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Need help with a list...

Hey there everyone,
I was wondering if anyone can help me. My mom wants me to think of a list of things that will be needed pupkin that is due may 3d.
She thinks it will be better if I make a list of things we want or need instead of doing a registry at a few stores.
I have no idea where to start. She wants me to list things big and small. Just incase a few people want to go in on one big gift.
We don't know what we are having, but we had a friend give us alot of cloths from her kids that no longer fit. But other then that I don't know where to start and how much of what I need.
We are wanting to do CDing and I have no idea what brands are good and what brands are not so good.
Any help would be great!
Thanks so much in advance for any input!


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Re: Need help with a list...

receiving blankets--i used the as burp rags we have 15 in the drawer-- i liker caters brand better then gerber

onesies or plain under shirts
car seat
diaper bag
hooded towels
wash cloths
baby wash
baby temperture thingy- my mind is blanking right now
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Re: Need help with a list...

This is your first I assume? Are they giving you a shower? If so I would still register at at least one place. When I buy people something I like to get them something off of their registry..that way I know it's exactly what they want! You have no idea how much people LOVE to buy blankets! ha!
There are also cloth diapering website you can register at as well. I think has registries.

little toys, rattles,
bouncy seat
bassinet (if you plan to use one, we just used the crib from day one)
books =o)
diaper pail
I'll try to think of other things..
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Re: Need help with a list...

For me there are very few necessities for a newborn.

Breast pads
breastfeeding friendly bottles
breast pump
nursing pillow
nursing bras
all of the above will be sure baby is well fed

diapers (preferably cloth)
all of the above will ensure baby is clean and warm

sling or pouch or any carrier
crib/bassinet/playpen ( every baby needs a safe place of thier own to sleep even if you plan to co-sleep. think naps)
all of the above will ensure baby is safe

So that is my have to have list. Everything else is a luxury. Some things are nice to have like

bouncy seat
changing table
highchair (for later of course)
many many others

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Re: Need help with a list...

Oh thanks so much for that.
My family is planning on a shower for me but the problem is that I don't live in the city. So we don't have the stores they do. That is why my mom said to write out a list of everything and she will make sure to let people know what is on it. and she will cross things off. You know what I mean.
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Re: Need help with a list...

Some good lists already. Here's more info (maybe with overlap):

Cloth breast pads are great except when/if your nipples hurt. The plastic-backed ones -- changed often -- are more comfortable, but NOT the cheap plastic/paper ones. Johnsons were good. I also splurged on Soothies gel pads, but I apparently had nipple problems for an abnormally long time. (If you do use gel pads, don't leave them on during sleep or when you're nursing on the other side at first, because leaking reduces their life span.)

Some babies can't handle the chemicals in wipes; I still have to use washcloths on dd at 21 months or she gets an instant rash (any brand of wipes!). Whether you're in that boat or not, it's nice to have LOTS of soft, absorbant cloths.

* re diapers, I haven't tried many different CDs, but I like the FuzziBunz.
* Diaper ointment. I like Burts Bees.
* Infant Tylenol.
* a humidifier (for when the baby has a cold)
* Bulb syringe.
* Nail clippers. I like the cheap ones at Walmart really well. Safety 1st I think.
* Thermometer. I use the digital under-arm kind with dd.

Nice/Not Necessary:
If you're planning on using disposables at all, go with a Diaper Champ pail! It holds the odor really well and uses regular garbage bags. (the diaper genie requires special bags, and the cost adds up.) If cloth, look into the wet bags available from DS ladies.

Super Baby Foods book! For when you start solids, obviously, but I LOVE this book! I used it more than any other baby book! For each fruit or vegetable, it tells why it's good, what age you can start it at, how to choose it in the store, how to prepare it, how to store it, etc.

I had a bassinet for #1 and am going to try an arms reach co-sleeper instead for #2. It's like a playpen that can attach to your bed (one side "disappears" somehow) -- easier to reach the baby than a bassinet. The height is adjustable, so it can be used as a playpen or crib later. These are around $300 new, but half that for used.

I did not use a changing table, but found a foam changing pad with sides and a "seatbelt" great for both changing and naps (in the first few months) at grandma's. On the other hand, a changing table has storage underneath. If you don't have a lot of storage, you might consider that or a bookcase or something for baby supplies.

For #2 I'm going to look for a bouncy seat that vibrates and has an activity bar.

* Baby shampoo. I like the Burts Bees bar
* Shampoo rinse cup from One Step Ahead:
* Foam bath mat. Not necessary if you go to a baby bathtub first thing, but great if you just want to use a big sink for a few months.
* Nursing stool. I didn't buy one with #1, and I was always trying to get my legs at just the right height.
* Bottle warmer and freezer breast milk bags if you're going to bottlefeed milk. (The countertop warmers are fast and handy, especially if you have two stories and a tiny fridge. I pumped at bedtime and put milk in the fridge in our bedroom; DH warmed it for the 2-3 am feeding.)

Hope this helps! Good luck!
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Re: Need help with a list...


I would suggest doing a registry at Amazon since their selection is huge.

Things I got but didn't use often (or at all)...

Infant shoes
Diaper Genie
Bottle Warmer
Baby Gate (6-sided)

I WOULD suggest...

Pack 'n Play
Bouncy Seat
Hand mits
Small food processor
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Re: Need help with a list...

Don't ask for blankets. You will get a ton of blankets without even asking for them. I still have like 50 blankets from my first. Oh, and as far as CD's I prefer Fuzzi bunz. From birth to potty training. Everyone likes something diff. but I have never had a prob with mine.

Def. register at at least 1 place. Here is a short list:

1. Boppy
2. Clothes esp. 3-6 months+ since you will get a lot of 0-3 months.
3. Baby wipes (if you aren't doing cloth wipes)
4. Crib
5. Stroller
6. Car seat
7. pack and play
8. Breast milk bags and pads\
9. Lanisoh cream
10. Bumbo for when baby is older. Love my bumbo.
11. Swing
12. Diaper bag
13. Rocking chair/glider.

Thats all I can think of right now. I am actually supposed to be working. Shhhh.
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Re: Need help with a list...

My list of essentials:
- 0-3 month onesies, about 10
- 3-6 month onesies, ^
- Boppy
- Breast pump with milk storage kit
- Bottle/s (I recco Playtex Nursers ~ that particular set comes with the pump adaptor and everything! Yea!)
- Lansinoh
- Sling
- Bouncer or swing
- Crib (or co-sleeper maybe, or nothing if you plan to co-sleep... but I still think it's a good idea to have a place to set the baby in an emergency )
- Diaper bag (though you will get one at the hospital if you chose to give birth there)
- Light blankets
- Carseat
- Hats, bibs, socks
- Disposable dipes and wipes ( okay I know you wanna do cloth but you may as well have a few hanging around...)
- Post-partum support belt (Medela makes a good one)

Beyond the 3mo mark you may want:
- A lightweight stroller
- Bumbo seat (but don't put it on the counter or table, LOL they've been recalled so you may have to get one on Craigslist or eBay)
- Heavy-duty wrap or Mei Tai type baby carrier such as a BabyHawk or Kozy

As for diapers, depends on what system you want to try. A lot of people like:
[2 doz newborn orange-edge or preemie prefolds if you have the $, some ppl never use them though]
- 2 doz Infant prefolds ( Green Mountain Diapers' prefolds are usually a favorite, but I like Little-Lion's too)
- Thirsties covers are my favorite (about 6 XS and 6 Small)
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