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Re: Opposite of AP Parenting???

I think the worst part is that these thoughts of hers were made public for the entire world to read, including her children. They will always know how their mother feels/felt about them and they will either carry on that attitude with their own children or need lots of therapy. And I'm sure if their friends parents and such read this it will get back to the kids and they will be made fun of.




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Re: Opposite of AP Parenting???

Well, we know who will NOT get the mother of the year award! ROFLMAO!
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Re: Opposite of AP Parenting???

i'm absolutely appalled by this article!!!
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Re: Opposite of AP Parenting???

.. her poor kids .. can you imagine how they must feel??? I only read the first two paragraphs and skipped to the bottom .. the part where they said,
They stopped asking me to take them to the park (how tedious) years ago. But now when I try to entertain them and say: 'Why don't we get out the Monopoly board?' they simply look at me woefully and sigh: 'Don't bother, Mum, you'll just get bored.'

How right they are.
I would DIE if my kids ever said that to me!!! TO ME, this is just my opinion, they are saying, we know you dont want to be with us, so dont put on an act, just go do what you want to do and we will do what we want to do. They probably dont even feel loved ..
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Re: Opposire of AP Parenting???

Originally Posted by pinkflamingos77
Hmmm... I don't agree with everything she said. I can honestly say that I don't want to spend every waking free moment I have with my kids. I love them to death and I am SAHM too and majority of my time is with them but I do like time to myself and I do like to do other things besides stuff that revolve around my kids and yes there are days where I am bored of kids things and all the domestic stuff too. doesn't make me a bad mom because I am like that. Some mothers still need their own idenity and life. It is not all or nothing when it comes to parenting/motherhood.
I think that's the big thing with the focus of one of the "B"s of Attachment Parenting... balance. Balance for yourself, for your children, for your entire family. You don't need to put your entire focus on any one person in your home, however you do need to have balance. Something the author of the article is seriously lacking-- her life is so off balance and self-centered it's sad.

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Re: Opposire of AP Parenting???

I can tell by all of your reactions that this is an article that I won't even waste my time trying to read.

I get bored playing kids games and all that, but I would never not do it. As they grow the games become more fun and less easy. If you give up too soon then your kids don't want to have anything to do w/ you. Then you are the parent that doesn't know their kid is smoking and drinking because you don't pay enough attention to them. I can't imagine not spending time playing w/ my kids even when it isn't what I really want to be doing.
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Re: Opposire of AP Parenting???

Disgusting...I didn't finish the article either as she rambled on and on about why she basically doesn't want kids.
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Re: Opposite of AP Parenting???

That article irritated me. I agree with the PP-don't have kids if you dont want them. They aren't fun accessories that you can just put away when you're done using them. The author is a selfish, selfish person. There is nothing wrong with taking time for oneself-as someone else said, it's all about balance. Families needn't be "child centered" or "adult centered", they should be "family centered", where EVERY FAMILY MEMBER matters, & everyone gets individual time & supports one another. So what if the kids' games are boring! Isn't it more important that they know you support them in what they do & will be there for them always, whether it's "tedious" or not? Isn't that what being a parent is? Loving them unconditionally? Even if it "bores you rigid"? And anyone who says life with a child is boring is a few fries short of a Big Mac, IMO. My life has been anything but boring since I gave birth to my first child.
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