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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

A breast pump. {The ones at the stores don't work that well}. I would get one at the hospital or LC.

Fancy bottles "that are just like breastfeeding". Most leaked out and baby did get gas. The cheap gerber ones are much better.

Nursing pillow. It sorta helped at first, but then baby would slip inbetween the opening inbetween me and the pillow. A pillow you have at home would be just as good and free. {Ours was a boppy, if that makes a difference}.

Lots of outfits. While they are cute... my babies spent the majority of their time in sleepers or onesis. They just lay around and I felt like they were not comfortable in those frilly things. They also grow out of them really fast. If you just have to have some outfits.. register for larger sizes like 6/9 months, etc.

Shoes. They don't stay on anyway. My babies feet were always smaller than said "size". Cuffed socks are much easier.

A Crib. We used a bassinet for awhile and that worked great.

A Swing

A pouch or comfortable baby carrier. {Hotslings, Moby Wrap, etc}

Blankets to swaddle baby in.


Bibs~Make sure they are thick or have backing. Don't waste your money on thin, cheap ones. They are useless.



Gerber prefolds as burp rags

wipes warmer. Whether you use wipes or cloth wipes.. it is easier to change a baby with something warm than something cold. Especially in the winter months when it is cold.

changing table. I never knew how much I would use it!

I almost forgot... Baby hats. The little caps like from the hospital. My DS had to have those on to get comfortable while he was snuggled. They are cheap and you can get them at Target.

Those are the things I thought up off my head.



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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

I personally LOVED and needed my bobby nursing pillow, so for every woman it is different.

Those drool bibs though I NEVER used. They got in the way when I was picking DD up and would bunch up around her head. Drove me crazy.

I used the quilt to hang up, but in her Crib, when she did eventually use it, I only had a sheet and nothing else, ever, so the crib bummer and skirt was over kill and a waste of money.

I had a ton of blanket sleepers (halo sleep sacs) and couldn't use them. My DD had to be swaddled in order to sleep so I never used the sleep sacks. I have some for sale if you are interested

diaper bag. Just us a backpack at first until you know your preferences. I went and got one of the traditional ones and hated it. To bulky and formed. I needed my hands free not something falling off my shoulder, so I needed either a messenger bag type or a back pack type.

That's all at the moment, but I'm sure I'll come up w/ more!
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

Receiving blankets. They are too small to actually wrap a baby in. Get a yard of flannel at the fabric store instead. All my receiving blankets are going to be made into wipes for the next baby.

Onesies. I liked the kimono undershirts a lot better, and I didn't have to worry about them not fitting over CDS.

Drool bibs. Who has the time?

Newborn sized outfits. One for going out is plenty. The rest will be outgrown before they're ever worn.

Snap style sleepers. My Dh couldn't handle them, so zippers worked a lot better for us.

Elastic bottom sleep gowns. Always crept up and left the legs exposed. I got along a lot better with the gowns that just zipped up.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

I wont write a list of stuf to skip because it will be sooooo long. We got one of everything from Babies R Us, and never used 99% of it. With this babe, this is what we have:

Lots of carriers-slings, mei tais, wraps, ect
Lots o' CD's (of course!)
About 15 sleepers/jammies
Kimono style shirts,onsies cut off to be compatable with CD's
Some nice OC/hemp fleece pants I made
About 6 blankies
My boobies...

And we will be buying another dresser for CD and clothing storage.

That's it. I think we may get a hand me down swing from a friend, but if not, we wont buy one. We had a swing, bouncy seat, jumper thingy, swaddle blanket, bassinette, crib, 56,793 plushy toys-bears, puppies, ect, baby socks-that NEVER stayed on, hundreds of cutsie (but uncomfortable) outfits, the list goes on and on. We never used half the stuff.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

things i found out i didn't need....

baby bucket car seat, save your money and get a convertible.
15 crib sheets, 2 or 3 would work, you'll be doing laundry almost everyday anyway.
all the baby blankets i got. just a couple would work, or like the pp said, get a yard of flannel at the fabric store.
cutsie clothes for a newborn, they are hard to get on a floppy baby and will probably be messed up in some form and not be worn all day anyway.
disposable diapers...
fancy burp cloths and bibs
special baby clothes detergents

things i did need and was glad i had....

