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Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

I want to over what you guys have. We are almost at stash nirvana. As soon as everything is here, I will be posting pics of all of it. In the mean time, here's the list

Pocket 25 total - all are pictured
13 blueberry one size minky
3 pul blueberry one size
1 Haute pocket one size
2 komfy kidz
1 bum genius one size
5 misc WAHM pockets

Here's all the pockets

And where they live......

Fitteds / perfolds
3 Goodmama velours
5 goodmama prints
14 mutts 3rs
2 GMARS ** pictured below
2 tinke traps ** pictured below
1 dunk n Fluff
2 cuddle buns
1 premium prefold embelished
2 premium prefitteds
3 NB clothmo's
3 sbish flats

Preview of some of the fitteds
GMARS and tinkle traps

rest of the fitteds

1 wcw soaker
3 wcw longies
2 royal bunz longies
2 royal bunz soakers
1 kozy soaker
1 crochet longies
3 knit longies
1 rainbow waters interlock longies
1 fleece longies / shirt set
1 mile high monkey fleece soaker
2 sbish soakers

inserts / doublers / misc
5 bbh doublers
6 infant prefolds
20 microfiber one size inserts
1 minky wetbag
2 large wetbags
2 small wetbags
4 snappies
1 pin
20 fleece liners
2 packs sbish doublers

inserts / doublers
10 velour doublers
10 babykicks doublers

Parakeet knit longies
1 mutt wool cover

12 tinkle traps converts ** pictured below
12 embelished prefolds (sugarlumps) **pictured below
7 posh prefolds
1 sbish flats
4 3rs mutts FSOT
9 custom 3rs mutts
1 mutt AIO
4 packs pins

Sugarlumps embelished prefolds

tinkle traps

wool wash
woollybottoms wool wash bar and pumpkin pie lanolin

2 rock bottom AIO's
1 mutt wool cover
1 pocket fitted
10 cotton doublers
6 misc inserts

The only other thing I would like to get is infant prefolds GMD yellow edge, snappies and pins.



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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

I don't really know what I have right now
I'll be back after I inventory.

On the way:
I have some kl0s coming, an xs fb, a hh os, and some pfs... also diapers cut out that I need to put together... they'll be my first!
ETA: a giraffe set from KHW- how could I forget?!
EATA: BG 2.0 from clearance sale
Cristina- Mama to a bunch of super kids!

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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

I was just gonna start a "whats coming" thread but I'll just add my list here instead and come back later with the what we already have part of it

Looks like a big fluffy weeks coming for us We are waiting on:

~Classic sock monkey crankypants (#17 or 19 I forget which)
~custom mutt AIO with Blue from Blues clues
~these gorgeous "piggy prefolds" from todzwife
~ This and this from Rockstar baby
~2 custom OV pfs from Cottonspuds boutique
~embellished pf from Lil ladybug boutique
~2 sbish flats
~2 trainers from the EC store
~4 mama pads from Happy mama originals

ETA: Here's our stash list (incl whats coming but not whats on FSOT)-

PFs and fitteds:
4 Valor Kids
1 mutt
4 Cuddlebuns OS
1 g/n bedbug
1 boyish bedbug
4 Nana's Bottoms
4 Goodmama OS
7 custom prefitteds
3 toddler GMAR prefitteds
5 large Sbish flats
4 lg. babykicks pfs
1 fairytale mutt
4 Bizzy B Hive
6 Loveybums XL Pfs
2 Cottonspuds L Pfs
1 Sesame Street Toddler PF
1 Yoda toddler PF
8 minkee toddler Pfs

2 bottombumpers
Blues Clues mutt
2 starbunz fleece

4 fleece GADs
2 swaddlebees (print)
3 swaddlebees (plain)
Prestons pants fleece
2 Prestons minkee
2 Rockstar baby

2 dancing bears fleece
1 Baby Its You sets
girly HK shorties
Punk pug interlock longies
2 litewraps PUL covers
crankypants shorts
2 luxe soakers
2 WCW medium sets
2 crankypants longies
Sugar and Spice longies
Hibiscus baby set
fluffymail longies
Cuddlebuns OS fleece
2 loveybums interlock
2 kiwi peels (pull-on)
Wild Child Woolies shorts
Bizzy B Hive wrap (set)
Rainbow Waters set
WCW longies
Kiwi pie wool wrap
Jen, SAHM to Emmi, 6 & Tyler, 5

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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

My stash is SMALL!

3 fitteds
-Pattynaps Fish in Bags
-Enchanted Nursery Retro Girafffes

4 prefitteds

7 BG AIO's

TONS of wool

we use sposies most of the time now

Pics link is in my siggy.
mom to C and A

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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

i think I finally have it!
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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

I have just simplified, and I love it!!

