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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

You definitely aren't alone. I went casein-free for several months with my first and I'm now casein/gluten/nut/egg/soy free for my second (and vegetarian!). It's been a few months and I don't expect it to end anytime soon--not just because I expect to BF for a long time, but because she doesn't show any indication of growing out of these yet.

*hugs* You can find a lot of support here


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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

I was wondering what his symptoms were for the diagnosis of an allergy. My little guy had LOTS of bloody mucus in his poo until we started using allergy formula. I dont think stomach aches are enough to diagnose--his stomach aches may be coming from elsewhere.
Also, I now pump and he gets 1/4 of his total milk from me, that way he still benefits from my milk, but doesnt have such a bad reaction!
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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

My son had that as well, and it was diagnosed at 2m.

Seriously, mama, Ben & Jerry have been my 2 best friends for a LONG time, but giving them up was worth it. I EBF my son until he was 9.5mo, and we're still BFing regularly at 13m today. You can find lots of soy and milk-free stuff at your market. Have you tried goat's milk? Depending on the severity of the allergy, goat's milk might be an option.

I really recommend the Purely Decadent ice cream, and soymilk and ricemilk are both good alternatives.

My LO broke out in full-body hives and had violent diarrhea and gas pain until I eliminated milk from my diet.

ETA: All that, of course, providing your LO has no problems with soy.
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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

I am wondering, if my DD has an allergy, too. I havent seen the bloody stools, but I know if I drink milk, it makes for a miserable evening and night. I have tested this theory 3x and the outcome is the same. So hopefully she'll outgrow it just like my ds did. I guess we shall see, but as for now, no dairy for me.
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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

It is hard at first but you easily get used to it. I would try HARD to cut dairy out first. Your bfing relationship will be more rewarding.
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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

You can do it, mama, if you want to keep BFing. We experienced this same thing with our son. During his first year of nursing, I couldn't eat any dairy or soy at all. In his second year, things really improved, and when he weaned around age 2, I was back to an almost normal diet (no straight milk or ice cream, but cheese and yogurt were fine). At age 2, he could eat yogurt and cheese himself, and by 3, he could drink cow's milk. It was tough, and honestly I can't believe we did it, but it was so worth it for him. I believe that kids who have a protein allergy could be more at risk for having gaps in their nutrition (there are so many things to avoid!), so breastfeeding for as long as possible was even more important to me. Best of luck to you!
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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

((hugs)) for you momma. My dd had bloody stools for awhile and they were hinting that it could be an allergy but after FORMAL testing it wasn't! I'd def. make sure they TEST the stools, not just say, well there's blood so it def. equals allergy, kwim? Many doctors are QUICK to blame BM for everything!!

If it were me I'd def. work on the elimination diet. I think it would SUCK and be SOOOO hard, BUT I'd at least try it. To me it would feel like I had given up too easy if I didn't try and that's how I feel about tons of women who don't give nursing they're babies a FAIR chance, kwim? I can't imagine having to quit at such a young age and it being your last baby. Like another momma said, you can't go back to nursing a little one again, but you can go back to milk!! GL either way!! ((hugs)) to you both!!
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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

First, let me give you some HUGE HUGE . I've done this FIVE times now and I know how hard it is. All the major allergens are my comfort food, and when the baby is fussy is when I need the most comfort, LOL!

Right now I'm off of dairy, soy, chocolate , tomato, citrus, pepper/peppers of all kinds, eggs, nuts, peanuts, vinegar (and I think I'm forgetting something...). If I can do this, you can do dairy!

More , really, I *do* know how hard it is. I find the best way is to focus on what I *can* eat, not what I can't. I made a huge list of things I can have, and I make sure there are treats on it (frozen smoothies with rice milk, etc), lots of snacks and things I like, and then I make sure we have those in the house. Because when you are on an elimination diet and hungry, it just totally S*CKS to have a house full of food and "nothing to eat".

More from me. I wouldn't wish this on anybody, but you CAN do it. And you will grow, and be a stronger person for it. And your LO will thrive, and you can say "Look what I did!"

Knowing that the alternative formulas were $9+ a DAY really helped too.
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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

it is hard but you do get used to it. fortunately, dd is only sensitive to dairy so she cant eat it but it doesnt affect her when I do unless I have massive quantities.

otoh, she's allergic to wheat, stawberries (as in strawberry dacquiries ) and many other things.

its not forever.

or, you can switch to formula and know you gave him a good start at least bf -wise.

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Re: Sad Mommy- Protein Allergy

If I can cut dairy out of my diet, believe me ANYONE can if you are determined to make it work. I LOVE (read: cannot live without) DAIRY!!! I even had to cut soy as well. My alternative: almond milk (ummm the chocolate) or rice milk, tofutti ice cream (made from tofu - and I DO NOT NORMALLY LIKE TOFU), I never really found a good alternate cheese, although I did use some, maybe tofutti. That lasted me until DD could have milk again, which wasn't very long (BEFORE she weaned). I just started adding dairy back into my diet a few months later and she was fine with it. But, now that she has weaned, she still won't drink cow's milk (unless it's chocolate - like mamma, like daughter!).

I know it feels daunting, but you CAN do it. This does NOT have to be the end of nursing for you!

Oh, tofutti also makes a "sour cream" called sour supreme, I think, and I like it better than the real thing!
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