boppy pillow, i didn't have one until 2 weeks post partum. was so glad my dh bought it for me. it came very handy, at 2.5 years my dd still likes to nurse on it at times.
i bought the avent isis maual pump when dd was just under a week old. very very handy to have around.
we used a shallow rubbermaid storage bin with a sponge in it for a bathtub. the bin now holds papers and stuff for storage.
we loved the swing, stroller (i love my zippy!) ring sling, bouncy seat, pack and play. we used the basinette in the pack and play as dd's bed until she was about 5 months old. she started sleeping in our bed at about 6 months.
i used prefolds as burp rags, they are still used to clean up all the various toddler messes.
i started out with lansinoh disposable nursing pads. i would still go with them since i haven't found a cloth nursing pad that isn't extremely noticeable.
we wanted one of those jumperoo things but never could afford it, we got along fine without it, dd started walking at 9 months anyway...
i love love love target socks. the circo brand you get that are usually $1 a pair. they come in single pair packs. i think they are called double fold socks. they have grips on the bottom and stay on better than any socks i've tried. we still use them and love them.
we have a highchair. that or a booster seat is a must.
a potty for when baby is older. or you can just get one when the time comes... mine was $10 at target.
purex detergent for us was better than any other detergent. i loved to use it on my diapers as well.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

It's easier to make a list of things to get...

Car seat of your choice (I'm a proud bucket seat user right now)
Diapering system of your choice and (I use all prefolds and they double as my burp rags)
Blankets that are weather appropriate as well was receiving style
Clothes that are weather appropriate for the baby
A swing (I got a papasan swing and I loved how it made a "nest" for DD#2)
a carrier of some sort (I had a Moby, DD hated it so I have a Mei Tai now and both girls get worn )
hair brushes/nail clippers (I never got any from the hospital and my Safety 1st clippers have been around since DD#1 was a baby)

If your breastfeeding:
A boppy (it saved my hide by keeping DD#2 where I needed her while I used both hand to help her get latched on)
A pump if you choose (I have a manual one that I've used so rarely that it's tucked away in my closet)
lanolin - it will be your nipples best friend in the first 6 weeks!

I think that's about all I had. The swing we don't use anymore but for the 2.5 months it was used it was wonderful, but DD#2 is more interested in sitting up and grabbing things so it's on to an Exersaucer for us.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...


Bottle drying rack
Baby wash rags
Baby towels
Shoes younger than 3 months
Socks that are not cuffed or have elastic
Baby mittens
Baby bath – just take a bath with him
Baby robes
Carriers that you buy at the store – a wrap/sling is much better
Bumper/quilt set – DS slept in a bassinet for the first 6th months. Now he sleeps in his crib and prefers his minky and chenille blankets.
Agree with pp – infant outfits under 6 months – you only need 1 or 2,
Onesies – use side snap shirts or komono style, LOVED our sleepers though.
Wipe/bottle warmer
Diaper stacker – use a basket, it’s easier
Sheet protectors
More than 2 crib/bassinet sheets
Drool bibs – seriously, we don’t even use bibs now, we just strip him down. Bibs are effective while they are learning to eat when you first introduce solids, but not after that.
Monitor if baby is on the same floor – just leave the doors open
Burp rags – used receiving blankets, prefolds or dish towels we already had

Things I used every day:
Bassinet – we do not co sleep, and I could move it around the house to have a safe place to put him without worry about other kids, pets stepping on him.
Dishwasher basket for nipples & such
Easy access shirts and nursing bras
Sleepers, we keep it cold in the house
Diaper pail
Jumper (4-9 mos) or baby saucer was a godsend when I wanted to shower
Receiving blankets – DS loved to be swaddled the first 4 weeks.

