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WHY Wont The Girl Eat?

Man! Riley is driving me batty. The last 4 or so days she has barely eaten a thing. All she wants are Teddy Grahams.

Last night we had pizza. Normally, she loves it. She took like 2 bites and it was WORK to get her to eat that. I even cut her up some grapes which is like her absolute favorite right now - NOTHIN! So, I thought well maybe she just isnt hungry. Thats fine. She did nurse.

This morning I cut up peaches (another fave) and a nutri grain bar and she ate like half the bar and 3 peices of peaches.

On vacation - she barely ate a thing. She ate some egg in the morning

Im stumped. Normally, I am BRAGGING about what an awesome eater she is. How she eats everything and eats great amounts, etc...

Is this a phase? She is 15 months old (almost). Im 99.99% positive she is getting in her molars. Does teething curb appetite? She has been a little fussy (I gather from the teething - DUH, right? lol).

She is going through some MAJOR seperation anxiety right now as well.

But I dont see that as a reason not to eat.

But, I guess if she was STARVING she would eat. Right now she is happy as a clam reading her books (aka making a mess with the books lol).

Anyone have any thoughts?


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Re: WHY Wont The Girl Eat?

Babies wont starve themselves. Emma is a pretty good eater, but goes in waves where sometimes for 2 weeks it seems she doesnt eat at all. My ped always told me to look at what she eats in a week verses a day. After i did htat, i found she was eating quite a bit....

Good luck

also she may be teething and that can slow appetitie
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Re: WHY Wont The Girl Eat?

It is a stage, it's her teeth... it's part of her being a new toddler.

As mommy, you can offer her a variety of food and encourage her to eat but you can't force her to-- she will not starve and will eat when ready.

That said, my son's teeth made him very grumpy and he didn't want to eat-- I'd make smoothies out of milk, yogurt, ice, fruit and even veggies (pureed carrots go well with fresh berries)-- the novelty of it encouraged him to eat, and the cold felt good --

My son went through a cracker only stage, same with pretzels and bananas. If she's liking teddy grahms, offer some yogurt or applesuace to dip them in. Little ways to sneak other food into her.
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Re: WHY Wont The Girl Eat?

I know that at around that age, my super eater would not touch anything! maybe a bite of something here or there! She is getting alot of teeth, most of them actually, and it certainly does affect her appetite, I bought some toddler supplements drinks for that time! The vanilla Enfagrow are good, or so my DD thinks!
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Re: WHY Wont The Girl Eat?

We're going through the exact same thing right now. It's really trying, isn't it? Our DD would always eat EVERYTHING, and lots of it! Now, nothing. Yesterday she threw half of her scrambled eggs to the dog. This morning, she refused to eat half of her blueberries & oatmeal. And most things you have to put some of it in her mouth so she'll remember she likes it...otherwise, it's on the floor just as soon as you put it on the tray. Part of it is tantrums/impatience (when she's REALLY hungry she can't handle it and throws her food before she'll eat it!). But the other part is that she is definitely becoming much pickier about what and how much she'll eat. She wants to eat her graham crackers instead of "real" food (I know this because after she throws her meal on the floor, she points to the cabinet in the pantry where the graham crackers are kept and gets excited).

Our DD, BTW, turned 14 months old last Wednesday. I think it's pretty normal at this age, unfortunately. Frustrating indeed, but they should grow out of it. And like Melissa said, they won't starve themselves.
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