyn 11/23/03 and Ashton 05/06/06, and madly in love wife to my hunny, Shane!
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