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Amount normal for pumping

I have been exclusively pumping for a month now and dumping it out until I get the okay to breastfeed my son again (once the supplements and medication are at the right level). The specialist told me that she believes in January that we might be able to start giving him breastmilk full time. Okay, the issue. I pump right before he eats his bottles right now so that I am on the same schedule as him. I get about 2 oz a session. How much breastmilk does a 3 month old baby need per feeding? How can I increase my supply without fenugeek, I need to be careful about what I put into my body? I already have a good pump too.

Advice from moms who pump would be wonderful, I am praying to be able to keep this up for 2+ years since he cannot have soy, cow, or goats milk.


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Re: Amount normal for pumping

When I was pumping, oatmeal was always a big help in getting more milk. Also, for me, root beer seemed to help.

I can't help you on what a 3 month old would eat. My only bottle baby was too weak to nurse, so I pumped milk, but he only ate a tiny bit.
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Re: Amount normal for pumping

I pump 2 days per week with an almost 3 month old. She eats 4 oz every 3-4 hours. She's 16lbs, though...if that makes a difference.
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Re: Amount normal for pumping

Remember too that if you are able to put him to breast once he gets the hang of nursing he'll get way more milk out of you then the pump---if you won't be able to actually nurse him from you then I would also try oatmeal, lots of fluids, molasses and check out for more info too
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Re: Amount normal for pumping

Hey, Mama. You're awesome for hanging in there with the pumping for Dallas! I'm totally out of the loop as far as what's going on with you guys.

Hmmmmm. 2 oz at a pumping session isn't the best though. Is that in total or per side? Are you double pumping or doing one side at a time? I know you mentioned that you have a good pump but a GREAT double electric pump makes all the difference when you're exclusively pumping. Single sided pumping takes more time and it isn't as effective since you can't take full advantage of letdown on both sides. Did I miss how often you're pumping? I probably did. At least every 3 hours is key to building up supply.

I'm no help on how much a LO will drink though. DD won't take a bottle and will still wait the 14 hours for me to get home from work. What I can tell you is that I pump at LEAST 2 ounces per side at each 5 minute pumping session. Most often I will get a total of 5-6 ounces during each of my pumping breaks.

I totally get what you're saying about not wanting to do fenugreek (or however you spell) or medicated ways of increasing supply. Oatmeal is a HUGE help. And yummy! Making sure you're taking lots of time to rest up and get loads of water helps too - I know it sounds so basic and I know you're doing the best you can. New Mamas generally neglect themselves in favor of their sweet LO (as it should be of course but it's so easy to forget to eat and drink which will affect supply).

I hope you get some info that is helpful to you and hopefully you'll be able to get back to nursing really soon. I know how much of a PITA pumping is so I give you so much credit for doing it full time while you wait for DS to be ready.
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Re: Amount normal for pumping

I have a 21/2 month old about a month ago I had mastitis and it hurt to feed him directly so I opted to pump and bottle feed and I did all day long and I was only able to get about 2-3 oz or so every 2 hours from both sides and my boy is big. I don't know if it's enough but it might be. I don't double pump either because I am so large chested I need to massage the breast while pumping to be sure they get drained proper and whenever I double pump I get clogged ducts and start to ache. Good luck.
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Re: Amount normal for pumping

The first few days I pumped every couple of hours and only got about 2-3 ounces a try. I upped my liquids and like another pp said oatmeal helped me did Jelly belly jelly beans...not kidding
I started pumping the same number of times as my DD ate and ended up getting 6 - 13 ounces at a time (Depending on hours in between pumpings). Anytime I felt the supply go down I added a pumping time for a couple of days. The double Medela Pump in Style and Advanced version pumps are what I used.
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