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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

today sami took.
a peanut butter and honey sandwich. ( if you mixthe PB and honey up, the bread wont crystalize)
a banana
chips ahoy cookies in a snak bag
bakes lays chips
capri sun
friut snack

She ate ONE bite of he PBsandwich and aobut 2 of her mini chips ahoy, and her applesause andher banana

tomorrow, she wants tuna but i dont have an ice pack. and it is hot here. I dont know what i will give her excet a nectarine, and graham crackers, and capri sun.

I need to get some carrots and celery so she can takefresh veggies...

one day a week she will eat hot lunch form school. but at 2.00 a day, ihave to limit it, espeically since her sisterwill be going to schoolsoon and will be eating lunch at school too..


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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

dd1 is in 2nd grade here.. I bought her these cool little ice pack things that are shaped like oreos or butterflies ( walmart) I stick two of em in her lunch box and they come home frozen.. even in 105 degree weather here. Her favs for lunch are:

Frozen applesauce tubes ( health food store)
carrots and ranch dressing
little fruit cups

Leftovers are great too.. like spagettie.. she loves that ... but they do have a microwave at her school.
Rachele~ SAHM to 2 girls and 2 boys
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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

You've gotten some great ideas here!

A few thoughts...I've run a Junior Great Books club at DD's school over the lunch hour for 2 years now, so I've seen a ton of kid's lunches...and have seen what they will and won't eat.

- Peanut butter is a classic favorite, but there are kids with severe peanut allergies. The schools try to separate them, but kids are messy. I'm always worried that a child will have PB on their hands and play with a PB-allergic kid. DD is not allergic, but I still don't send her *anything* with peanuts (or other nuts for that matter), I would just feel awful if something happened to another child because of her lunch. Soy nut butter is safe, DD loves it and we just use that instead.

- Frozen drinks sound like a great idea, but they don't always thaw by lunch time...and then they don't have anything to drink. I always brought paper cups so they could get some water...there were always 3 or 4 kids with frozen drinks that they couldn't drink.

- Make sure they can open things...thermoses, yogurt, cheese sticks, etc. Sometimes (especially if they are in the cafeteria) it can be tough to get help, and the food just goes uneaten.

- DD makes her own lunch (I have to approve it), she eats MUCH better that way. I know that she is getting healthy food, and because she has picked it out and packed it, she gets a lunch that she loves.

Just my
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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

I love this blog

she makes really yummy looking lunches for her son and takes pictures every day and rates them by how much of it her child ate. You don't have to be vegan it can give you ideas though.

you will have to go back in her archives cuz I don't think school has started again for her son yet.
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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

Popcorn is super cheap and healthy, especially if you pop it yourself. I always put in a baggie of plain popcorn and sometimes I will drop in a gumball or some raisins. Homemade muffins are easy too because you can make a dozen on the weekend and they will last for 12 lunches. They are filling, and if you make them with vegetables even more healthy. For a drink I use the sugar free wal-mart brand Kool-aide. It is super cheap, and tastes better than water. And dry cereal in baggies is good too.
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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

My son has generally always packed a lunch (except on good pizza day!). I have done it for so long now that when he packs it he has the same thinking ~ 5 food groups!! He'll have a sandwich (turkey w/ cheese is his fave) with carrot or celery sticks (and occasionaly ranch in a small container), fruit (whatever we have), cheese stick or yogurt (gogurt are great because you can pack them frozen), a "snack" (usually animal crackers, cheezits or another grain) and buy a milk at school. I buy little ice packs and just toss them in there, refreeze when he gets home.

Occasionaly instead of a sandwich I pack a small salad, hot soup in a thermos, or cheese, meat and crackers. He ALWAYS buys a milk!! Fruit is generally fresh but sometimes it's hard in winter so I pack applesauce or canned fruit. Veggies are generally carrots, celery, peppers or cucumbers (unless he has a salad that day). Dairy (besides the milk) is generally cheese, yogurt or cottage cheese (with fruit). His snack is usually a grain like crackers, popcorn, granola or similiar. Occasionaly he also gets an extra snack that is unhealthy like fruit snack or similiar (like once a week).
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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

I have to pack all of DD's snacks and lunch every day for daycare, so maybe some of what we use will be helpful...

Definitely get a freezer pack...

Grapes (we cut them up but you won't need to)
Applesauce (no sugar added)
Yogurt (organic)
Mozzarella Sticks
Carrots (we cook ours but you won't have to)
Green beans (DD eats them cold)
Peas (DD eats them cold)

For sandwiches:
turkey and cheese w/Nayonaise rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla and sliced into pinwheels

tuna w/Nayonaise and a little relish on whole wheat bread, cut into cute shapes

sunflower seed butter (take shelled unsalted sunflower seeds and puree with a little olive oil to make it like peanut butter) with all-fruit spread on whole wheat bread, cut into cute shapes

cheese and turkey panini

grilled cheese

And for "other" snacks:
organic cereal bars
Nature Valley granola bars
organic crackers
organic graham crackers
and occasionally, whole wheat Goldfish

I always try to cover all the food groups while she's away from home.

Good luck!
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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

Oh I love all these tips! It's giving me some great ideas!

So you can put hot soup in a thermos and it will be ok till lunch?

Today my DD got a PB & J. With some green pepper (she loves it) and some grapes. I didn't even think about peanut allergies! She doesn't have them, but I sure don't want to expose other kids.
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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

So you can put hot soup in a thermos and it will be ok till lunch?

We do soups, pasta, leftovers all the time. I picked up a few small thermos like containers from Wal-Mart (2.50 each). They aren't tall like for drinks, and come with a spoon/fork combo in the lid.

My kids start school at 8AM, and lunchtime is 12:15 or so. To ensure it stays warm (it's never stayed hot hot), I put boiling water into the thermos to heat it up, let it sit for a few minutes, dump, then add the hot soup, etc. We don't put it in the lunchbag, since it's hot. They just carry it along with the box My boys also take a sandwich, fruit, veggie sticks, pudding and water. HTH!
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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

Originally Posted by bethkay

Now if you send soup, does that have to stay cold? Or do you send it warm? Cause who wants cold soup?

Have you ever had gazpacho? Cold soup and my dd loves it. I'll have to pack her some.

Also, I freeze bottles of water for her to drink, keeps everything cold and she actually drinks the water when it is real cold like that.
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