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Question Co-sleeping sort-of newbie long-winded questions!

I never intended to co-sleep, though I had no issues with it - I just thought I'd prefer DS to have his own sleeping space. Since birth we've had him in a crib in our room, and that worked great for a while...

Then I started bringing DS into our bed after the 4am feed. As it became increasingly apparent that he wasn't going to sleep through the night anytime soon, the 4am bed switch started moving earlier... and I really liked having him in with us. It was so much easier to feed him and I loved seeing him there between us. He'd go into his crib for the first hours of the night, feed when we came to bed and then move into bed with us.

So now he's seven months old, and for the past month he's been very unhappy in his crib for that first stretch. Separation issues maybe? He'll go to sleep in the crib but wake up after 45 minutes and fuss until I put him in our bed. I've tried soothing him in his crib but he won't settle - as soon as he's in the bed he calms right down.

My questions...

1. What do you do for that first stretch, before you go to bed? Is your LO in a crib? Or in your bed alone? I have let DS sleep alone in our bed with a bumper of pillows far away on either side and I check on him frequently, but I know you're not supposed to let a baby sleep in an adult bed by themselves. (But do you anyway?)

2. Have you had a baby go through this stage and then go back to their crib or a mix of crib/co-sleeping without too much problem? (I love co-sleeping now but we're moving in the New Year, losing our king-size bed and it may not be as comfortable an option for all of us).

3. What do you do when your LO becomes more mobile and you are co-sleeping? Especially for the bit before you come to bed? (Side-car arrangements aren't an option for us.)

4. Any more tips or words of wisdom?



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Re: Co-sleeping sort-of newbie long-winded questions!

1. DD is a year old now. We did pretty much the same as you for the first month, I'd bring her into bed with me early in the morning. By the end of her first month she was sleeping full time with us. Yes, I do leave her in bed by herself, for the entire room has been baby-proofed and the only thing she can get into are toys, clothes, etc.

2. We're in a queen-size bed, and it works fine for us, but this one is a matter of preference. I found that after we started bringing her into bed, we just did it earlier and earlier, until she started in bed with us. I can't really answer this question for you, since we're full-time cosleeping.

3. Our matress is on the floor. She crawls right off and does as she pleases. If she wakes up before we go to bed I run in and nurse her right back to sleep. In the morning, she usually plays for a bit with all the stuff in the room before waking us up. I obviously would wake if she was in need of me, but she's really independent every morning before I get up. The door is shut so she is limited to the room.

4. Your LO probably got used to being warm and snuggled with you guys in bed, thus the reason he's cranky in his crib. Personally, I'm a HUGE supporter of co-sleeping, and hope it all works out for you guys. Message me if you have any more questions!

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Re: Co-sleeping sort-of newbie long-winded questions!

Until DD was about 5 or 6 mos she was in a cradle next to our bed or with us. I started putting her down for naps during the day in her crib around that time and then transitioned to putting her to bed in her crib at night for the first stretch. That seemed to do the trick - but she's 14 mos & still winds up in our bed EVERY night . But she goes down in her room at night & for naps with no trouble.
I did find it a little scary when she first got mobile, but now that she's older she doesn't make any moves towards the edge. For awhile I thought about getting a bed rail but she eventually outgrew the urge to crawl to the edge at every opportunity.
I've never felt comfortable leaving her in our bed if we're not in the room with her. She goes into her crib at those times.

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