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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

Yes, all 5 of us for around a year each. She had a lot of trouble with her first and was down to formula all day and only nursing at bedtime at 3 months old. Then she realized she wanted to keep going, joined LLL, got help with their latch problems and got completely off formula supplements.

Her mom also breastfed all 3 of hers; don't know how long. She was poor, so I guess she fit into the stereotype. But she also was just a country person and had more faith in natural & homemade ways of living than in artificial things like formula.

My dad's mom also breastfed both of her kids. Also a country person.

My grandmas had their kids between 1926 and 1942, and my mom had hers between 1966 and 1978. I think it's funny when I hear people say "Oh, my mom didn't breastfeed because it wasn't in back then." I guess I have one reason to be grateful that I come from a long line of people who were never "in."

(Sort of related to that: We also always, ALWAYS wore seatbelts. I see people say things about "nobody wore seatbelts when we were kids." Well, we did. Again, my parents didn't give a hoot about fitting in. It was embarrassing because even if we were riding with a friend's mom, my mom made sure we knew we had to wear our seatbelts. I didn't have the nerve to disobey her on that. I remember other moms having to pull them out from the seat where they'd tucked them away, and being the only person in the car wearing one. I also remember my little bro & sis riding in carseats in what would have been the late 70s/early 80s -- my parents special ordered them from Ford.

Oh, and, my mom was born at home, frank breech. The last doctor in the area who made house calls for births; he was old by then (1942). According to my grandma he was very calm and reassuring about it and it was not too eventful.)


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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My Mom BF'd my brother only - for 4 months. Very unsupportive. Decribed the experience as felling like a dairy cow, and apparently couldn't eat any seasonings, no ketchup/mustard/butter/salt. Nothing but plain potatoes and ham or beef. It apparently made my brother fussy if she ate anything but potatoes. It was horrendous - oh the drama - she's one of those I BF in kneedeep snow uphill both ways types.
I had no exposure to BF aside for that. Mom was very against it - he thought it would fail (not everyone "can TOLERATE it") I only thought to BF due to exposure to a SIDS death as a paramedic. I researched an BF kept popping up as beneficial. The only way I could cope with the paranoia of SIDS was to BF. I had NO IDEA that I would love it. I was viewing it as something I would struggle through for the health of my baby. I BF #1 15 months, #2 12 months and #3 is 10 months and still BF'd
Mom was so unsupportive - bought me bottles, formula, and even when I had success and loved it she kept a stash of bottles and formula at her place for when I was apparently going to call her in the middle of the night feeling like a dairy cow.
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

I was bf until I was 2
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

my mom nursed me for about 8 months, and my little sis for about 4 i think... my cousins (all much older than me) nursed too, one extended nurses
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom breastfed me...Only a few months I though. She said that she EBF while she was off work. Then, when she went back to work she would give formula while she was gone and nurse me when she got home (she said that she didn't have a pump). After awhile I only wanted the bottle so she quit. Apparantly, she went to her doctor who told her that that was expected and not to be so upset about it.
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom breastfed all 6 of us into toddlerhood. :-)
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom bf'd me for 10 days. She didnt bf my brother. She was not very supportive of my decision to bf my kids.
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom breastfed me and my sister for 6 months each. We are 2 1/2 years apart...She had a really hard time getting me to latch like I did with my daughter but she stuck through it but weaned me to a bottle at 6 months. My sister took right to breastfeeding but at 6 months went right to a bottle with no problems.
My daughter is almost 1 year old and we are still breastfeeding and around 9 months when Emily bit me a couple times my mom asked me if I was going to quit. I told her Emily won't let me! the girl would never take a bottle and will pull my shirt down, bite my shirt/bra whatever is in the way and make a big fuss til she get's her milk!!
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom nursed all 3 of her babies until about 6 months. I was a teenager when she had her last baby, and I remember her nursing him. I always knew i would BF, and I think a lot of that is because it's what I was exposed to. My mom was super supportive in the beginning. She thinks it's weird now though!
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom nursed me for a year (pumped when she went back to work at 6 weeks). She even nursed through some of her pregnancy, but when my sister was born when I was 15 months old, she formula fed her. She says my sister had no interest in learning and that with a toddler at home, she had no time to teach her. MIL did pretty much the same thing - BF my SIL for 6 months, got pregnant, and DH never did get it so she FF him.

Neither mine nor DH's grandmothers nursed. I mentioned to my grandma that DD won't take a bottle, and she looked horrified and gasped "But how does she get her milk?!?" It took everything in me not to respond "straight from the tap." She's pretty conservative, so I may have been kicked out of the family for that, lol.

I don't remember being exposed to it much as a child, other than women occasionally sneaking off into another room with the baby. I guess it may make some of our family uncomfortable when I refuse to cover her or leave the room, but I'm not spending family get togethers locked in a bedroom with just the baby. I actually had several of DH's male family members comment that they didn't even know what I was doing most of the time, so maybe not.
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