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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

I use Sun with no problems whatsoever. It might take a few strippings if you've been using the wrong detergent for a while.

I'm glad they gave you something for her bum, it just sounded miserable!!

We use prefolds when we have bum issues, and it really helps. The only problem, is they don't have a "stay dry" feeling, so you'll want to change her ASAP, so that her skin doesn't sit next to the wet.

Good luck mama! I hope you can get rid of it soon!


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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Update: Maya's tush is looking so much better. It's no longer red, just some dry, flaky type scabs. Sorry if TMI.

Thank you ALL!
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Candy- We've switched to fitteds and covers until I get all my PFs and then we'll switch to those too. Its been sooooooo much better! No rash even when it was like 86 in my house today! I saw how hot it was when I turned on my AC! LOL Even overnight and when he poops... no rash!! I'm so thankful! Glad things are working for you too!
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

I'm glad Maya is doing better. For the benefit of anyone reading this, I use kissaluvs diaper potion lotion. It does not stain cds, and is absolutely wonderful. I had ds in daycare for the first time last week, and his teacher was amazed at how quickly it worked! This week, he has been sick with loose diapers, and very bad rash. I used corn starch in addition to the spray, and that worked wonders.

Another great thing to use on diaper rashes is lansinoh or any other lanolin product. It protects very well, but use a liner because it does stain!

One last thing... For my son, PFs actually made his rashes worse, so it all depends on your child!


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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Originally Posted by jessica36
Ok if she has sores and has had them for over a week, it could be a combo of a staph infection and a yeast infection. Zach had that, we HAD to take him to the Dr to clear it.
Sorry I didn't finish reading all the posts, but I was going to say exactly what that.

My poor dd got scars from the staph rash because 2 dr.'s refused to consider staph & kept giving us antifungal/cortisone cream combos despite my specific questions and request for a swab to check for bacteria.

My personal belief is that what happened was she got a yeast infection that quickly got bad from heat, and then staph got into it and the staph created what looked like a crater type sore on her poor little bum. Diaper changes were awful for awhile and we periodically still get the start of a staph infection but we recognize it and treat it right away.

Staph is very hard to get rid of, so I'd sun your diapers if possible and make sure you're also washing your babe's hands after every diaper change. I think that's how my dd gets a new rash is when she picks up the bacteria on her hands and then scratches her bum before she gets in the tub. I know it's not in our diapers or anything we're using to wash them anyways as we now go months between the start of a rash...

I hope you get the rash cleared up easily, and don't be afraid to push for answers if you're not happy with what the doc says. I'm still mad at the ER doc who brushed us off despite dd having a sore that was bleeding. And that was last November.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Glad she is doing better. We are constantly battling rashes as well. I can't believe I didn't see this posted sooner. I just want to say that I have heard All Free can cause build up on your diapers so you may want to reconsider your detergent. I have been told to use Tide or sun, something w/o enzymes.

In the future, if she gets a rash I would recommend you get some Dixie Bum Butter or My Mamma Love salve. They are WAHM made and natural. They won't stain or cause build up in your CD. They contain some olive oil, lanolin as well as some herbs that will help kill yeast and bacteria. I have started using the My Mama Love Salve and have not found a product that works so well. My Dd has had some nasty rashes, blisters etc, and this has been wonderful. You know it is good when your child goes from screaming while you wipe to relaxed when you put the ointment on. It is my understanding that Dixies Bum Butter is a very similar product so I am sure it is just as good.

I hope this helps some of you mama's w/ rash problems, I have been fighting them for 6 mo so I feel like an expert. LOL, but I really am not, just trial and error.

Oh I also want to say that it sounds like her rash was from too much contact w/ urine as well as the heat. The combo is so irritating.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

For yeast rash we use Clotrimazole 1% and Hydrocortisone 1%. I mix equal parts and apply with a glove. They can be purchased at any store and you can use the cheaper store brands. It clears up by next diaper change. I use a liner to protect my diapers. Hope this helps.
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