View Poll Results: What kind of birth did you have?
Home birth with midwife 31 13.90%
Unnassisted home birth 6 2.69%
Natural birth (no pain medication) at a hospital 87 39.01%
Had an epidural or other pain medication at the hospital 89 39.91%
Had baby in an unexpected place...explain 1 0.45%
Emergency C-section 38 17.04%
Planned C-section 16 7.17%
Other...please explain 27 12.11%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 223. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

Both of my boys were born at home with a midwife...I read the Bradley book and LOVED it...I had very good births and will do it again!


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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

DD birth was long and tiring. I had to be induced because I was two weaks overdue and the Placenta was starting to break down. I went in and at 5 pm Thursday, and started the enduction. Friday morning I had an epidual that didn't take Friday night I had another one that didn't take. Saturday morning I FINALLY reached 10 cm. and started pushing but tore my round ligament and although I technically still could have pushed the pain from the ligament was so much that I was blacking out. So I didn't technically have a planed or emergency section. Yes...that was 36 hours of labor...I was tired
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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

Originally Posted by marymom View Post
my 1st was an emergency c-section at 31 wks, my 2nd was a repeat c-section b/c my Dr was a butt and changed his mind on a VBAC, my 3rd was a homebirth w/ a midwife.
You made my heart swell, I had 2 c/s and want a VBA2C w/midwife in a birthing center if we get a #3, it is good to hear about others who were successful having a natural VBA2C

Do you mind if I ask who your midwife was since you are in TX too?
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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

I had to have an emergency c-section because after being induced for high blood pressure, DS's heart stopped beating twice (after about 6 hours of labor that was going nowhere) and then hovered around 50-60 bpm. i was swollen because he had dropped early and rubbed around too much down there lol. he was extremely cone headed! They say he suffered no brain damage from his heart stopping, but i can't help but thinking that that is part of the reson for all of his delays and problems.
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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

I had planned on a typical hospital birth, but DS was 2 weeks late so I got induced. Then when labor really got going, his heart rate kept dropping with each push, and my body was completely exhausted so I was having problems getting him out, and I had an emergency c-section. I burst into tears because I had wanted to avoid that like the plague but it still happened. When DS was born the cord was around his neck a few times and his head was also quite large, so the doctor figured I would have had a hard time to get him out even if his vitals had stayed strong. I didn't want it, but without my c-section I wonder if my son would be here today.
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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

I didn't realize it was multiple choice With DS (first babe) we had a medicated hospital birth, sadly it was a horrible experience. I had wanted to go unmedicated but the L&D nurse kept telling me, "Oh honey your really going to want one, your so tiny, blah, blah, blah" and I caved. The anesthesiologist did not take into acct the my blood volume was much lower than most pregnant women, a condition I have with my pregnancies and majorly overmedicated me. I had to ask that the epidural be completely turned off and wait until I regained some feeling. My water hadn't fully broken at home and they stuck that little ph stick in me three times to check and see if my water really had broken or not, which might have led to the subsequent infection I had. DS was sunnyside up and I had to fight and beg and plead with them to let me labor in another postion, only when my doc began threatening me with a c-section did I tell them," look I'm getting out of this bed whether you like it or not." and they bargained with me until I conceded to trying hands and knees position in the bed, after 3 pushes DS was crowning, suprise, suprise. They gave DS a bottle of glucose water after I had expressly told them not to and I had to stay in that stupid place for 5 days because I had to be 24hrs without fever before they would release me. Sadly it was just an overall bad experience for me.

With DD we had a wonderful, amazing homebirth with a CPM. It was awesome, I did have some unexpected complications though, DD had a slight shoulder dystocia, but MW handled it beautifully and I didn't even realize it while I was pushing, DH told me later. DD needed two puffs of oxygen before she gave us a little cry, but she was a good pink color so we knew she was okay and she was wiggling trying to nurse AND trying to lift her head minutes later!! I also had a uterus full of clots which my MW had to go in and remove, not fun, and because of the clots I was hemmorraging and we eventually made the decision to transfer to a hospital (about 10min away from me), MW did give me injections to help stop the bleeding, but she voiced concerns that there might still be clots and until they were all removed she was afraid I would keep bleeding,where after passing out a few times I decided to get a blood transfusion. Honestly I wasn't worried about it, because of my low blood volume during my first pregnancy ( a condition I didn't have with my 2nd thanks to my midwife) I had passed out A LOT and knew the difference between a little fainting and being down for the count for a while, but my family was really concerned and was urging me to do it so I gave in. The doc who looked at my uterus said that my MW had gotten them all and had done a really good job.

So those are my stories, my DH was not for and HB when I told him that was what I wanted to do, but he dislikes our hospital experience almost as much as I did and finally became accepting of it.
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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

First was a birth center birth with a midwife. Second was a planned homebirth, but we ended up at the hospital because midwives here can't deliver out of the hospital after 42 weeks. Still had an unmedicated birth though.
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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

Induction because of preeclampsia, and subsequent epidural. Next time, though I hope for a natural birth. If I'd known what I know now, I might have been able to do it last time. I had no coach, no idea of what to expect and back labor caught me totally off-guard.

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Re: POLL: What kind of birth/births did you have?

w/dd i had a hosp birth w/an epidural

w/ds i had a hosp birth all natural
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