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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

oh mama he's beautiful! I am in love with his hair you did a great job!

Originally Posted by mommypatton521 View Post
Miles arrived

After everyone kept insisting on eggplant parmesean I had to eat it b/c I was CRAVING IT! So we went to the grocery store wed. night and bought what I needed to make it. While at the grocery store I had more stomach tightening but no pain so I didn't think about it too much. Cooked my yummy food then stayed up WAY too late and such.

Thursday we arrive at my dr. appt for 10, My dr. was seeing TWO doctor's worth of patients and there were alot of patients. So I finally get to see him at 11. They put me on the monitor little miles heartbeat is fine and dandy all is well. Dr. comes in and asks me how i'm feeling etc. Then he checks my cervix. NOW I don't know if I said this but I was almost 4cm's on monday. Well this time when he checks me he says "you're like 5-6cm's dialated" he looks at me and asks about the stomach tightening i've been having etc. so undoubtly i've been having contractions for like.........a week I didn't know, i thought it was suppose to be EXCRUCIATINGLY painful like with kenzie. So he says "I'm not sure what else to do but to send you over to labor and delivery" so we walk down the hall to labor and delivery. I use the potty on the way.

We check into labor and delivery, they get me in my gown put the tummy monitors on me etc. They get an iv in me. My dr. comes over about 30 minutes later after his office closes for lunch and checks my cervix again. I am not at 6-7 cm's dialated. So within an hour I was bumped up to that. So he asks if I want my water broken and he said we can wait longer if you want, and I said yeah let's wait a little longer as I was hoping to go natural. So we waited.....about an hour later same ol' so I let them go ahead and break my water (my water is EXTREMELY resilient to breaking on its own) so they break it and put in an internal monitor and sure enough there are those belly tightening contractions on the monitor.

A couple hours go by and my contractions are VERY SLOWLY progressing....i'm wearing down already b/c we didn't eat breakfast b/c we were planning to do lunch after the appt. So i'm STARVING. The nurse asks me what are my thoughts on the pitocin and I said let's wait a while and then we'll try later, we waited and so I told her later to go ahead and start it on the lowest dosage b/c we really needed my cervix to finish tilting and my contractions weren't moving it along very well on it's own. So we start it on a tiny drip the lowest possible amount. So yes it started working, and I started to feel it.

Now here's where my "birth plan" takes a turn. Unfortunately because I did not eat anything my tolerence for the pain was really killing me over. So I requested a epidural on my own accord. The nurse was AMAZING she asked me what I prefered and I said I want to try natural and she said no problem I won't ask you again you will need to request pain relief and if you do we will get it for you. So I did and she checked my cervix to see how far along I was and I was at 8cm's, so she went into the hall to let the guy know.

BAD NEWS for me is that there were like 4 other women who had decided RIGHT before me. SOOOOOO she called downstairs to see if someone else was available -no one- so i'm on the verge of throwing up. The nurse was great and the pain was very diff. with kenzie BUT unfortunately THIS TIME it was stomach pain and I WAS STARVING.

SOOOOOO about an hour after I requested the epidural he shows up, the nurse says she doesn't want to check me again b/c she doesn't want me to go faster until i'm comfortable. So I get my epi in. He gives me the epi and it isn't working yet, so he gives me more (by request) and it starts working about 15 mins later. The guy who gave me the epi stuck around for about 25 minutes to watch me and make sure I was alright and things were going the way they should.

After he leaves the nurse checks me - I am 10cm's dialated and READY to push. I was feeling good to so I was ready to push. I pushed for about.......30 minutes the doctor came in RIGHT before I was crowning and I pushed for another 3-5 minutes and out came baby miles.

He was born at 6:21 pm on thursday the 15th

He has blonde hair and the typical baby blue eyes

He weighed 8lbs 8.6oz and is 19.5 inches long!

I had no tearing and no episiotomy = no stitches which makes me VERY happy! I'm very very sore, much more sore than I was with kenzie, my face is bruised (not that you can see but it hurts) from pushing I pushed hard when it was time to push LOL

big sis & lil bro


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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

He is sooo adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blond hair! I honestly don't think I've ever seen a baby with blond hair, and it's so cute!
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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

Congrats! He's a doll!
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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

Oooooooh! He's pretty, Mama! Little cotton top
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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

He is a cutie, look at all that hair.
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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

He is adorable! Congrats~!
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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

congratulations, he is super cute!!!!
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Re: Miles is here *pics added*


He is a cutie pie!! So is his big sister! I hope you are having a great babymoon!
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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

What a beautiful baby Congratulations to you and your family!!
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Re: Miles is here *pics added*

wow, time flies!!! didn't you just find out you were pregnant? Miles is gorgeous!!!! CONGRATS!!!
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