Good luck.
~Kristy, SAHM to my 4 beautiful kiddos.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

Lots of blankets. They can't sleep with them, and our baby hated to be swaddled.
Drool bibs - we breastfed. We never used one of these and even burp clothes were rarely used.
Fancy Diaper Pail - I just have a snapping lid clear plastic trash can from Walmart.
Fancy Sheet sets - You can't use the comforter and the bumper is optional and can only be used for maybe 6 months anways. I just splurged on a few nicer fitted sheets from this company in the US (imagine that!) that uses really nice cotton and they are made in the US. You don't need a matching valance / diaper stacker / night light / throw pillow etc etc etc.
I hated our travel system. WASTE OF MONEY. Big time, it was spendy. We do have a britax convertible now but next time we are getting a graco snugride bucket seat, nothing fancy and then upgrading to the britax when we need to. Personally, since we hope to have our kids close together I don't think I can wrangle a running toddler AND carry a newborn without a carrier - I just wouldn't buy an expensive infant car seat (GOOD doesn't have to be $$$$$$$)
Bumbo, swing - etc - Just buy a nice sling and an ergo or something. I found I carried my son most of the time, he slept nuzzled up to me, not in a plastic bed. We used the bumbo a few times but if I had to do it again I wouldn't buy one. As soon as he could sit up he only want to crawl and NOT stay still. We did use out bouncer, especially when I was in the kitchen and needed to do something that wasn't safe with me wearing him (open hot oven, fry on stove, etc)
Outfits - you don't need lots of "going out" clothes. Shoes are ridiculous. Robeez are cute and tend to stay on and keep little feet warm. Anything hard soled is silly IMO. You'll wear more sleepers than anything. Whatever you do, don't register for clothes. People will buy you clothes the most -

My favorite things?
My glider rocking chair. LOVE IT! Didn't get one at first, which was a BUMMER. We use it a few times a day, I have a little nook in his room with a CD player close by and a few really nice CDs.
My Boppy. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have 3. :-) He is 12 months old and we still use all the time.
I love the sheets I bought for his crib (even though we usually cosleep)

and if you plan on nursing, I would save some $ to buy yourself a nice nursing bra after the baby comes and your ribcage has shrunk and you're closer to your "real" nursing size. I bought all my nursing bras BEFORE I had him only for them to be way too big across the back one month later.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

I think it varies and is personal preference.

I used my sheet protectors and they came in quite handy.
I didn’t like the boppy, liked my best friend pillow much better.
The bouncy got used a little, but honestly, we could EASILY have done w/o it.

The swing did get used, but we had a very basic, old model – no toys, it just swang.

We did use our monitor and still do b/c we close the doors to keep the dogs out when she’s sleeping.

We do use our baby washcloths & towels – we’ve upgraded to toddler towels b/c of the hood. I used the bathtub until very recently so 18-20mo? Easier to fill a small tub than a big one. I feel like its cleaner too.

The shoes are cute but not a necessity unless baby strips their socks off. Our hosp didn’t give nail clippers, hair brush etc.

The nb outfits lasted us for 3+mo as did the swaddling blankets – depends on baby’s size. The nb stuff was actually too big for her and she ended up wearing some premie stuff.

My big regret is the crib & the pack n play. She has spent about 2h a night in her crib since birth (until I go to bed) but its just a waste since we spent quite a bit on a nice crib. The pnp has gotten used 3 or 4x.

I thought the wipes warmer would be the biggest waste till I was trying to change a diaper in Jan at 3am.

The crib set, otoh, so carefully picked out, was a waste. We used the bumpers till she was 20mo but that’s it. I changed the sheets for soft flannel ones ($5 TJMaxx) and the comforter is too big/heavy/bulky to be safe for a baby.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

Originally Posted by FinnegansMom View Post

and if you plan on nursing, I would save some $ to buy yourself a nice nursing bra after the baby comes and your ribcage has shrunk and you're closer to your "real" nursing size. I bought all my nursing bras BEFORE I had him only for them to be way too big across the back one month later.
I forgot about nursing bras.

I have some where the fabric bunches up under my armpits. I need some newer ones in the right "smaller" size now.
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