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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

Originally Posted by Christianna
Try taking her to the chiropractor. That may help.
I was thinking first your not a bad Mum!!! You sound like you need some sleep. Poor Mama and baby I agree with chiropractor or there is something called craniosacral therapy and personally I think every baby should have it done after birth. Sometimes babies get a pinched nerve or just get a little out of place. You know like if you get a kink and can't quit get it worked out. Anyway, Craniosacral is a gentle form of getting things straightened out without a lot of cracking bones. Not that I'm saying Chiropractors do that to babies. Look it up online and see what you think. Look for someone who specializes in infants or has a heart for babies. OK PM me if you want more info and lastly get a sling to carry your baby at least it could help your arms. Also, essential oils like lavendar a couple of drops into a tablespoon of a carrier oil. Almond, olive whatever you have and give her a massage on the tummy rub in a circular motion from right to left. Trust your Mama instincts and do what feels right. I know you are tired but your little one depends on you. Sometimes I slept in the recliner with boppy or in bed with pillows propped up and held my little ones. That way they slept and I slept without any CIO. She is telling you something babies don't cry like that for no reason at all. I will be thinking of you and just know you are not alone and you can do this.
Take Care,


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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

I agree with the others-don't let her CIO, she is clearly letting you know she needs you. Get a wrap or sling and wear her so your arms won't tire. If you are able to get her to sleep in her carseat, then let her sleep there, I have had several fosterbabies with reflux and they slept in their carseat. I also suggest co-leeping, that way you can sleep and comfort at the same time. The best thing you can do is let Daddy, Granma, or a friend care for her while you get some sleep, take a bath or just have some time alone. Follow your instinct, comfort her rather than letting her CIO.
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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

Originally Posted by tennesseemom

I probably sound like a really aweful mum to all of you. I think the lack of sleep is getting to me...that, coupled with the feelings of "why can't I soothe my baby? Whats wrong with me?" are just weighing on me. I just want so badly to help her feel well and content, and when she cries I feel like I should be doing more or am just not taking her cues well enough.
You do NOT sound like an awful mom. Believe me, there were days I did lay DS in the crib and go outside (the only place you couldn't hear him) and just cry and cry because I couldn't get him to stop crying.

If you can, get a miracle blanket. DS could break out of anything else. Both he and DD act mad as hell when you first wrap them up, but after 5 minutes they settle down and sleep SO much better. Her getting more sleep will help you and her a ton too. GOod luck.
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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

Ive been going thru the exact same thing (BTW I'm also in ET and my dd was also born on 7/20/06!) She has been going thru some really fussy spells where she wakes up shrieking and will not be put in any position other then upright. And she too has stopped sleeping so much....Today she took one long power nap in the afternoon and I just now got her back down. Strangely enough when she is wide awake and I just can't get her to sleep, the only thing that works is the sling (assuming she isn't crying). She is also a champion pooter so I think it may be gas too. Or perhaps it's just an East Tennessee thing.....
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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

[QUOTE=annes_cottage]Awe poor Emma and poor Mommy! It does sound like colic, or gas (which colic is bad gas). /QUOTE]

Colic is a baby's inability to cope with "life outside the womb". They just get super stressed and it's just too much for them. It's mistaken for gas because they gulp so much air when crying hysterically for hours. Trust me, I know! With my dd we figured out that putting her in her swing, tightly swaddled, with a pacifier tucked in teh blanket holding it in her mouth, the swing on high, and the music all the way up was the ONLY thing that worked. Remember, the womb is a tight and noisy place. Good luck mama!
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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

it sounds like reflux to me too, but also get her ears looked at. An ear infection can cause a stabbing pain when you lay down. A chiropractor really IS a good idea. A sock of rice with a couple chammomile tea packs and a drop of lavender tied off and microwaved for a minute will make a soothing warm compress for a gassy belly and crabby baby. A wrap will allow you to tie her on upright and super snug which should be infinately soothing for her.
Meanwhile, BIG BIG hugs momma.... you're doing fine
Kim, mom of 5
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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

ITA, it really sounds like reflux. You can find a lot of great info at in relation to diet and what in your diet could be causing it. Many spices such as garlic and cinnamon I believe, some veggies, citrus as well as dairy and soy could all cause some reflux among many others. Chocolate and caffeine are both triggers too. My second dd had reflux and silent reflux where they don't actually spit up but they are still having pain from it.

I'd elevate her bed a bit, don't even try to lay her down for at least 30 minutes after a meal and I'd really look into getting a wrap or ring sling. Either will let you hold her hands free and upright. You can PM me for suggestions or more info.

Good luck! It is so hard having an upset baby. {{hugs}}
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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

some things to try that weren't already mentioned (it never hurts to keep your mommy toolbox full)

1st - don't assume because you have been able to eat pretty much anything until now, means that you still can - try cutting out the acid foods (tomatoes and cucumbers were and absolute no with #3) and dairy - Dairy was a culprit with all my kidlets.

Second - if you have a yoga ball, try bouncing on that while holding her - it worked WONDERS for my last one - we even kept it in the bedroom. It provides the motion they need and helps keep baby and mom calm while giving you a break

Third - I didn't see that anyone mentioned gripe water, but it is a lifesaver - I loved the stuff.
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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

Your dd sounds like my youbngest.. at 3 weeks we finally decided to see if she was allergic to dairy.. I completly stopped drinking and eating dairy and it made a world of difference!! Good luck mama!!
Rachele~ SAHM to 2 girls and 2 boys
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Re: HELP! My newborn has me stressed and stumped!

We went through this with DD even when I wasn't BFing anymore. It turns out she had silent reflux (no vomitting because they swallow it back's worse than traditional reflux). We changed our bottles and that helped, plus other things.

I highly recommend the Miracle Blanket for swaddling. Our little Houdini could get out of everything BUT the Miracle Blanket. She slept so much more soundly when she was well-swaddled. I also agree with the recommendation for getting a wrap. It will give your arms a rest but allow your babe to be held upright.

As was already said, this, too, shall pass. :hugs
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