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Re: Feeling overwhelmed :(

I just wanted to send and let you know you are not alone. My little guy has so many intolerances we still haven't figured them all out yet. I have been eating the same 7 food elimination diet for the past 4 months. I too got the formula thing thrown at me, but with a quick trial of Nutramigen we found he couldn't tolerate that either.
A few things to remember. You are allowed to acknowledge that it is hard to deal with this because it is.
You are doing a great job!
When you have eliminated things from your diet it may take 2-3 wks for the proteins to clear your system.
The elimination diet can be easier than first thought, and may save you guesswork in the long run.
Talk to ppl who have been there. This group has been my lifesaver The mamas there are very helpful.
Feel free to PM me if you need to chat or want any more info.
Oh and yes, there have been many days where I cried right along with my poor babe!


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Re: Feeling overwhelmed :(

I sure feel for you. ((((big hugs)))

Ds is allergic to dairy and it was really rough in the beginning and my back ached from wearing him in a wrap all the time.
I just wanted to mention two things you probably already know but that weren't obvious to me at first.

One is that allergens can be in topical products too. Poor Griffin is allergic to dairy and it never occured to him that Burts Bees lotion would be bad for him, but sure enough, buttermilk is in there and he had head to toe eczema-ish rash from it I switcjed him to the most basic cream - that stuff they use as a base for Rx creams and also switched laundry detregents (A&H essentials is the only one that works for him so far) and his skin finally is normal.
The other is that dairy and soy get snuck into all sorts of things that you wouldn't imagine they could be in like hotdogs, bread, salad dressing etc I didn't think those tiny amounts would make a difference, but it wasn't until I really got rid of all those foods with "modified milk ingredients" or whey that he got better. Now that he is older and his poor GI tract has had a chance to heal, if I accidentally ingest something, he's ok, but back then - look out, he'd scream for a day.

Good luck.
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Re: Feeling overwhelmed :(

i'm sorry mama....i hope it gets better! could your LO just be a colicky, cranky little babe? that is how #2 was for me - i tried to eliminate stuff from my diet and it didn't make a difference, she was still miserable from 6 weeks til about 4-5 months, crying for hours a day. We just focused on knowing when it was coming and just trying to maintain sanity through the constant fussing. Being outside a lot helped but I know that is hard in the winter...
keep us posted
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Re: Feeling overwhelmed :(

Originally Posted by Mommy2JJ View Post
I am having so many problems still with Kingston who is almost 8 weeks....I am elminating dairy, soy, beef, and eggs and he is still getting a rash sometimes, still having mucousy stools, still at time spitting up tons, and still a lot of times after nursing getting super fussy. I have gone one by one with them and I think right after I do that he is a little better, but I don't know because he gets worse again, he has really bad days and some okay days. I am afraid to eliminate something else and bring something back in I have eliminated but I am just to afraid. We also started him on medicine for relfux.

I am to the point and I have just been avoiding eating to try to help Kingston. I can't vent to anyone, because I get the formula thing...and I hate to say it but right now I'd almost go for it. I don't want to at all....but what can I do?? I don't know what to do....the elimination diet??

I feel awful for Jackson my two year old....he has been a monster, doing everything he knows he shouldn't and getting into everything when I am busy with the baby. With Kingston and his issues, he gets pushed aside. I am so short WAY too much because I am usually so stressed out. I feel so awful .

I don't know but all I want to do somedays is just cry with my babies . I am trying to stay strong, but it's hard .
My baby has had all of what you describe, but maybe yours is worse. I just ignore a lot of it. He has mucousy stools a lot, but they don't seem to bother him. He has been teething since 2 months though, so I expect them. With the rash, I let him "air dry" when I can, use silk liners, and rotate the types of diapers he is in with each diaper change.

As for the 2-year-old, he wants attention, so give it to him in creative ways. We make a little game out of seeing if the baby has pooped really big! I have the kids get the wipes for me. Maybe have him rub the baby's foot to see if he can "get him to burp", while you are burping him. Anything that makes the older one more involved and in control over their perception of the situation. It will also make you feel like you are able to do something positive and change things up a bit.

Other than that, I have no advice, but hang in there. This too shall pass!
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Re: Feeling overwhelmed :(

I know what you are feeling mama...I second eliminating wheat/gluten. It took us 4 months to figure out that it was the WHEAT that was causing the same issues (including bloody stools 2 times) with DS.

big hugs...
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