10 GADs pockets
9 Goodmama fitteds
2 Luxe soakers
1 pair of wool pants from J&J
various prefolds we are still trying to get the hang of.

On the way...another Goodmama
angela - sahm to j (11) and e (7) and w (3)

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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

Heehee, thanks for the excuse to post my stash pix. Here it is in picture form - Some of my DS's stuff is missing from pix because you was napping but this is most of it...

Main station downstairs

Abigail's fitteds and 'night' dipes

Prefolds for daddy upstairs:

Night woolens (and some half flats I use as tie nappies):

wipes/supplies/some fleece pants

Mediums (she hasn't grown into yet)

My 'Ready to go' shot - some things already pictured above:

Not pictured:
4 Brown edged prefolds
1 Large Tiny Tush Wool Soaker
1 XL Loveybums interlock
2 small snap-ez pockets
various dipes I don't remember.
Lisa ~ WHAM to E & A

Hyena Cart:

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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

I finally did some inventory.
23 PUL VB hybrid pockets
3 Minky VB hybrid pockets
2 Minky w/ appliques 1s PBPD
1 PUL custom xs PBPD
2 small WAHM HR godlfish pockets
5 small print GAD (4 poly, 1 cotton)
3 small PP (1 fleece, 1 PUL, 1 cotton print)
3 small minky embroidered PP
1 small fleece embroidered PP
1 small appliqued FF
3 s/m TFD
9 MM fleece pockets for night (will FFS soon)
1 med BB minky (too big, but holding on to I think)
And inserts of course. I made bunch of microfiber and microfiber/hemp ones. I have mf Thirsties for all my bigger pockets, SB hemp for my trimmer pockets and I just got 9 loop-do's
My wool-
1 sock monkey Cranky
1 crocheted fall longies

What I'm waiting on
4 minky PP
1 custom embroidered PP from MED
3 small BB side-snap
Monster Crankys
2 custom longies from YarnPants
2 custom longies from Bugaboobottoms
1 custom knit longies from a great Mama on ds
1 custom crochet longies from another great Mama
8 PUL nightime pockets from Diapers by Deb to replace my fleece ones

Gosh, I think that's it

To my obsession defense, E does have SBS and goes through 15-20 diapers a day when he's not sick. Haha, just felt the need to justify my list
Eli's Wipe-E's <---Customs & Instock

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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

Just made the switch to all large fitteds:

5 Goodmamas
3 Mutts
5 Lucy's Hope Chest
1 Totbots
1 Weenotions
2 Happy Hempy
1 Holdens Landing Bedbug

12 premium pfs

on the way:

2 more goodmamas
6 tinkle traps prefitteds
3 more LHCs
1 Sweetiebums custom


1 WCW large soaker, med longies
Custom Crankypants
Woollywraps longies
Yarnpants longies
2 Llamajama longies
2 Babyology soakers
UK Mama to Noah 09/07/2004 Seamus 02/24/2007 and expecting a in March 2012!

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Re: Post your stash...........what you have and what's coming

if theres a star, it means its brand new

- 1 xs thirsties in ocean
- 2 nb dappi pants*
- 2 sm dappi pants*
- 1 nb litewrap

1 nb pull on interlock (will dye this when i find out the darn gender, lol)
1 SUPPOSEDLY nb sized wrap, but its kind of huge, and im okay with that, lol

- 2 nb mutts
- 1 nb VBSN

- 1 (maybe nb?) prefold
- 5 infant GMD prefolds

- SO cute wahm tester nb sized pocket
- 1 baby kanga OS in froggy*
- 1 butternut bg!OS 2.0

-1 white baby sized snappi
-1 (possibly like half? dont even know, it was sent to me in a swap) roll liners
-lots of little wipe solution squares that i cant wait to use!! breakfast grapefruit, vanilla cookie and orange splash scents

On the way! (all from the prefold co-op)
1.5 doz flats*
1 doz preemie prefolds
2 dozen infant prefolds
1 doz regular prefolds

4 snappis-- 2 white, 1 pink, 1 pastel blue (i got sick of gender neutral colors, lol)

Still need:
doublers/inserts that i will make from towels!
wipes (im thinking the baby washcloths i'll probably get a ton of from my shower, lol... if not, more uses for old towels! lol)
to make 2 pairs of longies from sweaters i have, and soakers from the rest (i have 4 sweaters)

its not QUITE done yet... but pretty much. I cant afford much, and i only had like $195 to spend, so i think i did pretty good!
Artie -- wife to Bryan natural birthing, cosleeping, CDing, non-vaxxing, non-circ'ing mommy to Riley Thomas 3/22/08 and Abbey Raine10/6/11

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