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Baby Henry Robert is here! - added birth story

Yea! I am so happy to say that.

I'll come back and edit with my birth story, but he was born at the birth center with just Me, Daddy, the midwife and the assistant... Sunny-side up and in the tub at 6:34 am this morning. 8lb 11oz and 21 inches long... 40w and 2d.

He is so calm and sweet, we are IN LOVE!!

I'll include pictures later on. I know I haven't been around this board that much lately but I appriciate you ladies' encouragement these past few weeks.

sooooooo YAY!!! My overdue bundle is HERE!!!!

Birth story! Please keep in mind this is GRAPHIC. Read at your own risk. (Sorry if this is a little sketchy, but I tried to get it all down before the end of the day since it's still fresh. )

So on 1/10 I had an appointment with Kathleen, one of my 3 midwives. We get along the best, I really love her. She has 5 kids of her own, one set of twins... awesome! So I asked my mother to keep the girls that day since I knew it was my 40wk appointment and we may be talking about stripping membranes or even induction in the future, and I wanted to be able to actually TALK to Kathleen. LOL. That morning I walked around Wal*Mart for an hour hoping to get ANY contractions going...

At 10:30am I meet with Kathleen, she asks if she can strip my membranes, Heck yea! She checked me first and what do you know? I'm 4-5cm dialated. She sweeps the membranes (ouch) and feels for the baby's position... head down and very low. I have a contraction while she's checking his position. She said to go walk and pump and have sex, and maybe we'll have a baby, so that's what I did. I went to Target, walked and walked, bought some good stuff on clearance. And then left back towards our house. I pumped when I got home, that's when the contractions started coming on. I could tell they were real by how they felt through my back. I hardly noticed my stomach tightening because of how much my back was hurting. While pumping they were about 3-4 mins apart. I did some other stuff, went for another walk, and at 2:30pm headed back to the Birth Center for another check and sweep. When I got there they were super busy and when I finally got in, I was a solid 5cm. I decided to go home and eat dinner with R and come back when they sped up.

He didn't get home until around 6:30pm - I was ####! WTF! I say I'm having a baby, and you dilly dally? No sir. I was so mad. But whatever, when he got home he showered and we did some love makin' (LOL) and my contractions actually slowed down! They slowed and slowed until about 9:00pm.... completely stopped. We went for a walk down the block and back, I also tried to take a bath, but discovered the tub wouldn't hold water - stupid drain. At 11:00pm the contractions started up again. I had actually laid down to go to bed and got about 4 contractions that made me whine... so we started timing.

By midnight they were about 5.5 minutes apart and lasting a minute each. They hurt, but not unbearable. I could still move and talk through them. At 1:00am they were too strong to lay down with, I had to get up and squat or move, anything but lay down. At 1:45am or so I had about 3 contractions in a row where I couldn't move or talk through them, I was basically just frozen squatting by the couch through each one, which was almost 2 minutes each, every 4 minutes. Yea, no breaks.

2:00am we called Kathleen. She asked us to give her a running start to the Birth Center since she lived 40 mins away, we live about 20 mins from it. We got in the car as soon as I worked through another 2-3 contractions and were still the first ones to arrive. OMG, the car ride... goodness that was aweful. I had to hang on to the bar and pull myself up off the seat because my back/butt was having such agonizing pressure. I didn't feel like pushing of course, but it was intense pain and pressure that seemed to concentrate on my tailbone and wrap up around my cervix.

So when Kathleen got there she came in and checked me. 6cm. Greaat! She said that it's up to me. I can deal with the labor as it is (going to be long...) and go home or stay at the center. OR she can break my waters and we can have a baby within an hour or so. I am shaking really badly by then, obviously tense and exhausted from being in early labor since mid-day/active for 2 hours! I opted to get in the tub first and relax, and then break the waters.

WOW the tub helped so much. My contractions slowed a good bit but I didn't mind. Here we are around 3:00 in the morning, I was TIRED. Once I felt relaxed and revived again, I said "Okay lets do it". Got on the bed and she got makeshift tools out to break the waters because they were out of hooks. Makeshift way didn't work --- my bag was very thick (she said this could have been due to great nutrition during pregnancy, LOL, I was suprised to hear that but made me feel good ). She eventually found a hook and after a few attempts snagged and broke the water.

For the next few hours (4:00-6:00am) I walked around the center, walked walked walked. Contractions every 2 minutes probably. I would do a "lap" and then rush over to sit on the birthing ball and lean on Robert. Eventually around 5:00am the contractions were on top of each other. I felt myself starting to give up, it was such aweful pain. Robert followed me around and I cried through a few sharp contractions, maybe 4 of those. He was really wonderful telling me how good I was doing, how it would end soon, but I didn't feel that way. I felt like my body was being ripped in half, no breaks. Then I asked to get in the tub... I really, really wanted this to end. I felt like it never would and I was so tired. Been up almost 24 hours at this point. I knew the tub had a chance of slowing things down, but I didn't care.

