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Re: Child-led pacifier weaning??

Oh I am probably not much help either. My oldest DS was 5 and DS2 was 2 when I finally just threw them away. Technically he didn't have a binky but he was always stealing from DS2's binky stash. He would come home from kindergarten and I would put him down for a nap and when I would check on him he would have a binky in his mouth. I think he was hiding them anyway all of my kids have blankets and my DS who is now 11 still has his "baby" that he sleeps with every night...some kids just need more emotional security (he is my most sensitive kid by the way). My 9 year old is still sucking her thumb and I wish I had been able to get her onto a binky because I can't just get rid of her thumb and when I talked to the dentist about it last year he told me to leave her alone and she will quit eventually saying that emotional problems are harder to fix than teeth...see I told you I would be no help hang in there mama! choose your battles and love your kid


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Re: Child-led pacifier weaning??

I read a good idea in a parenting magazine kinda like the "Binky Fairy" one... This mom took her son to the store and let him pick out a prize he wanted and then told him it would cost him his pacifier to get the prize. She said he liked to talk about "buying" his prize for himself with his pacifier.
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Re: Child-led pacifier weaning??

My DD is 10 months and worry about this too! I try and limit her use during the day although when she starts to get tired she drives me crazy and the binky will calm her down. I try and limit day use so it doesn't interfere with her speech. She definately gets it at night and nap time. I honestly don't know what I am going to do with out it
My sis did the binky fairy with her son. A friend of mine went to build a bear and they put it in the bear. But she ended up giving him his "waa waa" (that's what they call it) back.
All I can think is I got until she's like 4 or 5 to think about how to completely kick the habit. Until then I will just try and limit it's use. GL mama!
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Re: Child-led pacifier weaning??

It might have already been mentioned, but why not just limit it to the bed?

Jackson does a bink as well. He still gets his a lot in the house, even out and about only because it keeps him quiet (shame on me). But we plan on limiting it to the bed (and maybe the car) by 2 years old. He can have it any time he wants, but he has to go sit in bed. I don't like seeing big kids carrying them around in the mall and whatnot, but I'm not going to take them away from him either. I don't like the thought of taking his comfort item away just to make me happy. He has a blanky though too and that's WAY more of a comfort thing to him than his bink, so he can have his blanket anywhere anytime.

I had my bink until I was 4 or 5 years old. My mom said eventually I just gave it up.
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Re: Child-led pacifier weaning??

Some will and some won't. In my kids, if they didn't lose interest by 7 or 8 months, they weren't going to. My oldest was 3 and my next one 18 months when we finally broke down and threw them all away. They were limited to bed or carseat by then, we just got tired of the nightly binky hunt!! It was actually way harder on the 3 year old than the 18 months old. She cried for 3 nights, less and less each night, but never more than 20 minutes. He cried for 10 minutes one night. That's it. My 5th baby was 18 months old when the dentist told me it was moving his teeth forward. Now having the oldest who used her binky until 3 have crooked teeth and be self-consious about it, I didn't want to do that again. So I went home and threw them all away. He cried for 10 minutes at his nap and 5 minutes at bedtime and never again.
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Re: Child-led pacifier weaning??

I took the pacifiers away from my DD when she was about 2yrs and 3 months. She had been chewing holes in them, so I told her I was throwing them away. I think she asked once for them, but I told her they were gone in the trash, and she never asked for them again. I really thought I was going to have to put up a fight over it, but I didn't!
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Re: Child-led pacifier weaning??

with my oldest dd it was hard for her to give it up, hubby bit the tip off it and she thought it was ruined, she cried once or twice but gave up. With #2 I didn't mean to have her give up her paci and to be honest at 26 mo I still wish she had it at naps and night to limit the whineys. But at 16 mo I bought a new pack of paci's, and in front of her took her old paci and tossed it in the garbage, told her that one was icky and she could have the new one... well she never attached to the new one, and gave it up then and there!
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