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Exclusive pumping

Has anyone exclusively pumped? How often should you pump from the get go and for how long?

I'm afraid I may not even be able to do that at work...though I do have 2 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch...

I saw a ladies freezer pic on here and she had stored a TON of breastmilk... how long can you keep breastmilk in a freezer?


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Re: Exclusive pumping

I do it at work. I pump three times for 15 minutes or two times for 20 minutes. Both gets me enough milk for DS when I get home (I work 10 hour days). Some days he needs more, some days he eats less and I get some stored up. We keep it in the freezer for up to 2 weeks. I seem to slowly store more than I lose, but I occasionally had to add an extra pumping session during the weekend when he was young.
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Re: Exclusive pumping

I pumped every time my LO about 6-8 times a day for 10-15 minutes each using a double medela pump.
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Re: Exclusive pumping

i EPed for a year. If you can at ALL avoid it, I would. Not meaning choose formula over breastmilk, but choosing actually breastfeeding over exclusive pumping. It's extremely taxing at times and requires a fairly strict schedule. I pumped every 2 hours for the first four months, then every 3 until 8 months and then dropped off to every 4 hours after that. I HAD to pump at night, as that's when I made the most milk.

I pumped for probably 15 minutes at a time.

I work fulltime and have since my baby was 6 weeks old. With two 15 min breaks and a 30 min lunch, you will need to pump at each one of those, at least until your baby is old enough to where you may only have to pump twice at work.

In a deep freeze, milk keeps 6-12 months. In a regular freezer, 4-6 months.
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Re: Exclusive pumping

My girlfriend pumps for her dd....she is completely bottle fed...she says she has to pump every 3-4 hours to keep from getting engorged....even in the middle of the night although her dd is sleeping through...she's got a 2-3 month storage right now!!
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Re: Exclusive pumping

I EP'ed for a year with DD due to latching problems, though I was a SAHM. Mostly I just pumped one day ahead so I could keep the milk in the fridge. When I froze it, it seemed to separate when thawed and I just didn't know if that tasted the same to her. When I accumulated more milk in the fridge than I would use the next day, I would freeze a bag for growth spurts or days away from each other. At the most I had like 20 bags frozen, with 4-6 oz. each.

As for the timing, at first you will definitely want to pump at each of those breaks. If your little one with keep nursing when you are home in the mornings and evenings, that will be good, but many babies will get lazy and want the bottle even if you are there to nurse them. After a few months pumping every few hours, I realized I would get the same amount of milk by spacing out the pumpings, so just keep track of how much you need and how much you can pump and try to space it out so you can get down to pumping as few times as possible. It didn't take long for me to quit waking up during the night to pump and eventually I was only pumping like 3 times a day. It makes weaning easier, that's one positive.

Good luck!
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Re: Exclusive pumping

I am pumping for twins right now, and its about every 3-4 hours around the clock. At night, I pump when they get up to eat, so as they start sleeping longer, I will go farther between pumpings and hopefully avoid getting engorged. I've got a pretty high milk supply though; you may need to pump more often if you don't get as many ounces per session.

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Re: Exclusive pumping

I pump at 6:30 am, 12:00, and 5:00pm. The rest of the time I nurse. I am able to make just enough for my lo for while he's at the sitter. Sometimes I make extra and put that in the freezer so I have a day or two's worth in the freezer.
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Re: Exclusive pumping

I pumped for a year straight with DD because she could not latch!!!!!! It was soo sooo hard. I did it every 2 hours at first and as she got older I kept cutting back because our freezer was stocked. (in fact she had breastmilk until 16 months)
It was worth it though despite how hard it was.
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