I got in the tub again. The water wasn't nearly as hot (we just left it full from the first time) but it still felt nice. The lights were low, Robert was about falling asleep. Kathleen and Erin (assistant) got me through the next hour. I think I had 2-3 "normal" contractions like I'd been having before transition hit. Thankfully I got in the water when I did. When I first got in I was shaking and on the verge of tears, but when transition hit at least my legs weren't burning anymore from squatting or shaking. So then, boom... up until this point I'd controlled my vocals, just some moaning and breathing. Not at this point. When the first transition contrax hit it took my breath away, I just yelled, I think is scared Kathleen. I couldn't help but yell through these! Relaxing my jaw and squatting and yelling, LOL. So we'd go through a period of complete silence where I went to sleep leaning over the tub "between" contractions (they were bam-bam-bam on top of each other), and I would all of the sudden be yelling and writhing around because it felt like my back was breaking. No position helped. I did say once "I can't do this anymore" and whispering over and over "baby come out come out come out please."

Must have been about 6:15 that Kathleen said, "do you think you can push? Just try, see if it helps..." it did help. Wow. Pushing a little took away the ripping sensation in my pelvis, I pushed slightly through that contraction. The next one I pushed a little more.

Must have been 6:30am at this point... because Robert said this part only lasted 4 minutes. To me it felt like less. Anyway here I had one more pushy contraction and WTF! Youch!!!! "He's coming out NOW," I said. Kathleen started telling me to turn around, she couldn't see anything. She felt but couldn't feel the head (I knew it had gone back up but couldn't say anything, another contraction hit and I was yelling... and changing positions...) and then she said "Blaire his head, it's coming now, you're right" pushing here, pushing, and SCREAMING my lungs out. Oh my God. This was aweful. Not like pushing the girls. This was a bulldozer coming out of me. I remember pushing and her saying "The head is almost out" and I thought "The HEAD? You mean I still have the shoulders! WELL $H(T!" and stopped screaming long enough to catch my breath and push that sucker OUT. Man alive that hurt. He wasn't born underwater, I was slightly out of the water (on all fours) but I quickly turned around and sat up in the tub to hold him....

Ohhh sweetness. He was so gorgeous, covered in vernix unlike the girls. Blinking up at me. "He's out, he's here, it's over" I thought. Robert had wanted to catch him but got stuck taking pictures... he said later there was no way he could have cought him in that position (face up).

Then I looked down, and felt as though my body was being drained..... the entire tub was dark red.

They wanted me out of the tub, I got on the bed and we had to cut the cord pretty quickly (about 5 minutes?) because of the bleeding, it was pouring out. I could see it falling off the bed. She started trying to work my placenta out but it didn't happen, there was no cramping. I pushed but nothing. After a few minutes of her trying to coax it out, it was clear something was wrong. Robert said afterwards I'd lost about 3 pints of blood at that point. I could tell he was worried but trying to show me the baby. I felt like I was losing my head, couldn't hold it up anymore.

Kathleen decided to pull out the placenta. They hooked up an IV and put some pain medication of some sort in there and then started tugging. And I started crying. The cord SNAPPED. She kept pulling. It snapped AGAIN. And then part of the placenta came out, but there were at least 4-6 chunks left inside. I thought I was in pain at this point.... and then she said something along the lines of "Blaire, stay with me, get loose, this is about to hurt very badly" she looked like she had tears in her eyes. She had to stick her entire hand, up to her elbow almost, up in my uterus to get the rest of the placenta... this took about 30 minutes... of me screaming in agony. This was 10x worse than the birth. I was begging her to stop even though my rational mind said if she DIDN'T, I would bleed out. I think I almost lost conciousness once. Eventually it was over. All I could do was lay there, I couldn't even think about the baby.

About an hour later Robert handed him to me. We did breastfeed. They did the newborn exam while I was in the bathroom, just weigh and measure. 8lb 11oz, 21 inches. At that point Kathleen told me he was face up during delivery, which is unusual and painful (no duh!), and often extends labor. Not to mention he was almost 2lb heavier than Margot (my biggest baby thus far).

I got a few minutes alone with Henry before it was almost time for us to go... well you know, if we wanted to. Which I did. I wanted my own bed, my own shower. So we signed papers that we needed to and went on our merry way... Henry was 2.5 hours old when we left. When we got home I did a double-take in the mirror... I seriously looked like death. No color, dark circles, it was horrible. I feel and look a little better now. Needless to say I'm very sore. But aside from that I didn't tear or anything. I feel lucky that I didn't need to be transferred. And I wouldn't change a thing about that labor and delivery... I learned so much.

*Pics coming in about 30 minutes, lol, let me go upload them*


Blaire, who is mamax4 now:
Penelope & Lola (4), Margot (3) and Henry (1)
6 on the road

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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

Congrats! Can't wait to see pics and hear the birth story.

I've had a sunny side up baby. I feel your pain..haha..
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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

Congrats, glad everyone is doing well..and can't wait to see some pictures
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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

Congrats! Love his name!
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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

yeah, congrats!!!
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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

Can't wait to see pics!
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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

Hahah found you again! We must see picture.. you are not going to get away with not posting pictures.. 6 hours post birth or not!
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Re: Baby Henry Robert is here!

aww Blaire, I'm so happy that everything went so well and your holding your sweet little bundle! can't wait to see pics and read your birth story.

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