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Re: Ways to wash (to be pinned)

Soap: Tide powder (but I'm going to try liquid next - because I hear it washes out better)
Extras: I always add Borax 20 mule team (1/4 to 1/2 cup) because I have very hard water (I used to have a hard time getting the soap out, but this has changed everything!) and once a week I add bleach (1/4 cup)

Wash Cycle (I have a Bosch front load washer and dryer)
1. Drain and Spin with the Allergy Rinse - this is basically a short rinse cycle on cold (15 min total)
2. Hot wash with added Allergy Rinse - this is just a hot wash with an extra rinse in cold at the end (1hr 18min total)
3. Dry for 60min - setting the time instead of using the extra dry setting works better for me because the dryer "senses" when things are done and doesn't do a good job at it.

We always put a prefold under DD's bum when changing because she loves to poop on the changing table so we do double the amount of diapers we need in a day b/c of this - about 20 or more. We wash every day, even though we have enough dipes for 2 days, because I can't see letting the dipes just linger and getting mildewy. We have Prefolds, BG 4.0, Flip, and BG Freetime dipes and Monkeyfoot Designs wetbag that all go into the wash and dryer at the same time.


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Re: Ways to wash (to be pinned)

I use Country Save in a top loader.

I wash 7-8 pockets with inserts OR 14-16 inserts/pfs/flats. Covers get thrown in with a gentle, cooler non-diaper load (usually hubby's soccer jerseys). Fleece/flannel liners get thrown in with a linens/towels load since they often have diaper rash cream on them.

We do not use any dryer sheets at our house due to my daughter's eczema.

I store wet and soiled diapers together in a dry wet bag. I remove solids before putting in wet bag. I take inserts out of pockets before putting in wet bag.

Wash routine for diaper loads:

1. Cold rinse, no soap.
2. Hot wash with 1/2 scoop Country Save.
3. Warm rinse (with 2T of white vinegar if its more than 2 days since a diaper load, to prevent ammonia).
4. Warm or cold 2nd rinse. I usually try to peek during final agitation to make sure no soap is left (I rarely find any with this routine).
5. Line dry pockets, covers. Machine dry inserts, flats, prefolds, liners.
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Regular top loader with city water (not particularly hard or soft)

What soap do you use?
ECOS Magnolia and Lily (from Costco)

Do you add anything extra? If so, what?
Oxy Clean in the wash, occasionally vinegar in the pre-rinse

How many dipes do you wash at a time?
20-30 prefolds, 10-ish covers, cloth wipes and doublers, and a pail liner. I wash every 2-3 days.

Now explain your wash routine line by line

1. Cold/cold cycle with a few glugs of vinegar (or nothing)
2. Hot/warm cycle with ECOS (to the 2 line) and a scoop of Oxy
3. Cold/cold cycle as a final rinse
4. I dry everything all together in the dryer. My PUL covers don't leak unless I try to air dry them. Ha! I've been doing this routine for almost two years with no issues.
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Re: Ways to wash (to be pinned)

Washer: Regular top loader, nothing fancy at all.
Water: City water.
What soap do you use? Arm & Hammer Naturals Free (liquid)
Do you add anything extra? Nope.
How many dipes do you wash at a time?
10 (that's all I have.)

Wash Routine:
1. When I take the diaper off I immediately remove the insert and then put them in my bin (I have a bin with two separate compartments, one for inserts one for shells.) If it's a poopy diaper, first step is to empty that into the toilet first.

2. Cold prewash. No soap.

3. Hot wash with 1/2 of the recommended soap.

4. Cold rinse.

5. Shells get hung up, inserts and my one AIO go in the dryer on high for 60 minutes.
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Re: Ways to wash (to be pinned)

Washer: Regular top loader
Water: Well water
What soap do you use? Have used Ruby Moon, now trying Charlie's Soap
Do you add anything extra? Occasionally a rinse in vinegar to keep the stink away
How many dipes do you wash at a time?
It varies. I wash every other day.

Wash Routine:
1. Now that we're back to EBF poop, diaper goes into cold prewash without scraping into the toilet.
2. Hot wash/cold rinse cycle with one heaping scoop of Charlie's Soap.
3. Extra rinse cold.
4. PUL covers line dried, all else in the dryer or line dried.
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