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How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

I am going to give breastfeeding my best shot! I didn't do so well with my first, but I really want to breast feed my twins. I know breast is best!! The thing is, I want to have help sometimes, so I would like to pump so that my DD or my DH or anyone else for that matter can help in the feedings. Does anyone have experience with this? How can you pump to supplement while keeping up with the demands of two babies? If anyone has any suggestions please help!!


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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

Awesome that you are going to BF your twins!!!

I don't know about the twins situation, but I do know that if you pump and let some one else give a bottle, you'll STILL need to pump for that feeding to keep your supply up. It seems like you'd actually make extra work because you'd have to a) pump extra ahead of time AND b) pump for the actual feeding time to maintain supply. Even if you just pumped for the feeding and handed the bottle straight over, that's more work than simply nursing the baby(ies) yourself. (The pump has to be assembled, pump, transfer to bottle of choice, clean pump, clean bottle after feeding.)
There are LOTS and LOTS of other ways for people to help with the babies other than feeding them. Change their diapers, rock them, burp them, bathe them, play with them, etc. When you are nursing, it can be your DD's job to provide you with a burp cloth, wipe the babies' mouths, bring you your nursing stool or pillow, stroke the babies on the head, hold their hands out of their mouths while you get them latched on, pat their backs while someone else burps them, bring you a glass of water, etc.
I'm not opposed to pumping, but I am a little lazy and know I wouldn't want to try to pump for two unless it was because I was working or something.
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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

I dunno how you'd pump and bottle, but one of my best gfs has twins coming up on 6 months and she bfeeds them. She got them to show her in the hospital how to feed both at the same time and then would get dh to help get her set up in the beginning and they've done great. So sorry I don't have an answer - just wanted to send you some good vibes for breastfeeding your twins. I know my friend found a twim mom/ multiples board that she posted on for a while to get answers to stuff like this.
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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

Good for you wanting to give breastfeeding a shot with twins!!

I am currently breastfeeding my 8 week old twins. I tandem nurse them, and I strongly suggest that you do the same. It saves SOOOOO much time. When one of them seems hungry, feed them both. It will keep you sane, trust me!!

I pump and my husband helps me feed them before they go to bed for the night (yes... they are STTN already!! ). I pump after we put them to bed (since I 'missed' that nursing session), and once through the night (usually around 4 or 5 am). This is the only way that I'm able to have enough for that one 'bottle session'. I also try to pump after feedings during the day - that is, if the twins allow me to. I'm home by myself so I don't always have luck with that.

I have been lucky enough to pump enough to get a good amount in the freezer as well. But, it took awhile.

Definitely get yourself a GOOD pump.. I started off with a single electric and realized right away it wasn't going to cut it. I ended up getting a Medela Lactina (hospital grade) double pump and it is amazing!

Best of luck to you! It IS challenging - but so worth it.
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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

Totally agree !
I am still breastfeeding my twin boys who are 6 months. And I agree with the above mama. It does save time and will keep you sane too. I had in my head I couldn't do two at the same time. It is hard at first . I didn't have the best lactision nurse in the hospital and she was kind of pushy and not patient so I tried it twice and quit because of her. I couldn't take it. She got on my ever lasting nerve. So I didn't start nursing both twins for a month or so. My best ever positon is I have a recliner I double over my pillows and and put both boys on one pillow. I have done this by myself but it does take some time. And I do let my dh feed them a bottle b/c I do need a break. But if you pump out it does take the same amount time and sometimes more to pump out when you could have been feeding your babies. I'm sure you'll be fine. Pm me if need to talk.
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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

Another congrats for breastfeeding twins! It IS possible!

Everyone else I know has HIGHLY recommended tandem nursing; that did not work well for me, for a variety of reasons.

Your supply will be CRAZY HIGH early on . . . use that "extra" to get some milk in the freezer, and that will give you a really good start. Then your body will adjust itself to your twins' demands . . . and things will even out after a few months.

I used to put them gently together in the middle of a blanket, hold all 4 corners together, and lift them into my lap. :lol: My DH was at work, and I couldn't figure out any other way!

I'm gonna hold up a shield here, so I don't get hit with rotten tomatoes, but . . . we did give our twins formula in the beginning, just to ease into the nursing (my twins were my first). I know that plan can backfire on you, but quite honestly - the formula that we DID give them was the only thing that allowed me (psychologically) to continue to nurse them.

You will get to eat a LOT of food, LOL!

ETA: I kept setting a goal for myself - 3 months, then 6 months, then 12 . . . we ended up nursing for 18+ months! My mom had breast cancer and had read an article that says how good the nursing is for MOMMY, and she kept calling me and encouraging me.

If there is ANYTHING I could ever say or do that would help you nurse twins, PLEASE ask me! I would love to be a help, but I don't want to be pushy.

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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

Well, I've been nursing my twins for 14 months and I can count on one hand the number of times I tandem nursed. I just found it to be very awkward and uncomfortable but I just staggered their schedules so that one nursed and the other was ready right after. It took a little longer but once they get past the first couple months they don't spend that much time on feedings. It is very doable. I wanted to pump like you so that dh could give one a bottle at night but after the first week realized it was way more trouble than it was worth. Don't rule out just breastfeeding them. It's not as hard as you might think. You just have to get past those first few weeks of NO sleep but you can do it. But, what you have to remember is to be flexible and not feel guilty. Twins often come early and preemies have a tougher time learning to eat so it might be difficult at first. Mine were born at 35 weeks and had trouble latching the first several days. I gave them bottles and pumped colostrum until my milk came in. After several attempts they were nursing like champs by the time we got home from the hospital.
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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

Our twins are my first babies and we're still EBF on demand at 7 mos. Sometimes we tandem and sometimes stagger. It works out well because sometimes we have the efficiency of feeding both babes at once and other times I get to spend time one-on-one with each babe. At night they take turns and we've been sleeping well since they were about 6 weeks old. I've never scheduled a feeding, but simply respond to their cues. The first couple of weeks were hard work--nearly non-stop nursing, but typical of any newborn just with 2 instead of 1! I agree with the PPs who've suggested that there are SO many other ways that other people can help. I didn't want to jeopardize my breastfeeding relationship or my supply by introducing a bottle.

Good luck! Twins are amazing.

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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

I haven't had twins but I agree with pps that pumping so someone can "help" just creates more work in the end.

If someone really wants to help, have them help you! DH was great for me in the early weeks about bringing me a snack or a glass of water (because breastfeeding makes me very thirsty!). Or taking care of our toddler so I can relax and take care of the baby. Or getting the laundry folded or anything. That stuff isn't as fun as feeding the baby a bottle, but it is more actual solid help. DS was 20 months when DD was born, but even he was big enough to be a help. He loves to run and get a pacifier or burp cloth or whatever if I'm sitting feeding the baby; he loves being a helper.
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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

When mine were first born (still bfing at 14 months) they had me pumping after every bfing session to up my supply anyway - they may have you do that. Honestly, it really IS more work to pump so someone else can feed them. I BFed on demand every time with my girls and didn't pump except lately when I'm going to work or when I was going in for the few surgeries I've had since they were born.
Yes, it is work for you and yes it means you get less sleep but such is the life of EBFing twins, LOL. I learned to tandem while laying down and that got me more sleep than anything else.
At first tandem nursing scared the crap out of me, but after awhile it just seems easier than one at a time, especially when they realize that the other twin is eating but they are not - mine are super jealous.
Good luck! You'll do great!
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