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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That sounds just like my appt with ds. I am so sorry your little man had to go thru that. I hope he feels better soon.


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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That happens a lot when they are circumcised. I took care of two little boys before having my own and the same thing happened to them. One boys got really infected. The others just got pulled back as your sons did and then they put vasaline on it every diaper change. Sorry your little guy is having to go through that pain.
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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding being chubby - my 27mo still hasn't lost that pudginess down there...and he's REALLY active. He is circumsized (and I very deeply regret it), but it looks....not fully uncircumsized, but like 1/2 circumsized...he still has a lot of skin and it 'hides' most of the time...
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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poor baby
dont have that problem so i dunno , david IS circ but is skinny as can be
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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ton bad it was so awful, but at least you got it taken care of. They did that and told us to pull it back with every change but in the end we ended up redoing it because there was so much forskin still left. Its doctors preference how much to leave. Hopefully he'll be fine here on out.
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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im so sorry your baby had to go thru that and you too mama. My eyes popped out of my head when i read that.....
poor baby

Im hoping he feels better soon
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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chiming in a little late, but I just saw this, and since I just read a thread on the same subject on another board, I wanted to share what was posted there--it sounds like there's no reason to keep tearing the skin back, and that could cause more harm than just leaving it alone. Here's the link Adhesion discussion

And the relevant post, if you're not able to view posts there:
Penile adhesions develop frequently after circumcision. Up to 71% of circumcised boys develop adhesions, although they are usually mild and very rarely require treatment. Most adhesions will release in their own in time, and the current recommendation is to leave them alone. If your son develops adhesions, it does not mean that the circumcision was botched, nor are they an indication for recircumcision. The following resources should provide reassurance and empower you to ensure your son’s adhesions are not unnecessarily released manually (lysed, or ‘torn back’) by a well meaning-but inadequately informed-care provider.

J Urol. 2001 Mar;165(3):915.

Penile adhesions after neonatal circumcision.

Ponsky LE, Ross JH, Knipper N, Kay R.

Department of Urology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

“In these groups we noted an adhesion rate of 71%, 28%, 8% and 2%, respectively. The rate of adhesions more severe than grade 1 was 30%, 10% and 0% in boys 12 months old or younger, 13 to 60 and 61 months old or older, respectively. The oldest patient with grade 3 adhesions was 31 months old. Skin bridges in 6 cases involved the circumcision line in 4.”

"CONCLUSIONS: Penile adhesions develop after circumcision and the incidence decreases with patient age. Although there is debate on whether to lyse these adhesions manually, our findings suggest that adhesions resolve without treatment. Based on our results we do not recommend lysing penile adhesions, except perhaps those involving the circumcision line."

“Penile adhesions occur frequently after circumcision. Some physicians advocate manual lysis of the adhesions. This procedure can be painful and traumatic. Penile adhesions are normal in uncircumcised boys and normally resolve without treatment.”

Gil Fuld, M.D., F.A.A.P.

“Sometimes after a routine newborn circumcision, excess foreskin remains. Since newborn circumcision is not medically necessary, it's certainly better to leave a little extra than to take off too much and damage the child's penis.”

“So, it's a common occurrence in little boys for adhesions to develop under any remaining foreskin, although it's rarely a problem and practically never requires a repeat circumcision.”

Vincent Iannelli, M.D.

“It isn't really normal, but is a common complication after a circumcision. In a situation like this, penile adhesions form when the skin on the shaft of the penis attaches itself to the glans or head of the penis. In extreme cases, it can look like the child was never even circumcised, leading parents to believe that the child had a 'bad circumcision.'”

“If the skin is attached only on the very base of the glans, then your child has a very mild case of penile adhesions and you can likely just leave it alone. It should eventually separate, especially once your child becomes older, and anyway, forcing it apart would be painful.”

“The foreskin will almost always detach itself in time as a boy develops. It should not be forcibly retracted. This may lead to scarred adhesions that will not detach without surgery. Penile growth is not usually influenced by adhesion of the foreskin to the glans penis.”
Hope this helps, and to you and your little guy. Hope he heals up quickly.
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Angry Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so angry with my doctor right now!!!!!!!!!! More than that, I am angry with myself for letting this happen. SHe now tells me to pull his skin back and apply hrdrocortizone to it becuase she fears he has yeast. She said to just blow on it, when he screams bloody murder becuase of the pain!

I did one time................I cant stand to see him hurt so bad. Now I am only applying some antibotic ornimont to it. He looks up at me and starts to whimper, when I lay him on the changing table. It looks awful!!!!!!!! All blood red.

Thank you for your post and all the well wishes. I wish I had of seen that discussion before I took him in. ANyone have any advice on different ways to ease his pain?
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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! That's terrible!!! Oh that ticks me off that doctor did that! My ds is circ, and hasn't ever had any problems, but DANG! That's terrible!!

I wonder if you could put some Orajel on it? Numb it up a bit? Then give him some Tylenol, and let him run around booty naked.

He's in my prayers. I screamed when I was reading this post in pain. That poor little guy. ((((((hugs Momma)))))))
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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!? Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. She (your ped) shouldn't have done that but it's important that you keep putting neosporan (sp?) on it now that she has done it. You really don't want it to get infected. After it heals, just leave it alone. I really only pull back both of my ds's when they take a bath because it needs to be cleaned and it will naturally and easily pull back in water.

Neosporan makes an ointment with pain relief in it. I'm sure it would be fine to put on it. It will at least take the pain away. I would also give him tylenol. that would also help with any swelling he might get.

I really hope it gets better quickly for him!!!!!!!
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