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Re: Dumb/uneducated things your dr has said

our old dr when Kearnan was a baby was a virtual fountain of stupid quotes. Kearnan had severe high volume relux. He was a very sick little baby, so he lost weight and sceamed at each feeding ect. Jsut as a little background.

First she told me that he was allergic to my breastmilk and I should put him on formula.

Next when his meds caused him to be constipated she told me that the meds couldn't do that (it's in the listed warning side effects) and that I should switch him to formula and give him prune juice. I dropped the meds and used a thermometer to get things moving.

Then after he regressed and we brought him in telling her that he hadn't spoken a word in weeks and kept screaming this horrible scream, wasn't sleeping was sick to his stomach ect she said

He is hitting the terrible twos early

He isnt' talking to you because he is mad at you (he is 18 months old and he hasn't spoken in weeks)

He has a stomach bug (but no fever or other symptoms jsut chronic constipation followed by diarhea)

And then after 6 months of us telling her something wasn't right we take him in for an appt, and at the end she looks at me (and he has been hiding under the desk screaming for 20mins) and says "I think something might be wrong with Kearnan."

After that we were able to switch peds (dh got a new insurance) and we love our new ped (he was my ped till I was 19 and pregnant). He is a bit missinformed here and there, but over all he is super. Very supportive of leaving babies intact, co-sleeping, bfing for the first year exclusively and for as long as desired after, no vax, he doesn't seem to have an opinion about cds ect. But sometimes he says things that i jsut have to shake my head. He is old, his info can be a bit out of date. He told me that I would have to put Tharen on a vitamin after 6 months to get him extra iron, but after the blood work came back he recanted and said Tharen would be fine without. And when Tharen had Tortocollis he told me that he would probably ahve to have surgery because chiro wouldn't work. Well chiro did work but whatever, I don't expect everyone to be on board with chiro care for babies. He never argues with me though, he wrote the referall for the chiro, even though he didn't believe it would work. He's a good guy.


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Re: Dumb/uneducated things your dr has said

Our Dr. (we all see the same Doc in a family practice) wrote me a prescription for a pain killer that had not been tested "breastfeeding safe"! I pointed it out and he chuckled a little and appologized, and said it was good I did my homework on it. I'm always sure to ask now, though it was an honest mistake. (It was naproxen.)
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Re: Dumb/uneducated things your dr has said

My son had a raging UTI that ended him up in the hospital, and the doctors AND nurses said it was probably because he wasn't circ'd and that we used cloth diapers. Turns out he had a physical blockage in his bladder that required surgery to correct. The medical professionals all laid a serious guilt trip on us before they found the problem.
When I was exhausted with nursing 9 day old ds, the doctor told my DH to give him a bottle while I was sleeping so I could get some rest. She also wanted us to supplement with formula because she wasn't satisfied with ds's weight gain (not quite double at that appointment).
Thank the dear Lord for women's and mothers' intuition!!!
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Re: Dumb/uneducated things your dr has said

After reading all of this, I am grateful for my ped! My old ones were quite off though.
There was one in the hospital when DD#1 hit her head that seriously was surprised that she was getting any milk after she turned one! Uh, where would it go?
She had one that told me I shouldn't breastfeed her because I had strep throat, she was tested and never got it, I couldn't believe he thought I shouldn't nurse her.
I was told in the hospital with this one that I had to get her used to the bottle. Um, I'm a SAHM. It was a reaction to me insisting she not get a bottle for her first feed (born with pneumonia and not allowed to eat for 2 days, I pumped enough for the whole nursery), they gave in a syringe fed for 2 times and then I finally got to nurse her!
I was told when DD#1 was sick and projectile vomiting that she should only get pedilite and no breastmilk, it would only make her sick. She hated the pedilite and I HAD to nurse her, she was better off IMO.
I was not informed that I shouldn't breastfeed after a rubella booster I got. If I had known what I know now, I never would have got the booster. They only told me not to get pregnant for 3 months! I was a single mom who had just had a crash c-section for super high BP due to pre-e and had so many doses of mag sulfate, yeah sure, I was so going out to troll for sex.
Oh, I forgot my OB/GYN. She told me that I had to go on some sort of birth control and was going to give me regular pills knowing I was breastfeeding. I told her those wouldn't work and she kept trying to push them. I got the mirena instead (wish I had got nothing). I just kept thinking, it took 17 cycles to even get pregnant! Why do I have to be on ABC? She also kept trying to get me to sign off on getting a tubal because she was already going to have me opened up for my c-section. Why wouldn't you want to have your tubes tied, you're going to have 2 kids! Um, even with the risk that I will have to have a hysterectomy next time, I still want a next time! Like 2 kids is so many?
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Re: Dumb/uneducated things your dr has said

-Thrush cannot be passed from baby to mother in a breastfeeding relationship.

-30 seconds after declaring my 11 week fetus appeared perfectly healthy, "You have to stop breastfeeding your toddler, it's not good for the baby."

-This one wasn't a doctor, it was a paramedic after I'd been involved in an accident...not really uneducated, but I thought it was funny...I was 22, and had just been in an accident, my mom was driving. The paramedic told her to make sure I saw my pediatrician...cause apparently I looked 14 or so?

-my husband "I have a severe allergy to penicillin." Doctor "Okay, we'll just give you amoxacillin instead."

-Doctor: "This is a hereditary birth defect." My husband: "So should I have my kids screened?" Doctor "Oh, no, they can't get it."

-Husband "I was diagnosed with a hereditary birth defect this morning." Doctor "Did you have surgery to correct the defect?" Yes, doctor, I was diagnosed at 9, had open heart surgery at 10, and here I am in your office for my wife's appointment at 11.
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Re: Dumb/uneducated things your dr has said

That my 4 month old should be sleeping through the night and to offer cereal before bed. She should be eating solids at 4 months old because she nurses too often (every 2 or 3 hours, is too much?!).

To use T-gel on her head to get rid of cradle cap...I don't care, it goes away on its own. She has hair anyway, so you can't even see it.

We are looking for a new pedi... oh she also called her fitted diaper a contraption. lleyes2:
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