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Language Development Question

At our 1-year well baby check up, the ped seemed very surprised that DS does not talk. I mean, he talks, but only in his own little non-sensical way. He does not say any specific words, including mama or dada.

He knows words... if I say where's the ball, he gets the ball, gives kisses when asked to, waves hello or goodbye when he hears the words, claps his hands when told to, etc. Just doesn't say anything...

The ped said they'd look into a language specialist if he still isn't saying anything by 15 months...

I talk to him alllllll day long. Seriously, so much, I'm getting sick of my own voice. We also sign a handful of words to him, but he doesn't sign back anything.

So, just wondering, anyone else have this issue? Did you have a specialist come in? If so, what did they do?

Just looking for ideas...


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Re: Language Development Question

You are going to get soooo many different responses. Our 2 yr 9 mo old just recently (within the last month) starting saying something other than Momma. We know he is intelligent as he understood everything we said and asked of him and we knew that there was nothing physically wrong with him. He did have a lot of sisters talking for him though. Not too long ago I got one of the baby sign language dvd's and he started watching it and within days he was actually saying more words. Maybe it was the dvd that helped or maybe it was just time for him to start talking. I was floored after watching the dvd a couple of times and he came and asked me for more drink with a sign and with a mumbled word. All children are different and develop at different rates.

My 14 mo old dd says Momma and is just now doing a couple of signs (more & milk). They don't always start signing back immediately but if you are consistant with them they will catch on.

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Re: Language Development Question

Normally I would type out a wealth of info about this but most people do not seem to like what I have to say so I will keep it shorter and you can PM me if you want more info. Before I had DD, I worked with Early Intervention doing developmental testing and play therapy. One of the things we looked for was 2 words other than mama and dada at 12 months. So, 4 words total at 12 months. People often say wait and see including peds. Maybe there is no problem but it could be and the sooner the child gets help the better. I hear people say all the time that their child said no words til 3 and etc, etc. Well that means they had/have a developmental delay and good thing they are catching up without help. I would rather be safe than sorry! My own son tested as language delayed at 15 months. He tested at a 10 month level. He got help through EI and is right on track now. Please PM me mama if you have any questions or just wanna talk.
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Re: Language Development Question

I don't know whether or not it is"normal" but my 14 mth old does'nt say anything either.
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Re: Language Development Question

It is well within the range of normal development. Everything is on a range. It's just like it isn't abnormal for a child to take to 18 months to start walking. Yes some kids who are delayed at 12 months will wind up needing intervention to catch up, but not all of them. Right now with all of the autism scare people are getting themselves pretty worked up over speech development. But there are two sides to speech, expressive and receptive. If your child seems normal on receptive speech, is meeting all other milestones, and seems to be developing normally socially (smiling at you, responding to his name ect) then you probably don't have anything to worry about. Girls are more verbal than boys, and boys who are particularly active and focussed on their physical milestones tend to speak even later. If you see other things that have you worried it absolutely will not hurt him any to be evaluated by an early intervention program. And because most are free it wouldnt' be a problem to have him recieve therapy. If he needs it it will help him, and if he doesn't it won't hurt him anyway.
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Re: Language Development Question

My DD was not talking at 18 months and got early intervention involved after speaking to our ped. It's been slow getting her to use words we know she understands. She just turned 2 this week and will use 30 words consistantly. She can sign another 10 words and we're working on getting her to put sentences together. Her therapist comes once a week for an hour. I can have a conversation with her. Her side of the conversation is 95% gibberish but she understands everything I am saying.

If your concerned call early intervention for an evaluation.
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Re: Language Development Question

that's how my ds was at 12 months. He is now 17 months and he knows about 12 words and finally signs about 6 signs. Don't worry too much but just be on the look out for it. Maybe he is saying words that you just aren't catching yet. One of the first words my ds said was kitty but i never caught it until after he said some other words then i realized that he was saying kitty. I actually have it on video before i knew what it was.
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