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potty resistance

My dd is 33months old. Last summer we were sure she was 99% potty trained, she was staying dry and pooing in the potty about 50% of the time. She was telling us when she had to go and hated feeling wet or dirty.
Something changed and now she runs away if we try to take her to the potty or change her, and will wet her diapers so much that they leak into a puddle on the floor.
She stopped caring if she was wet or dirty. I let her wear panties for awhile and she just stood there and let it run down her legs in a big puddle.
She has outgrown her diapers and we are stuck using disposables cause we can't afford to buy XL's and we really hoping she would come back to the potty.
Rewards and encouragement are not working, she just doesn't seem to care.
Dh is fed up and it is really hard for him to hold his temper when she wets all over the floor while running away because she doesn't want to be changed.

The other issue is I now have a 5week old and it is really hard to chase her to change her when I have ds to worry about too.

We are truly at a loss now, how do I get Dd to stop puddling all over the house?


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Re: potty resistance

No advice, just because I am having almost the same problem with my dd who will be 3 on the 24th of this month. She does poo in the toilet all the time, but some days I'm ready to put her back in diapers because she pees her pants so many times. I don't know what to do either. My other 5 were trained by this age.
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Re: potty resistance

Mama that can't be easy. I'm in the middle of trying to potty train on of my 25 month old twins. The other shows no real interest. I have no advise for you about getting her to use the potty again. I just wanted to suggest that maybe you get some flats to put on her since they are pretty much one size and you could use them on your youngest too.

You can get some from little lions for $11/dozen. Easy to wash dry and pretty simple to use.
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Re: potty resistance

I am by no means an expert on PLing as my DS is 4 1/2 and still poos in his pants 100% of the time. I just had a question on when she started doing this and if it had any correlation to the birth of your baby. I was watching Super Nanny tonight and their 3 yr old boy pretty much regressed after their their twins were born and Jo said it was completely common and told the parents to work on telling him that he is capable of using the potty, that they know he can be a big boy and go on the potty. Personally, this has done NOTHING for my DS, but since your DD has regressed, it might work for her since you know that she CAN do it.

As for the piddling problem, atleast in my Walmart and Baby Depot, they sell training underwear that is pretty much an AIO training pant. They are only good for one pee, but they do save the floor and they are pretty inexpensive and come in a 3 pack. I'm thinking they're Gerber.
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Re: potty resistance

Yeah, it sounds like she is having issues since you have been pregnant or baby has come. It sounds very natural to me. I would say go the route of the gerber AIO training pants. Try to find out something that she CARES about as a reward and start out with small successes. When my ds (at 4-5) had some regression with pooping my dh found these little "eggs" that hatch into little sponge shapes (dinosaur, cars, insects) and used these as rewards. My ds LOVED them. Who knew a little sponge would bring him back to pooping on the potty, but it worked! He is 6.5 and still asks for a dino egg sometimes. Right now I'm pting my 2.5yo dd and she LOVES her princess undies. So, she'll forego the diapers/pull ups for her princess undies. We still like to avoid the mess, so I use the gerber training undies (the thicker cotton ones) with her princess panties over the top. I have also gotten some of those nylon pull up covers to go over the top of the trainer/undie combo so that when we are out of the house she won't wet all over everything. The key is to ALWAYS be positive. DD sometimes refuses to go potty when I know she has to go, but I just remind her that she'll have to take off her princess undies if she teetees in them. Also, most of the time I don't ask her if she has to go, I just carry her in there without saying anything or I have her race me to the potty.

Oh, and my dh can't STAND the mess. I think it bothers him more because he's not as used to the clean up as I am. When we were training ds, he would say, "What if I'm out somewhere and he pees on the floor?" I just thought, "So what, they have mops most places." He would ALWAYS put a pull up on him when we went out anywhere and I think it was not helpful to his development in the pting area. Maybe it is a male thing.
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Re: potty resistance

I don't have any advice to offer, just hugs! We are going through something similar. My oldest daugher turned 3 in January and she is still not fully potty trained. Lately she has been more willing to poop in the potty, but most pee is done in the diaper. She was getting close about a year ago, but then she just decided she didn't want to bother with going to the potty. We thought she would get tired of that wet/yucky diaper feeling, but even when her rear gets sore ( she often doesn't tell us when she is poopy or wet, and when we ask her she tells us that her diaper is fine and doesn't need changed ) she still wants to use the diaper instead.

I understand about it being difficult to take an older child to the potty when you are taking care of a baby. My youngest (6 months) falls asleep on my lap nursing sometimes and it seems like my oldest always chooses that time to say she need to go on the potty! LOL

Good luck!!
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