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any advice?

there was a post on my local freecycle from a mama saying she was told to supplement due to low weight gain. I know how much misinformation is spread around about that, so inquired about her situation, hoping I may be of some assistance. I dont know enough to give her any advice on her situation, so was figuring some of you might be able to lead me in a direction so i can steer her there. TIA!

heres her email to me...

Hey! No, it didn't cross the line- I learned modesty is checked at the door once you step into parenthood lol. So here's my story- forgive the extra details if they don't pertain to what you needed to know: he was born the 10th at 8 lbs 11 oz, and was nursing well in the hospital, but not pooping enough according to them (he had one big poop the day after he was born, and then none after that even with rectal stim) and even though they kept him an extra day for IV antibiotics due to a mystery infection we both got after birth, they let us go home then. We had to go to the pediatrician the next day because his bilirubin was a little high and they said it was ok- but when we went back it was up- we were in the dr office 4 times last week. The second time he had dropped down to 7 15 and the third only up to 8 even. She said they should gain an ounce every other day and told me to start supplementing every other feeding with formula, so i got the similac they had him on in the hospital (i had gestational diabetes so his sugars were low, so even in the hospital i had to supplement a little). So- he's now up to 8 lbs 3 oz but she said to still supplement until his one month checkup, since his jaundice was pretty bad (light blanket for 2 days) and his weight was slow. Ive been meaning to call the lactation center but haven't gotten around to it yet- sleep deprivation does things to your brain lol. Oh- he's doing great with three different kinds of nipples, he still nurses fine even after supplementing and a pacifier, which I refuse to live without. Thanks for the help!


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Re: any advice?

Well, her story is the exact same as mine w/DS#1. It was like reliving my first birth but I had a c-section... & she may have too, I dunno LOL

Anyway, DS was born 9 lb 5 oz & dropped to under just over 7 lbs... anyway, he had the bili blanket & was in the light incubator, etc. I would break out pics but I'd cry!

I was told to supplement too, which I did b/c things got serious & I was trusting my docs... but I did it using that sup system - the one where you basically tape a little tube to your nipple so when the baby is taking in formula he is still stimulating your nipples as well... anyway, the LC at the hospital got that all hooked up & insurance will cover that along w/the formula if the ped writes it up. I also pumped after feedings just to stimulate supply.

HTH. It's late & I'm tired so I dunno if I even helped.
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Re: any advice?

If she had GD, that could definately account for some of the slow gain - he was getting a TON more sugar in utero than now, but that doesn't mean she needs to supliment! If he's peeing plenty during the day on just BM, then that's all he needs. If she continues to supliment, tell her to make sure she's pumping during those feedings or her supply will drop. She said after the initial weigh loss (perfectly normal) he started gaining again, and that was with just BM, so that tells me that he's fine and her milk is what he needs.

My best advice? CALL THE LC OR LLL LEADER IN HER AREA!!! Those women will steer her in the right direction!
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