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crib bumper dangers?

DH and I just bought a bumper for DS's crib yesterday, since we had a scare on Friday. DH had put him down for a nap, and then a little while later, heard him crying hysterically. He ran upstairs and found that DS had gotten his arm caught between the crib slats. He could've broken his arm if he had tried to roll over! So, for the rest of the day Friday, and all day & night Saturday, DS slept in bed next to me until we could buy a bumper on Sunday. I come into work this morning and see this article on babycenter:

So now I don't know what to do. He is 5 months old and can roll over, so am I right to be more concerned about him getting stuck in the slats than suffocating?


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Re: crib bumper dangers?

mama. If you truly want something to cover the slats of the crib, you can get a breathable mesh bumper(don't know where they sell them but I've seen them around. They look like the sides of a play pen). But don't think that just having a bumper is going to stop them from sticking their limbs through the slats. I've caught The Kid several times with his leg or arm over the bumper and through the slats. So what I did was actually remove the bumper from his crib since it wasn't doing much good to him there.
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Re: crib bumper dangers?

I would return it. We used one in our crib but as soon as he started pulling up around 7 months, we removed it. He still gets his arms stuck in the slats and I just check in on him and push his arms back in.

The mesh ones are OK too but again, if you're only going to use it for a little while until he pulls up it might not be worth the $.

As a newborn, our son mainly sleep in our bed anyways...
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Smile Re: crib bumper dangers?

We have a bumper on K's crib-has been there since he starting sleeping in the crib at 3 1/2 months and is still there at almost 23 months. Now it is just on the two sides and the back.
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Re: crib bumper dangers?

I've used a bumper with all 4 of my kids from day 1 and they worked for us. I pulled the bumper out of my twin's crib at about a year old they they didn't sleep well b/c they kept getting limbs stuck... I put them back in and they slept well again. When they got old enough to climb I tied the bumpers on really loose so when they stepped on them they collapsed so they coulnd't be used as a step to get out of the crib

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Re: crib bumper dangers?

What I did with all my kids is buy a couple packs of bias tape in the craft section at wmt and sew extra ties on the bottom of the bumper for the same reason you mentioned for a total of 12 ties on the bumper. My oldest ds got his leg stuck through the crib slats while he was facedown once. He could have suffocated in the mattress or broken his leg. I think that's more dangerous than the remote possiblilty he'd manage to sleep sideways with his face fully pressed into the bumper. Most crib bumpers are required to be thin enough for air to pass through anyway, the only ones I'd be concerned about is the pillow-y ones.
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Re: crib bumper dangers?

our bumper works great. I have the book "What to Expect the First Year" a very well respected book and is says and this is COMMON SENSE , that you should make sure the bumper is attached securely to the crib sides and not floppy.
My daught. has never had an issue with the bumper and it is nice to have now that she is rolling around and bumping into everything even in her crib!
Just as the Bumbo recall is ridiculous.. so is this. As long as we are supervising our baby's at all times the chance of suffocation from a bumper are very low.
There are far more dangers to a baby than a bumper.
I don't use blankets in her crib nor do I co-sleep all night with our daught. My daught. comes into our bed around 6am when she wakes and I breastfeed her. When she was a newborn..and be in bed with me in the early morning.. I would drift off to sleep and there were a few close calls with suffocation.
I never reccomend sleeping all night with your baby.
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Re: crib bumper dangers?

I would return it and buy a breathable bumper.

I had a crib bumper and wound up going out and buying a breathable crib bumper later. I removed our bumper when ds started rolling over because of my concern over SIDS.

After about 3-4 times hearing my son cry, that I am scared/hurt cry, from having his legs or arms stuck between the slats, I rushed out and bought the Cribshield bumper. I love it.

I have frequently found him with his legs or faced pressed against the bars.

Both my ds and I sleep alot better now since we have the bumpers. It even goes nice with the decor in our nursery. We got green ginham to match his PBK set. We got ours at USA baby.
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Re: crib bumper dangers?

I have used a bumper in our cribs for every baby that I have had from day one with no problems. {the oldest one is now almost 19 years old}. I will also use a bumper for the crib for this baby when it is born. It helps prevent them from getting their arms caught, bumping their head on the hard crib rails, and looks cute. Very functional and safe.
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Re: crib bumper dangers?

To me, common sense would be... dont use a regular crib bumper- (it still CAN be dangerous even if it is only a slight possibility) and dont leave it without. Get a breathable crib bumper :
and then you wouldnt have to worry about possible suffocation or possible broken limbs.
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