View Poll Results: where do you bf your LO
everywhere 145 81.92%
mostly in private 28 15.82%
other (explain) 4 2.26%
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Re: where will you bf?

i feed my lo's wherever and anywhere. i wish i could bf with my sling or wrap, but neither of my lo's ever liked to nurse that way.

however, i have to admit that i'm guilty of 'pretending' to need privacy whenever i'm with my in-laws MY SIL's DRIVE ME INSANE and if i leave the room to bf, then i get a break from them

even if i'm with people who know i bf in public, if i feel like 'getting away' from the group or needing a break, i always use the excuse that "lo has been getting distracted lately by other conversation, so we'll just go in the other room to nurse"


Jenny ~ wife and mama of 4

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Re: where will you bf?

Anywhere and everywhere, lol. Now that Ds is bigger he doesn't want to nurse often when we are out though.
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Re: where will you bf?

I WILL anywhere and everywhere, I can't say that I actually have, though. We didn't go out much when the girls were younger and even when we did I just didn't want to tandem nurse in front of the world as there is NO hiding anything when they're little, LOL. Depending on the season and where we were the boobies would get cold, too, LOL.
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Re: where will you bf?

Everywhere. I've even nursed while walking through the grocery store. I just cover the top with my shirt and baby hides the bottom. I don't see it as being all that difficult to nurse discreetly if that's your preference. If we're out to eat and they want to nurse I nurse right there. The only place I don't NIP is at church. I don't know, it just is strange but the babies are usually in the nursery anyway and they have a nursing station. They have a spot set up with a rocking chair and ottoman and a curtain that you can close if you need to. I don't usually though because I like chatting with the nursery worker. I have nursed 6 children and I have never gotten a rude comment. My inlaws were uncomfortable with the first one I nursed but they got over it quickly. The only person who ever had issues was one of my grandparents' friends. My granddad was in the hospital when my 2nd dd was born. She was the first one I nursed. We were in the waiting room waiting for him to get out of surgery and I nursed her. I'm always discreet. I turn away for latch and then cover any skin with my shirt or the baby. This woman who was a friend of his was across from us and she was freaking out. She kept squirming in her seat and tutting and giving me these looks of disgust. I ignored her and she finally left the room. The preacher was sitting right beside me the whole time just chatting to me. After I had put dd down to sleep everyone had gone back to see my granddad and the preacher stayed there to give the family time to see him. I stayed because dd was asleep. He turns to me and asks about her and then asks if I was nursing or bottle feeding. He had never even noticed that I had been nursing the entire time he had been talking to me.
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Re: where will you bf?

I said other b/c I started out with my older kids very self-conscious about NIP. I got a lot better with DD and by the time youngest DS came along, I was pumping in front of all sorts of strangers at the NICU, so I got over any modesty I had left!

Even though I felt pretty confident to nurse my youngest just about anywhere, I am getting a little more self-conscious about NIP as he is getting older. He is 20 months old and I don't nurse him in public too much. He asks to nurse sometimes when we are out, but he gets very easily distracted and pops off and on and fiddles shirt and exposes me. LOL I did nurse him just the other night in a restaurant b/c he was not feeling well.

Outside of LLL meetings I cannot ever recall seeing a nursing toddler in public. How sad is that! Maybe I need to get braver and help set the example.
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Re: where will you bf?

So far pretty much anywhere, including in the doctor's chair during an eye exam! Now that I wear a stretchy cami underneath my shirt so that my stomach is covered, I feel a lot more confident NIP. However, if I'm in a situation such as a really small group with men present I often slip into another room. That just seems to make the most sense a lot of times.
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Re: where will you bf?

We nurse everywhere we go, and I don't cover up anymore. We've nursed in restaurants, malls, the zoo ... etc. I decided that SOMEONE has to start normalizing it ... guess one of those somebodies is going to have to be me. My sisters especially used to be wierded out by it, but they're used to it now. Our law recently changed to allow nursing without covering up, so now I'm really "covered!"
Sarah - mama to sweet boys , my girl , and a newb !
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Re: where will you bf?

I mostly feed him at home because we're usually... at home! DH is deployed and I can't feed DS with 2yo DD running around in public! I do feed him at church and at MOPs though.
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Re: where will you bf?

I'll nurse anywhere.

OP ~ I LOVE having the 'need some privacy to nurse' excuse to get some alone-time as well!!! I'm so happy to have a nursling as we come up on the holidays and all the family get-togethers that go along w/ 'em!
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Re: where will you bf?

I never felt like I couldn't BF anywhere I wanted to, but we mostly did it in quiet, secluded places because 1) she's SO distractable, and 2) that was OUR time. I would rather sit in a dressing room in a dep't store or in the back of the car BF'ing than doing it on a park bench in front of a ton of people. I just feel like it's between the two of us then, and we're able to just focus on each other. I mean, it's all about that connection. Kudos to the Mamas who can BF anywhere, that's great. Maddie was just too easily distracted, and I didn't feel the need to make a statement.

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