View Poll Results: When did you start solids?
Before 6 months 48 36.36%
At 6 months 31 23.48%
After 6 months 51 38.64%
Other (please explain) 2 1.52%
Voters: 132. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: When did you start solids?

hmm my 11yo and 7yo started around 5ish months but the were FF babies! now with joe (7months/EBF) i started out with a bit of organic long grain rice cereal i made at a little over 6months. bad tounge thrust and he didnt really want so i waited a few weeks and he seemed good to go...well flash foward a few weeks and i've added banana and yams to his diet and then one morning he had his usual cereal/bannana's, took a bath, nursed and when to sleep. 2-3hrs later he was PUKING!!!!!!!! OMG it was awfull!! he was a dishrag for most of the night. since that day almost 2wks ago he hasnt had any more to eat bc im scared!!

he seems really happy on just mommy milk and is gaining weight just fine so i'm in no rush to restart it!


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Re: When did you start solids?

I statred my dd (who is now 4y) when she was 4 months... I tried BFing her but she didnt take at all no matter how hard i tried, and was throwing it all up... i thought it was me blah blah long story (i was not knowledgable at the time), so she was not gaining the right weight... so we switched to formula...she couldnt keep anything down and we tried formula after formula and nothing stayed down. finally her pediatrician suggested adding rice cereal to her bottles. not long after she started eating fruits. shes ok now.

my ds (8m) just started eating solids just a little after 6 months, but not much. He only has a small dinner of juice or water and mashed food. and the rest of the time he is BF.and HUGE so no worries here!
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Re: When did you start solids?

Hmmm...seems like there's almost an even three way tie between before, at, and after 6 months. LOL

I guess I should just go with my gut, huh? You'd think I wouldn't need all you mama's to reassure me of that, but I do!
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Re: When did you start solids? has a great section on how to tell when your baby shows signs of solids readiness.

That being said, I started DS #1 on solids at 7.5 months old---would have waited longer, but I felt pressure from family members. My DS #2 is only 3 months old, but I plan to delay solids with him until I'm sure he's ready--he is already showing signs of intolerances (I can't have dairy at all while nursing him--not even hidden dairy), so the longer the delay, the better, for him.
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Re: When did you start solids?

Def go with your gut.

We started before 6m "by accident". We were borrowing my sister's camcorder and the last night we had it decided we'd give him a bit if cereal so that we could tape his "first-taste-of-solids ookey faces." I "knew" I wasn't going to start solids for at least a month+ so one taste didn't worry me and I'd just start them when I'd originally planned.

WEEEEEEEEEELLL......... he LOVED it!!! The first bite he looked at me like "huh??? What is this?" but swallowed the almost totally liquid spoonful right down. The 2nd bite he smiled. The 3rd bite he helped get the spoon in his mouth. By the 5th bite he was fussing when I didn't get it to his mouth soon enough. So dh and I decided he must be ready for them! We went ahead with our original plan to do cereal only for 5 days to see if he had any allergic reactions then switched over to the green veggies. He's had one new one a week - so far beans, peas, and avacado. He likes them all, but is less impressed with the avacado. We're thinking spinach next week.

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Re: When did you start solids?

With my first daughter I started solids at 5 months. With my second daughter I chose to start at 6 months although she showed all the signs before then. Trust me, I understand the pressure to start early. Everytime she fussed someone would pipe in "Yeah, you tell mommy you need some of that nummy cereal" and crappy comments like that! I read that the later you start solids, the less chance they have of developing food allergies. I have also read that there is a window between 6 and 8 months that you should start them or they might not like them after that. But in my opinion, your child will eventually start solids no matter what, so I don't see the hurry to push if they are content where they are at. My dd#2 is also a very chunky baby. At 7 months old she still only gets cereal once a day along with a fruit or veggie, and that's more than enough. Before 1 year of age, solids technically shouldn't replace a feeding of formula or breastmilk anyways. And no, kids don't sleep longer on solid foods, in fact, for some it interrupts their sleep cycle by giving them gas or other distresses. Take cues from your baby, she will tell you when she's ready!
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Re: When did you start solids?

at about 8 months? she's really not been very interested until recently...about 14 months was when she really started reaching for and trying solids from our plates. the pedi says she's "perfect" (of course! ) and she's 16 months now, and into everything so i just try to ignore the meddlers.

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Re: When did you start solids?

I started my dd at just about 3 months. I too felt pressure. Everytime my daughter would cry my in laws would say oh see she is still hungry after nursing, she needs to eat some cereal. I dont have any family to take advice from (my mom passed away) so I listened to my in laws. I think my dd was ready though, she never spit anything out. She loved it all. We started with cereal and then veggies and finally fruits. For a long time my dd wouldnt eat much fruit, she prefered the veggies. With DS we tried around 3 months and he had no interest. We tried around 4 months and still no interest. When he was nearly 6 months we tried and he finally was ready. We started with cereal and then we did fruits and veggies at the same time instead of doing them seperately. DS strongly prefers fruits and orange veggies, but I am proud to say that I got a bunch of greenbeans in him yesterday! You have to do what you think is right for your baby. Dont let others pressure you. Every child is different and they will give you signals when they are ready. My kids are a perfect example of how kids are ready at different ages.
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Re: When did you start solids?

MY DS at 6 months. He and I were both ready. My DD is a little different. For some reason I don't want her to start solids. And shes not ready at 5 months (today) so we will see at 6 months. I wanted to wait until 8 or 9 months but b/c she is going to go to daycare I might start at 6 months b/c she won't take a bottle and is still learning w/ a sippy!
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Re: When did you start solids?

I started both after 6 months. I read that starting solids before 6 months made them much more vulnerable to food allergies. DD was about 61/2 months. DS however would not eat and so I just tried every month or so and around 9-91/2 months he started eating - Thank Goodness!!! I was desperate to sleep more than 2 hours a night. lol
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