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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can declare something impossible, despite the fact that it is going on all the time, every second of every day, in other places, or in the same place, different time in history.

I still wish I could be a fly on the wall if doctors and experts (and relatives) who have declared EC impossible, including lengthy explanations on their expert opinion that children under the age of 2 lack the necessary physiological awareness, could only be flown on a jet to a place where diapers are not the norm, and EC is, so they could see with their own eyes, just how IMPOSSIBLE it really is.

Would it be like the peasant who, hearing of the giraffe in a distant land, dismissed it with "there ain't no sich animal"?

Originally Posted by justinalinee View Post
I am so excited this is the second forum I have found of this kind! If you haven't checked out forums.. they also have an EC section!
i love it!
I cannot wait to try this but have no idea when exactly we will start! I will be in a hospital for my son's birth and wonder how supportive nurses will be?
Regardless we will probably attempt it immediately when we get home
Has anyone else had issues with friends/family members mocking you/EC? Or saying "like that would ever work" It's very frustrating. They think because I have never had a child yet, that I don't know how impossible this would be!!


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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

Hey everyone, I'm not sure where best to post the questions I have, but I'm getting frustrated scouring the web. I am 30wk pregnant, and I want to EC with my baby. The thing is that we're living at my parents and they are not exactly open minded about things they consider unusual. I can't really have loads of accidents while we learn from each other, but I really want to start when she's born. I've been trying desperately to find a good cloth diaper option. I want one that will absorb a pee but let me know immediately that she's going. The CDs out these days are as absorbent as disposables and have covers built in to prevent leaks- but this would leave me clueless when she pees. I'm pretty sensitive, I plan to BW and offer her potty opportunities frequently, so I think we'll get into the flow fairly quickly, but I don't know what sort of diaper to buy in advance. The thing I don't like about prefolds is that they aren't at all fitted, and they seem like they'll be more work to get in and out of than the velcro or snap AIOs. I saw one contour that seemed like a possible solution. I wish I could just find cloth training pants that would fit a NB. I wouldn't mind buying multiple sizes. Nature Babycare looks great- too bad the smallest size won't fit till she's nearly 9mo old from what I'm reading. Any suggestions?
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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

With our newborn, we also shared a home with family. We started EC at about 2 weeks, and mostly by setting babe on the little potty at each diaper change as well as cueing when we could tell he was peeing or pooing (in his diaper or on the potty). It was a simple place to start.

We loved prefolds (GMD, orange edge then yellow edge) for both their ease and the low cost for those first couple months. We were not super near the bathroom for dumping the potty, so we kept the potty conveniently on the changing table in our room and always had it covered with a prefold. This eliminated the feeling of cold plastic on baby's bum and - when we caught a pee or poo - made it easy to just toss the prefold into the diaper pail with the rest of 'em. This system worked great for us!

I would definitely recommend trying prefolds. I found snappis very easy to use and made the prefolds plenty fitted, but you might also like the super easy-peasy-ness of using a prefold belt! I had prefold love until about 4 or 5 months, then I started using some pockets and fell in love with Mother-Ease one-size fitteds! So simple, great cotton design! Also, I found them second-hand on here and craigslist easily. And I won't have to buy any other fitteds!
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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

I first heard of EC from Malim Bialik (the actress who played Blossom) doing an interview about it...I stumbled on it while researching baby I thought it was an amazing approach, researched it a bit, read "Diaper Free"...and was convinced there was no other way to raise my baby.

People think I'm nuts...or they say "They didn't have that around when I was raising babies." I have to laugh and tell them that it's actually pretty much the way the whole world has always raised babies...until we developed sposies. And other countries find US disgusting for allowing our babies to sit in their feces and urine for hours on end!

My latest feel-good-about-our-decision moment was at the doctor's office. We thought DD had an infection, but the doc (not our regular one) kept saying how we'd have to cath her to get a urine sample...and I kept saying that I could take her potty. She was irritated and didn't really get why I would do such a thing (our reg doc is Indian and very much supportive of it, as that's how they do it in her country, she said). I took DD to the potty (11 months), she peed in the cup immediately, and the doc and nurses were just beside themselves at how amazing it was. I was so proud of DD!
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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

I'd heard about EC and was inspired when I met a mommy who actually practiced it at a mommy and me yoga class. My 4 1/2 month old went pee in a little bowl twice that night! I was super excited, and was able to catch at least a few a day in the next two weeks. I'd offer him the potty sometimes and still had a bunch of misses.

Then last week, he wouldn't let me hold him over anything! He almost always arches when I sit him on his bottom. So, now I just change him as soon as I know he's made his business which he does continue to signal. My DH and I think he's teething so maybe he's working on that and needs a break.

I'm thinking when he starts to sit up by myself, or after the teeth/tooth comes in, hopefully in a few weeks, I'll try to sit him on the BBLP.

Thanks for sharing your stories! It's a process and he's definitely communicating that he doesn't want to be held over anything!
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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

I first heard about ECing when my dd was eight months old when she started solids. I would pick up on her cuing me that she had to poop and take her to the bathroom to change her but she wouldn't be pooping yet! I would hold her over the potty while she pooped and that was about it. So I looked up infant pottying or something like that and found elemination communication. I started cuing her to pee after waking up and a couple of times a day catching a few and missing most! By the time she was one she was only pooping in the potty but still peed her cloth a lot. By the time she was two she was peeing in the potty almost all the time. Until her brother was born and she started peeing her pants again, regression I think. With her brother I on and off ec since he was a couple of weeks old I've done diaper free time and rush him to the potty when he is going. I'd ask him to wait and he usually wouldn't and then when he is on the potty i'll make a cue sound and tell him this is where we go potty. I bought a carpet shampooer due to this. We went through a good streak between six and nine months where I was able to catch most of his poos. But for the past month I've been missing almost everything. However it's summer and hot so he is diaper free for the majority of the day which makes it easier to catch it if I miss his initial cues.
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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

I frist heard of EC from one of my home birth clients. She was debating returning some really nice CD's she got as a shower gift because she was considering EC. I didn't know what that was and as she explained I told her she was CRAAAAZY and to get back with me in a few months and let me know how it was going.

I was soon due with #1 and was committed to CD'ing. Around 3 months old I was really aware of how clear it was when she was pooping. I thought, why the heck would I make extra work for myself scrubbing crappy diapers. I bought a baby Bjorn potty that day and when she started to go I picked her up and told her to HOLD ON and I set her on the potty and started making grunting sounds with her and she WENT! She never stopped after that and I'm happy to say that she is now 2yo and completely in panties from about 16mo. I would do it again 100x over from day one, it only makes sense NOT to teach them to poop on themselves when they are obviously capable of holding it and using a potty with assistance.
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Has anyone dealt with poop strikes? He still pees in the potty but it seems like he holds in his poop and then goes in his diaper. Which is odd because he's been pooping in the potty for over 7 months. He's 10 months old now.

I don't know what to do. If I see him make the poop face I try to take him to the potty but he just stops and I have to clean his butt and diaper and he wont go. He'll scream until I take him off the potty.
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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

I think I started ec'ing DD out of curiosity and only after reading others experiences, no books, I don't read much anyway. I still thought it was crazy, but got results and DD picked up on pooping rather quickly. In just about two weeks time we went on vacation with family, they didn't know, and I didn't want to stop ec. As a result-no poop diapers while we were gone.

I am happy to ec and will probably start sooner with the next kid(s).
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My son must have been feeling bad because we're back to going on the potty again. We're both happier!
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