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Re: I'm expecting twins!!


I'm a twin and I have twins (b/g, 6 years old) and I will say that the first 3 months with twin newborns is difficult because even when you feed them together or one right after the other, you still end up being awake longer than you would be with a singleton and sleep deprivation will put you in a bit of a "fog". However, once the babies start sleeping longer stretches, it gets better. And it keeps getting better, in my opinion.

I put both babies in one crib for the first 6 months. First they lay side by side, but as they got bigger, I put one at each end. Once they could get up and crawl, I moved them to separate beds. As for stroller issues, I would highly recommend the snap-and-go double stroller. It's a stroller frame with a big basket underneath, and all you have to do is snap the infant seats into the frame. It makes transferring babies from the car to a stroller super-easy and super-fast, which is an important consideration when you've also got a toddler/preschooler to keep track of.

Freeze meals ahead of time and stock your cupboards with easy-to-prepare stuff so that once the babies are here, you don't have to go out to the grocery store for awhile AND so meals are easy and low-stress.

When I had my twins (at 34w,6d after 2 weeks in the hospital), I had 3 other kids at home (the youngest was 27 months) and I think the hardest part, aside from being sleep deprived, was dealing with the comments of strangers. EVERYONE wanted to stop me and ask, "Are they twins?" and try to touch the babies and tell me their personal stories of people they knew who were twins or had twins or whatever. They didn't seem to realize that all I wanted to do was pick up some milk and go home, not stand in the middle of Wal*Mart with my 5 children and talk to them!!!! My dh and I had just moved from Oregon to Florida when I found out I was pregnant, so I didn't have a big support system, either. But honestly, you CAN do this, and you'll do a great job. Have faith in yourself!!!

Make sure you drink as close to a gallon of water every day as you can. Dehydration is the primary cause of premature labor for mothers of multiples and it's the one thing you can do something to prevent! Drink water all day long. Yes, you'll be going to the bathroom a lot, but just remind yourself that you're doing it for your babies' health. Oh, and make sure you're getting at least 100grams of protein every day, too. A really helpful book to read is "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads" by Dr. Barbara Luke (that may not be the exact title, but it's the gist... google it and you'll find it).

Not all twins are preemies. My brother and I were born on our due date (almost 38 years ago) weighing 8lb,4.5oz and 8lb,7oz. My twins, although 5 weeks premature, weighed 5lb,8oz and 5lb,5oz and only spent 7 days in NICU. Eat well, drink more water than you think necessary, and listen to your body ~ if you feel tired, then rest. Growing twins will take more energy than a singleton pregnancy, so help your body do a good job and hopefully you'll be one of the moms who has term babies. It's VERY doable!

As for nursing, even though my babies got bottles of EBM while in NICU, I was able to get them to breastfeed once we got home. It took almost 8 weeks of offering the breast, then giving a bottle (of EBM) to top them off and then my sitting down to pump, but eventually they were no longer needing bottles at all and could even tandem nurse. My best friend's twins are 1 month older than mine and she was able to tandem nurse from the day they were born (they were term babies, both over 7 pounds). So don't worry too much about nursing ~ you WILL be able to do it!

My last piece of (unsolicited) advice? Don't give your babies rhyming or "twinny" names. My brother and I are Curt & Kate ~ gag. Don't do the "Holly & Molly" or "Christina & Christopher" thing unless you would give babies born 2 or 3 or 6 years apart those kinds of "matching" names. Twins are two individuals... remember to treat them as such. Don't get me wrong ~ twins are special and it's very neat to have them (and to be one), but ultimately, they aren't a unit and it's important for parents to realize & remember that.

Congratulations again!!! I have to admit, I am because I would LOVE to have another set of twins! You're in for a fantastic adventure!


Kate, mom to 7
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Re: I'm expecting twins!!

I know that feeling well. It will get's just a lot to take in at once!! to you Mama and PM me if you want to talk!
Angie Luckiest Lady in the world. Married to SAHD Justin , Mama to Jaden 10/10/03 and triplets Jeremiah , Jaren , Giavanna 09/15/05 and Gabrielle 08/12/13. We are one big, happy, Jesus loving family!!
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Re: I'm expecting twins!!

Thank you all again. And thanks for the private messages. It seems I am not so odd to no be happy about the twins (yet). Maybe it'll come soon...
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