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Re: How do you hold off starting solids?

My son was the same way with grabbing, but I would give him a rubber infant spoon to hold in his highchair when I ate lunch or something and it was amusing enough for him. Or give her/him a few baby plastic bowls to play with. Sometimes it's just the untensils they are after. My son hated solids at first - we started offering at 6-7 months, just mashed banana; he acted like it was poison. He only really wanted the plastic plate they would be served on.


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Re: How do you hold off starting solids?

I'm holding off solids due to food allergies. Although food allergies don't run either of our families, DS2 has eczema and ped said it raises his chances of food allergies. He's almost 7 months old and we've had a total amount of 2T of food. He showed all the signs of wanting to eat so one day, I mashed him some carrots and let him tried that. Ok. Fast forward to last week and he was really checking out his big brother's apples. So I made some applesause and offered that to him. Then I cleaned off the spoon and gave that to him and all was right in the world. I'm not completely against or for putting of solids. I follow the babies cues. If he's showing signs, which he did, I'll offer. If he doesn't like it, then no more. Offering solids to babies before they're 1 is only so they can get the feel of the foods. LO still needs BM for his primary source of nutrition. Most of it gets spit out, wiped away or flinged across the room anyway. At least that's what happens here.
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Re: How do you hold off starting solids?

I really think it depends on the child. My daughter was interested in food more as a novel experience until she was about 8 1/2 months old, when she got a lot more interested. My son greeted the introduction of solid food as though he had been starving.

I think it would have been cruel to deny my son solid food.

My suggestion is to wait until she's six months old, and then offer her solid food occasionally and see what happens. She'll let you know how much and how often to give it to her -- if she's not terribly interested, you can put it off longer or just offer her things when it's convenient for you.
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Re: How do you hold off starting solids?

Dd turned 6 mos two days ago and for a couple weeks we have been letting her suck on big pieces of apple, orange, a bagel. She's not eating it, but just getting a new taste. That satisfies her craving for new and interesting stuff without adding calories or nutritional value. We're not going to be offering baby food until she has teeth and can eat pieces of things. I don't think I really believe in pureed baby food; it only encourages people to start feeding solids too early.

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Re: How do you hold off starting solids?

I'm all for child led.. My DD didn't start on solids until past a year and now at almost 15 months she still doesn't do much in the way of eating other things, her primary source of nutrition is still BM...

However, around 5,6,7 months she started acting like she wanted food. I always felt like following babies cues and when she was ready she would let me know. So,around 7 months when she acted like she wanted something I was eating I figured I would let her try it and see,and it was a no go ,She done this several times. It wasn't because she actually knew it was food and wanted to eat it was because she was curious and wanted to see what it was.Just like she would be curious about my make up,that doesn't mean she knows what it is and wants to wear it . But whenever she was curious I would let her try it and she didn't want it.So,she didn't get it. She done that up until past a year once she hit about 13 months she started actually liking other things not much but she was ready to really try other things and she let me know when it was time and she still lets me know what she is and isn't ready for.

During the first year babies do not need anything other then breastmilk.Introducing other foods is only experimenting. So,when s/he wants something you have, maybe let s/he try a bit of it if s/he makes a funny face or spits it out then don't force it or try to make him/her eat. S/he will let you know when s/he is ready.Or if you aren't ready to even let your baby try something yet then give him/her a baby spoon or something to play with while you are eating and wait a month or so to try out solids. I personally didn't want to even try anything until past 6 months even though she would grab at things I had,I just paid attention and realized that she grabbed at everything not just food.So,I knew it wasn't that she was hungry and wanted food and I knew she didn't NEED other foods.
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Re: How do you hold off starting solids?

Dh was deployed when dd#1 &2 were babies and I was staying with my mom for a while. She had me on cereal in a bottle at a few days so when #1 was 3-4 months old I started spoon feeding her like mom suggested, she hated it and would have to coax her to eat it by putting a bottle to her mouth and sneaking it in, won't ever do that again. #2 never ate baby cereal or gerber, but would pick up peas or smashed carrots with her hands around 5-6 months and took to it like a crazed kid (she still loves her food and would never stop eating if you let her, but is still really skinny, high metabolism I guess). Now with #3 I'll do the same, no cereal or gerber, just let her have soft stuff when she feels like it, plus this one's BF'd and she HATES the taste of formula, and won't even take a bottle of EBM very easily and never from me, so I think it will be a while before she eats anything considered solid, but I'll let her lead like DD#2.
I figure if they can grab it, eat it without gagging, and are genuinely interested why not. IF thier not, maybe some toys in the highchair at dinner time.
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Re: How do you hold off starting solids?

My DD is 8 1/2 months and she acts like she really wants food too, but when she gets it, she is totally uninterested, lol...she likes to feed herself toast and Cheerios, but she will not let me feed her! She was just reaching and being interested....My other DD started to eat yogurt and stuff at 8 months and my DS was eating food at 5 1/2 months...he was forced before I knew better though and he is the PICKIEST eater EVER!!!!!

At 5 months I would think that your baby is just curious about her surroundings! Follow her lead, she will let you know when she is weird as that sounds!!!
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Re: How do you hold off starting solids?

I'm with the poster who said just because they want something doesn't mean they're ready for it. I too held off on solids until 6 months when she ate ONE tablespoon of solids then she didn't have except when MIL was around or dh REALLY wanted to feed her. I did't feel she needed it and I didn't want to replace nursing with solids as I KNEW she didn't need them and it wasn't as good for her as bm. So with that in mind I just gave her solids when I needed to, in order to keep peace. She didn't start eating three meals until after 12months of age. I plan on waiting even longer this go around as I really feel that it's better for babies to wait than get them early, it's just another chore to add to my day and it's NOT helping baby in any way!!

Just so I don't get flamed, I would feel differently if I felt my baby weren't getting enough from bm. But she was just fine and happy with bm and that's how I wanted it to be as long as possible.! I wouldn't starve my kid BUT the facts show that babies who are bf'd on demand are fine on bm alone until a while after 6 months and even up until after 12 months!
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