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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

I'm having a similar problem - I have purchased the largest breast shields available and I still don't think they are big enough. (Sorry if TMI, ladies!) My supply just keeps decreasing with the pump. That combined with a very demanding eater (three 5oz bottles a day, Mon-Fri for daycare) - and it's hard to get enough. DD is eating solid foods for lunch and dinner now, but is not decreasing her milk intake at all. At work, I take 2 pumping breaks - I have a quiet room, listen to my ipod, look at pics of DD. I have enough milk when I am with her, but I'm frustrated with pumping.

My tips are from "The Milk Memos" book:
Another tip I read was to "let gravity do the work" - as in, lean over. I'm not sure if this is helping me very much.
Try massaging your breasts. I have to do this while I pump, otherwise I barely get any. I thought I could just sit there while pumping, not have to mash myself for 20 minutes - why did I buy the $200 electric pump?

Fenugreek or Mother's Milk tea - I guess I'm at the point where I have to try this. Did you know the most common side effect is that it makes you smell like maple syrup?

It is correct that you should try pumping right after nursing. The way The Milk Memos puts it is:
"This tells your breasts in no uncertain terms that your baby needs more milk!"

If you are just trying to get a little extra milk in storage, but not trying to boost supply, then pumping right when you wake up and before baby's first feeding can work.


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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

Originally Posted by amcess721 View Post
I also notice that Mondays I have less than Fridays. i always say I need to pump on the weekends, but there is just something so liberating about coming home Friday afternoon and putting the pump away for a couple days!
I am the same way. Not sure why. I think its because I have to get used to the pump after not using all weekend? Who knows.

Continue pumping 5 min after the milk stops, you may get a little more
Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle
And if you are really hard core, wake up in the middle of the night....I just can't bring myself to do that though.
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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

For the oatmeal, try steel cut oats. They are supposed to be much better for increasing supply than the processed quick oats. I would cook a pot every couple of days and warm some up with brown sugar for breakfast and snacks. I really think it helped.

Also, barley beverages like Caffix. I make mine double strength and I was drinking it every time I pumped. I like the coffee-like taste.

I also forgot the warm compresses. I used these microwavable breast packs made by Gerber (from Target). I would microwave them and put them in my bra for a few minutes before pumping. It helped with let-down.
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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

keep the suggestions coming ladies.....I am trying to increase my supply as well.....I just ate oatmeal tonight as a snack and I am going to try to have some daily. Hope that works.....I was also told to pump after and that's it's just the stimulation needed but sometimes I pump before to have a little to put away and I always know my son will get what he needs. I also started pumping the other side while he feeds (I do this at the first am feed) but I may have to do it for the night feed as well....blah I don't wanna but I gotta do something.
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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

There is a forum on which has many many suggestions for increasing milk supply. I have found that the website is excellent for just about any question you may have and a great support as well. If need be there are also presciption medicines you can get to increase your supply.
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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

Great ideas. I need help here too. I definitely need a larger shield, I will get one this week. And I am gonna try the oatmeal and mothers milk tea. Thanks for the ideas.
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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

I learned really fast that a larger shield is definitely making a difference! I got nipple shields in the hospital and I lost them and they HURT when her nursed on them--and then I bought new ones and the size I bought apparently is the RIGHT size and does NOT hurt. Pumping HURTS so I need new shields for that I think.
I'm loving the suggestions, my milk is so far not enough to supply my son But I am getting some this time so YAY!
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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

Originally Posted by MinkaK View Post
Personally, I would pump after I nursed. When DS was in the nicu, thats what the nurses told my to do to bring my supply up. Even if nothing came out, just for the stimulation.
ITA.... When I was pumping, I would nurse, then pump immediately after. I figured it would simulate him eating more during each feeding. Also, when pumping at work, I would bring his sleeper and smell that. It seemed to help me.

Also, after I was done pumping at work, it seems weird, but I shook and massaged my breasts, then tried to pump again. I wouldnt get that much more out, but a little.

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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

Yes, definitely feed baby first - a baby is MUCH more efficient at getting milk out and better at stimulating your supply than a pump is. Also, I second the suggestion to feed baby on one side, while you pump the other - the higher amount you get due to the let-down your baby stimulates is amazing! For example, I could get 4oz total out of both breasts w/ my Medela PIS at work, but then get 4oz from one breast alone (while dd fed from the other) w/ my Avent handheld!! Also, keep feeding baby directly when you are together & skip the pump, for the reasons I stated above - a baby will stimulate your supply way better than a pump ever will.
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Re: pumped milk increasing strategies

Originally Posted by odentonmom View Post
Are there any nursing sessions where you could pump on one side while you nurse on the other? This helps with let-down. It may sound cumbersome, but if you nurse DD in the football hold, you can probably do it to get a little extra stash built up.

Also, pumping hands-free helps a lot of mamas get more milk. You can buy a pumping band or do a hands-free thing like this:

I always get more milk when I surf the net and relax.

A few other things to try:
check your pump shields to make sure they are big enough
drink a warm beverage
lubricate the shields with a little olive oil

I do this once a day and get anywhere from 2-5 oz. She nurses on one side and then if she wants she can finish off the pumped side. I wouldn't start with all 3 feeding as day like that or anything but one feeding each day for 5-6 days, then maybe a second one sharing the baby and th epump and watch to make sure baby is getting enough. YOu body will catch up and make enogh over time,.

Good luck! I hope something works!
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