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So I ordered a tester from a HC site. I think it is good to support the wahms ionstead of the mass produced stuff ect... I wait weeks for said tester and recieve it while on vacation. I get home and rip open the package. I start checking out the dipe and am starting to feel dissapointed. This dipe was sewn in a rush. There are holes in the pul at the seams where the edges werent caught and more problems. I e-mail the wham and ask for a refund. She sends me back a policy that states that
A) the item should be sent back within 3 days
B) If the item is defective she will repair or replace
C) I should send it back flat rate priority at MY cost
D) there are no refunds- even for a dipe that is'nt sewn well
I don't feel like I want another product from her and also don't wanna pay $5 more for someone elses mistakes. Why should I? This would make two tester trainer dipes $25. I could've come here and got more for less than that. will Paypal back me up on something like this? I may have used my debit- in which case Visa will, but if not will Paypal back me up? Or should I just give an honest review on The Pin? Her store is having a grand opening on 8/30. I would think she would want all positive reviews out there and send her testers out in fantastic shape. WWYD?


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Re: wwyd?

Wow I don't know what I would do. I guess send it back. I would send it as cheaply as I could and put delivery confirmation on it. I don't know if paypal would help or not. You could file and see what happens. you can post this in the "feedback and transaction" forum at the very bottomof the forums page and see what they say.
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Re: wwyd?

It doesn't sound like this WAHM is very business savvy quite yet. Either she is going to have to learn to be, or she isn't going to go very far in this business, unfortunately.

Generally, testers aren't sewn as perfectly as the "final" product, but I don't really understand that because when I had testers, I wanted to also be critiqued on my sewing skills as well.

I also don't really believe in charging for testers...maybe charging shipping or even a couple of bucks for materials, but when I sent testers, I did it for free and shipped them for testers were doing me a favor and I figured it was a good business decision to give them something for their time. That and since I wasn't "known" yet, it was great advertising/exposure. But that's just MHO on that.

I'm not sure what more you can do...I think that maybe you could point out other wahms' policies that if the product is defective, SHE should pay to ship it back. And point out that as a tester, you would love to give her good reviews, but with a product so defective that you can't even properly test it, and an unreasonable return policy your review won't be a good one.

I hope for your sake and her sake she will rethink her policies and make good on it.
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Re: wwyd?

the cosmetic flaws that you are seeing in a tester, might not be considered cosmetic flaws to the wahm or others that are testing for her. so, it might not be protected by that part of her policy.

being a tester is a very important job. if the dipe fits and is functioning, however NON perfect it is and cosmetically NOT attractive, i would use it. i would test it, and then give the wahm the most honest feedback you can give her. make notes of her flaws in sewing, and things you as a consumer want to see. note if those flaws affect the fit and function of the diaper.

if you are going to be out more money to send a diaper back to her, just to get an equally flawed tester in it's place, i would just keep the one you have and make sure you test the heck out of it!!!!

good luck
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Re: wwyd?

That's too bad. How can you possibly give good feedback to her now?? Sorry you're out the money. Returning within 3 days?? No refunds even for defects? That seems a bit harsh... and shortsighted!
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Re: wwyd?

Well seeing its a tester...give her the rewiew you gave us...tell her where you are unhappy. Even with the refund policy. She is starting out...she needs to hear this...which is why she send out testers.

Sometimes buying dont always get what your are expecting kwim?

Ok I re-read sounded harsh to you...but that is in no way how I meant it to sound Just trying to give my point of view

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Re: wwyd?

Testers aren't usually perfect and I've tested a few pretty poorly sewn ones! I always gave them credit since they were a tester diaper

I try to make my testers as close to perfect as possible, but since I'm not use to sewing them on a regular bases they may have some off stitching

Do what some of the PP said test the diaper and give her honest feedback. That's why you are testing it so she can make it perfect!
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