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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

kissaluvs outlet store is selling seconds of their size 0,... better hurry tho', the store opened Wednesday, and size 1 and 2 is all gone already. Looks like there are some 0's left....

I used PFs on my girl as a newborn... if I had to choose again, I'd add some fitteds too. But PFs are fine - I folded down in the front when it was too long. Try the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, newborn size. oh so cute in size, but probably wont't last so long as baby will grow so fast!


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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

I would say more KLO's, more covers, and more washcloths (if you are using them as wipes). Just an FYI, I had about 24 nb dipes and I barely made it through one day...
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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

15 prefolds - all infant size - I think infant size are fine. My son was born a month early and we just folded them a little more until he has gotten bigeer and we don't have to anymore.

I would say a few more dipes... Whatever kind you choose. Try something that you don't already have. You don't know that you like something unless you try it. You can always sell them back on here or on ebay if you don't like them.

2 gerber velcro covers- I hate these they leak tooo much for me. But maybe I have a heavy wetter.
I would reccommend the plastic panties with the elastic waist and legs. We have no leaks ever with them. You can get them at Wal-mart for $3.97 for a package of 6 0-3 months fit my son from birth... they were a little big at first but not too bad.

Unless you are planning to supplement with disposable wipes I would say get more of these... But I don't know for sure... I use disposable sensitive skin wipes
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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

My experience with a newborn: they grow FAST. Unless you have plenty of $ I'd get more prefolds and maybe a few more fitteds (they do hold the poop better). Save your $ for mediums when their growth slows down a bit. Practice with your PFs before baby gets here. That way you aren't "new" to it on the first diaper change. Use a doll or stuffed animal. as good pics. Fitteds are nice at night when you're too sleepy to fold, or just have a tri or quad folded dipe ready in a cover. 36 dipes for 2 1/2- 3 days between washings. PF make great burp cloths too.

Cheap thin washcloths work fine. Just don't rub too hard (that's true of any wipe on a NB bum) and I prefer plain water on a NB (still use plain water at 27 months). As a NB I ran the cloth under hot water, so it would be nice and warm when I went to use it. Later, and now, I just squirt from a bottle of plain water and rub it in my hands a bit to warm.

I'd go with 6 covers, 8 if you're using mostly PF. Bummis SWW are nice, Proraps are cheap, XS ME Rikkis and Bumkins are good too (Bumkins don't fit over fitteds very well). If you do wool or fleece go cheap. Again, save the $ for later when they can wear it a while. If you get recylced wool make sure it's soft. Some is, some isn't. I found most wool and fleece to be bulky on a NB, even when it fit. Once they fill out it isn't so bad. Longies, shorties, soakers that you don't put clothes over are really nice. If you find you need more PUL they can be ordered quickly. I don't like Gerber, anything vinyl, anything with cotton outers. You're better off to have fewer that work well. Covers can easily be washed in the sink and hung to dry.

As long as you have a little $ set aside I wouldn't worry about having too little. Most places, including most moms on FSOT, can ship quickly.

I'd get another lg wet bag for your pail, under $4 in the camping section at WalMart. That way you have a clean one to line the pail while the other is washing with the dipes.

Another Snappi- one always seems to be MIA.

The small MEAF and MEOS will be too big. Hang onto them tho. They're good once they fit.

Congratulations and
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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

It sounds like you are on the right track and the previous mamas gave you good advice - more prefolds and/or fitteds and more covers.. I am newly pg and am "rebuilding" our nb stash. This is what I have so far:

12 preemie pfs
5 KL0s
3 nanipoos
4 other varius fitteds
1 fleece cover (stacinator)
1 wool wrap (loveybums)
1 wool soaker
3 pul covers

12 infant pfs
4 various fitteds
1 VBSN (night fitted)
2 PUL covers
2 soakers
1 wool wrap
2 stacinator stretch covers

i am not exactly sure what more I will be adding over the next 9 mos, but its a good start and judging by dd, she didn't wear many smalls - went straight from KL0s to mediums in other brands. So I won't buy too much more for the nb stage, probably just more infant pfs if I like them, otherwise a few more fitteds and thats it! HTH and good luck!

ETA: I forgot to say that I do have some small size aios and pockets for outings
Jen, SAHM to Emmi, 6 & Tyler, 5

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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

Wow, Thanks everyone - you have all been a great help - so nice to hear from those who have "been there"!
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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

-i love using cut up old towels (or small washclothes) for wipes. I think they work so much better than the cuties ones with super soft fabrics
- ditto the more diapers and a couple more covers
we found a trifolded prefold worked better than the fitteds we had for stopping pee
- and we use lots of prefolds snappied under a wool soaker
i'd suggest recycled wool to save $$ on the nb/s stage and/or soakers that have a lot of stretch or fold up or down waist bands so that you can use them longer

congradulations on the new babe!
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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

i haven't "been there" yet but this is what i have, planning on washing every other day (granted i was told by one mama that i have enough to diaper two LOL! that should just mean that it'd be fine for every 3 days though)

20 preemie size prefolds (great as doublers too!)
25 infant prefolds
12 fitteds (2 cya's the rest wahm)
2 pockets (1 babyblanket, 1 wahm)
1 fitted pocket by happy hempy
13 aio's (2 qlero's, 11 honeyboys)
5 velcro gerber covers (these are not vinyl, they are the pul)
2 proraps, 2 bsww, 2 litewrap, 1 sweetdreams, 3 bluemoons
2 wool wraps (cya, kiwipie), 2 soakers (both wahm), 1 shortie (recycled wahm)

20 flats for doublers once he's a bit bigger
apx 70 wipes
3 snappi's (used to have 4 but my older 2 ds's did something w/one, i need more for this reason!)
1 set of pins

i think i'm set...but i keep wanting more wipes LOL! i have stuff in the small size too, i just can't wait to cd!!! all i really "need" to get right now is some more snappi's and pins b/c i think we're going to prefer the pf's.
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Re: my nb stash so far - what would you add?

I would add a Newborn Swaddlebees Organic Velour Diaper. Because I think every baby would love to poop in the softness and comfort of this diaper. It is a luxury diaper--but it sure would be fun, to have even one.

Congratulations and Best wishes to all of you expecting momma's,
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