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Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

On Tuesday night I was up till 1am, around 11, when I'd normally have gone to bed i started to feel super hungry, so i stayed up and i ate. I was staying with my dad that night since i had to leave for Tallahasse fairly early in the morning. I then went to bed there knowing it'd be the last night I would be pregnant, and reserved myself to knowing the midwife would have to break my water tomorrow evening. I was 42wks, and that would be the latest the midwive's could deliver. Knowing i was 4cm a week before they agreed they would break my water on the 14th to induce labor to avoid a hospitalized birth.
I didn't sleep too well, lotsa of things going on in my head that night, We were to have a biophysical profile as well the 14th, to make sure everything still looked good for delivery, and i hated to think that screwing with my plans to have this baby in a different setting from before. I also struggled wit the idea of 'evicting' the baby, I very much wanted to go into labor on my own whenever she was ready to come out, even if that meant another few days or a week, as long as she was still healthy in there.
At about 3:50am i was awake again, just barely, when i felt a kick and a pop, I instantly knew it was the sac breaking open and i jumped out of bed like lighting (didn't even get any amniotic fluid on the bed!) and rushed to the bathroom, her cushion of fluid was dripping heavily down my leg, i sat on the toilet while it drained. once it had let up i went and got a change of clothes and called Jon (my ex-husband) so he could head over. I told him not to be in a rush, all my other babies were born about 4hrs after my water broke, besides, i wasn't even contracting. I then called the midwife to let her know I'd be heading up there as my water had broken. I figured labor would be shorter than the last again, his was an induction that lasted 6hrs, i say 4-6 when i speak of his though since i felt nothing until his sac was broken 2hrs into it, so I knew to head out shortly after my water breaking if I was to get to the birth center as it was a 2hr drive from us. I hopped onto GCM then to post what had happened. While I was waiting for Jon I was walking around the house and outside and definately getting into labor, my back hurt so much that i didn't even notice when the contractions were coming for the most part. during the waves of most intense back pain I loved standing outside by the car and leaning against the hood. I had a bit of juice, I wasn't at all hungry, I'd stuffed my face just a few hrs earlier. Being outside was the best though, the air was very crisp and cool, it was still dark and all the stars were out. I was thinking "My baby will be here today, and it's on his/her time!!!"
Jon and Britney (his new wife) got to my dad's house after about 35-40 minutes and we loaded all my baby birthday stuff into the car. Britney was coming to take pictures for me. Jon's sister was going to but last minute she couldn't come, and dangit i wanted video and photos! Jon wouldnt do photos or video, so along she came.
Jon wasted no time acting like a (word i can't say here and i can't think of another thats appropriate :O). He "joked" about just taking me straight to the hospital and i said I wouldn't go if he did. The backseat felt good, the bottom comes out a bit and put counter pressure onto my back in the perfect spot. I was able to move around pretty well in the car having the backseat to myself, I still would've liked to have been out of there moving around more, but it was better than being strapped to monitors in the hospital. almost out of town it was getting more intense, I made a noise working through a wave and he threatened to turn around and take me to the hospital if I did again. Britney told him to shut up :rockon.
The contractions were getting more distinct by the increase in pain in my back, i never really timed them but about an hour into it they were about 3-4minutes apart. I realized quickly that tensing up made the pressure worse. I spent the time telling myself to "let out your hand, rest your back, let it flow through, let it open up inside" As long as my body was able to relax and let go of the pressure I was able to go through so much better.
About an hr on the road I was watching the clock, "only about an hour till you can be there and get into the water". Water sounded SO good during this labor, I wanted a shower, I felt like if i could feel the water running over me and just moving down and out that I could let the waves of pressure go down and out as well, It was all about the visual to me, to see that water flowing down me, to feel my baby moving down as well and my body opening up to let her out. I realized around then that that i was at the point where I would've asked for the epidural at the hospital and then thinking "this isn't so bad, why would I need to stop feeling this, I can do this without that"
The midwife called about 610ish to see how everything was going. She was preparing to take her kids to school and then head to the birth cottage to meet us there...I figured we'd make it there as nothing felt imminent. I recall having a pressure wave and being able to only murmur through it while on the phone so it was definately picked up. Almost immediately after getting off the phone I started to get incredibly nauseas. I asked Jon if he had anything cause I thought I might puke. I sat by the car window with the window down breathing in the fresh cool air. I realized about 6:20 I really wanted to lay down, I didnt want to give up the fresh air but my body did not want to be sitting anymore. I laid down on my side so i could still use the back of the seat to put counter pressure on my back.
