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Letter of the week A-F

Letter A

*Hand print apple trees. Dip children’s hand and arm in brown paint forming three trunk and branches. Then dip their fingers in red and have then dot the branches with apple.

*Airplanes Have the child using markers color two craft sticks. Then glue together to for a cross making an airplane.

*Silly alien. Precuts alien body, arms and legs. Children color them and glue together. Also could add google eyes.

* Apple prints- Talk about how there is a secret star inside every apple and then using paint stamp with half the apple and eat the other half.

apples, animal crackers, applesauce, apple juice, avocado, alphabet soup


Theme words
apple, alligator, astronaut, animal, alphabet, ambulance, acrobat

Flower - aster
Mammal - antelope
Ocean Creature - abalone

Movement activities are great for helping children understand the shapes of letters. Here are a few ideas.
Have two or three children make large letter A’s on the floor with their bodies.
Tape a giant letter A on a floor or outside area. Have your children crawl around on the letter and pretend to be ants.
Have an ant parade. Let children carry A objects.

Songs That Start With A
Abraham Lincoln (US Presidents)
Alice the Camel (Counting)
Alphabet Song (Alphabet)
Ants Go Marching, The (Counting)
Apples and Bananas (Sounds)
Arky Arky Song (Counting)

Letter B

*paint using balloons

* Coffee bears. Have children using glue paint on a picture of a bear, then sprinkle coffee grounds on it.

* Bee hives. Have the children glue a precut bee hive to paper. Then dip their fingers in yellow paint to add the bees.

*Bean collage. Children glue varies beans to paper.

bananas, banana bread, bread and butter, bagels, blueberries, balogne


Theme words
banana, balloon, butterfly, book, ballerina, baseball, bear, bicycle

Bird- bluebird
Flower - buttercup
Mammal - bison
Ocean Creature - beluga whale

At movement time, practice moving like butterflies, bubbles, bugs and bumble bees.
Ride bikes, or walk on balance beams.
Bounce balls, play a bowling game.

Songs That Start With B
Barnyard, The (Animal Sounds)
Beehive and the Anthill, The (Counting)
Betty Botter (Tongue Twister)
Body Song, The (Body)

Letter C

*cutting coupons and glue to paper.

*coin rubbing

*carrot stamping cut the tops off of carrots and have children stamp in pain with them.

*cotton ball collage

*Prickly cactus- Have your children outline a cactus on light green or white construction paper. Then provide them with a mixture of liquid starch, salt, and green tempura paint. Let your children paint their cactuses. When they dry they will fill scratchy

carrots, cantaloupe, coleslaw, cornbread, crackers


Theme words
caboose, caterpillar, clown, clock, castle, cow, cap, crocodile

Bird- cardinal
Flower - chrysanthemum
Mammal - cougar
Ocean Creature - crab

Have your children curl up on the floor and pretend to be in a pan on the stove.
Pour some pretend oil over them and watch them get hotter and hotter.
Gradually, have them start to pop, by popping out an arm or a leg.
Finally, have them jump up and pop out of the pan.

Songs That Start With C
Can You Be a Sunbeam? (Themes, Following Directions)
Children of the Lord (Counting)
Clocks (Telling Time)
Counting Kitties (Counting to 5)

Letter D

*Dental floss painting- Cut out large teeth out of poster board or construction paper. Let your children string paint with the dental floss

*Dino skeletons have children glue broken pasta on paper to make a dinosaur

*Dazzling diamonds have children using glue paint a diamond shaper and then sprinkle with glitter

*dino prints. Using toy dinosaurs let the children dip toys in paint and make tracks on their paper.

doughnuts, delicious drinks, dairy products, dill pickles, dip for veggies or chips, dates


Theme words
duck, dolphin, dentist, dog, disappear, dance, dinosaur

Bird- dove
Flower - daffodil
Mammal - donkey
Ocean Creature - dolphin

Say the name of an animal that starts with the letter D, such as; dog, ducks, donkeys, deer, dragons or dinosaurs.
Put on some dance music.
Have your children pretend they are the animal and try to dance like the animal might.

Songs That Start With D
Darlin' You Can't Love One (Counting)
Do Your Ears Hang Low? (Body)
Dry Bones (Body)

Letter E

*wooden e’s. using craft sticks let the children glue craft sticks forming the letter E to paper and then paint them.

*Envelope writing. Children write letters and stuff them into envelopes mail to family. (I use those junk mail envelopes.They are all postage paid, those people must think I'm crazy.)

*egg shell painting. Using clean used egg shells and the children crush them and glue them to paper and water paints them.

*Paint or color a picture of Elmo

Egg salad sandwiches, scrambled eggs, egg noodles, elbow macaroni, eggplant

electric lime(neon Crayola color)

Theme words egg, elephant, engine, empty, emperor, elves, everything

Bird- emperor penguin
Tree - elm
Mammal - elephant
Rock or Mineral - emerald

One enormous elephant
Marching down the street,
With 2 large ears and 4 big feet.
He passed a friend
Who wasn't afraid
To join his friend
And form a parade.

Two enormous elephants
Marching down the street,
With 4 large ears and 8 big feet.
They passed a friend
Who wasn't afraid
To join the group
And form a parade.

Three enormous elephants
Marching down the street,
With 6 large ears and 12 big feet.
Jean Warren

Letter F

*funny feet Children walk in paint

*Flag windsock

*Family Mobile
have the children cut from magazines people they think could be in a family. Have them glue the pictures onto construction paper to be stronger.Teacher hole punch each picture. Tie yarn to attach pictures to rim of a paper plate. Punch two holes near the center of the plate string one piece of yarn through those holes so the plate (mobile) can be hung.

*handprint flower

fruit salad, french fries, fish fingers, french toast, fruitcake, frankfurters


Theme words feather, fish, foot, funny, fairy, forest, fire, farm, flag

Bird- flamingo
Flower - forget-me-not
Mammal - ferret
Ocean Creature - fish

Have your children pretend to:
Fly like fairies
Fish for fish
Fight fires
Float like a feather
Throw a football
Be falling leaves

Songs That Start With F
Finger Family, My (Body)
Five Little Ducks (Counting)
Five Little Froggies (Counting)
Five Little Mice (Counting)
Five Little Monkeys (Counting)
Five Little Tunafish (Counting)

***please know I have compiled the above from MANY sources. I have used the internet, books, friends and family. In about six weeks I will post letters G-L


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Re: Letter of the week A-F

Great job I might use some of these ideas with my kiddos, thanks!
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Re: Letter of the week A-F

Very cute!!! I will try to contribute to this thread next week!! great ideas!!!
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Re: Letter of the week A-F

love it ty
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Re: Letter of the week A-F

This is awesome! My DS is only 9 mo, so too young for this now, but be sure I'll print this and keep it for next year!

Also, since I'm going to be a SAHM soon, I've been looking for a child to babysit for and I was terribly worried about how I'd keep a 2 year old entertained all day every day (a lady at my church is considdering pulling her son from daycare so I could keep him...not set in stone yet, but maybe!) and this is just WONDERFUL! Seeing all these great ideas I think "hey! I can do that!" so this has really given me confidence that I wouldn't stink as a nanny!

This is more helpful than you know - seriously like an answered prayer. I had been asking God what on EARTH I would do everyday if I had a child to babysit who was older than my DS, because I just haven't been there with him yet and had no clue.
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