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Chicken pox vaccine question

Our 7 and 5 year olds had the chicken pox vaccine when they turned 1. The baby just had his 1 year check up this morning, and I refused the Chicken pox vaccine (along with the MMR) for him.

My question is this...if we don't vaccinate the baby and he ends up getting chicken pox, will that put greater risk on the older kids to end up with shingles? Just trying to sort all of this out.

Does having the chicken pox as a child lead to anything more severe as an adult? (I know that getting it as an adult can be dangerous, but DH heard that having them as a child can cause something later but he wasn't sure what it was.)

Not trying to debate right or wrong about vaccines...we vaccinate for the most part, but I did decide to not get those two today. Now I just want to make sure DH and I have all the info before making any further decisions about this.



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Re: Chicken pox vaccine question

not sure on the sibling part but, having chicken pox as a child actually reduces your chances of getting shingles when you are older.. so I would think it would be LESS likely to cause something worse later one if you had them as a child.
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Re: Chicken pox vaccine question

what the previous poster said and you will have to get booster shots of the chicken pox vax. it only lasts 10 to 12 yrs and if you dont continue to get the booster it could be danerous as an adult. All around it is safer to just let your kid be exposed to chicken pox naturally at a young age (before puberty) and be done with it for life.
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Re: Chicken pox vaccine question

Your older kids are unlikely to get shingles which usually occurs in adults, but could still get CP if exposed. The vaccine isn't 100% protection, and plenty of the CP cases every year occur in people who are current on the vaccine. That's why it is now recommended to get a booster.

Once you've had CP, the virus remains in your nerves, dormant. It can flare up again later in life (causing shingles) if your immune system is really compromised.
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Re: Chicken pox vaccine question

Yes, you can only get Shingles if you have contracted the CP virus (whether wild or from a vax). So your older kids are more likely to get actual CP than Shingles from your LO. My dh (who had CP as a child) came down w/ Shingles in May, and then my dd caught CP from him! Neither of my kids are vaxed, so I was actually kind of glad she caught it now and got it over with, but my ds (who was exposed to both ds and dd) never came down w/ CP! I think the effectivity period of the CP vax is 7-8 years (and it's not 100% effective), so you have to keep getting the booster every 8-10 years. Most people don't keep up on their boosters as adults, which puts the adult population at risk for contracting CP (when it is more dangerous). Doesn't make sense to me.
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Re: Chicken pox vaccine question

Check my thread on the other CP post (I don't have time to retype it atm), but yes, your vaccinated children are at higher risk for Shingles than an unvaccinated child would be, even if they've already had CP.
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Re: Chicken pox vaccine question

Shingles is the essentially the same virus (zoster varicella) as Chicken Pox. It lies dormant in a person who has had the CP and can come out when brought on by stress later in life.

That being said, the MMR-varicella vax was my biggest mistake. I am so !#%^%&*I%$#'ing tired of the Ped's office lying to me, and I'm sick of staying up all night with her when she's got fevers of 103 after shots. Not again. I had the CP as a kid and wasn't as miserable as she was after the shot. At least I could take oatmeal baths and feel better!

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