I suddenly felt kinda pushy. I wasn't pushing yet but realized it would be very soon. I started to moan and announced "The baby is coming". Jon yelled out "You've gotta be f****in kidding me!" and managed to ask if he should pull over. I told him no, my thought being we were only about 25min away and i could be pushing that long. He apparently yelled a few more things but I stopped paying attention to him. I put my hand down to feel, I had some blood on my fingers when i looked but baby was not crowning or anything yet. On the next wave my body was pushing, I put my hand back down and felt my birth canal opening up "The baby's crowning". Britney asked if she should call the midwife and I told her sure. I realized i still had my pants on but then I was pushing again. I was grunting out feeling her head crowning and moving out while holding my pants out with the other hand. her head was completely out and i got my pants pulled down. I felt another big push and her body came sliding out at 6:26am. Somewhere in there Jon decided he'd pull off at the exit. Britney had been on the phone with the midwife, and I got a bit annoyed when Brittany said "ok, Layla said get the baby onto you and rub the back", I was annoyed because i was thinking "I know how to do this! I dont need anyone telling me what to do" :P~ :lol Baby was face down on the seat I reached down and got her, she was very slippery. I said "She's TINY!" She had her cord around her loosely so moved that out of the way and got her onto me and under the blanket that id brought to use since it was chilly. She was breathing fine already, all pink and perfect. Jon was then pulled off and got out to get blankets and hat from a bag. It seems it was quite a scene at the gas station he pulled to. "Should we all 911?" "NO!!!" I was ready to be on my way!. I got her bundled up and her little hat on.and realized I hadnt check if she was a boy or girl! so i moved all the blankets and in disbelief let out "It's a girl!" and a huge grin. I had felt girl but did not trust myself being wrong 2 times before...
We headed away from there and continued on towards to birth cottage. Johanna nursed at about 10 minutes old, she latched on perfectly and munched away. we got stuck in rush hour traffic, the 20ish minutes ended up taking 50min. I started to feel a little bit pushy for the placenta, but was taking it easy. we finally got to the birth cottage. Layla and an apprentice came out to help me get inside. walking outside with no pants next to a semi-busy road, how fun :lol:. we got in and layed down. Layla was telling me Johanna's huge, I didn't believe her. She mentioned calling the newspaper, I was kinda excited at that thought, but they did not answer so we did not make the news. We went ahead then and clamped/cut the cord, it had long been stopped pulsing, I just felt no point in doing it sooner though i had the supplies with me in my bag. I started to feel a bit more pushy so it was time to push out the placenta. I dont recall it being so difficult to push out! It took two pushes, after Johanna only took 3, but I got it out.
Jon and Britney went off to clean the car....I'm told itll never be the same...and they're right, Instead of a car it will also be known as Johanna's birth place!
The midwives examined the placenta, definately aged but holding up well. They also did Johanna's exam, I gave her 10's for her apgar, there was nothing not perfect of her. She was not as tiny as I thought, she weighed in at 9lbs 1oz! my biggest by 1lb and 7oz! and 2lbs 9oz bigger than her biggest sister (and in there 5 weeks longer !!)
Johanna and me spent the morning/afternoon in bed resting and nursing. After a good nap I was hungry and had Jon pick up a meal from Boston Market. I then took a shower and got ready to head back to my dads. Arrived back there at 4:30pm and life as mom of 4 began.
Her birth to me was amazing. So much feeling but so little pain. So much confidence in my body to do exactly what it is supposed to do. There is nothing remotely similar to the awe that I have over her birth. I'm not sure If i would ever want to have an accompanied birth again....but one thing for sure, accompanied or unassisted, It will be at home!
Johanna Elaine born en route to the Birth Cottage at 7:26am on November 14, 2007 in Gadsden County, FL shortly before exit 181 on I10 9lbs 1oz 20.5"


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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

Oh my goodness! I know where the Birth Cottage is.

I'm in south Georgia, but have looked into there for my own births..however we are about 45 minutes away and mine have all been born within 7 hours, so I'm worried I wouldn't make it.

Such a wonderful story to be able to share with her when she gets older...

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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

Wonderful story momma! Love the name Johanna is a hard one to place with a middle name, We did Joy for ours. She is beautiful!
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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

What a great story!

My second daughter was an unplanned, unassisted homebirth. I didn't even make it to the car, lol!
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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

What an amazing birth story!! Congrats mama
~Shannon ~
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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

Such a wonderful story. How exactly are they going to list her birthplace on her birth certificate though? I guess they're just going to lie and say she was born at the Birth Cottage and not put "somewhere near exit 181 on I10".
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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

What a beautiful birth story. The two of you are just glowing! Congratulations, mama!
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Re: Johanna's unplanned, unassisted, car birth

what an awsome story!
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