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I am so frustrated....

I think I am going off the deep end. I'm sorry if this turns out to be so long I just really need to vent. I am a SAHM of 2 boys DS#1 will be 4 in a week and DS#2 just turned one. I also watch to little girls during the week that are the same age as my boys. DS#2 is still not sleeping through the night, he gets up around every hour and a half to two hours. So, I'm not getting much sleep. I'm the kind of person who needs 8 hours to be functional. I'm always just so tired. But that's not really my problem. My problem is DS#1. He takes up all my energy I have nothing left for the other kids or myself. I'm always in a bad mood. He is always bouncing off the walls, running, throwing things, everything he knows he's not supposed to do. Hyper beyond believe. He never listens. I could tell him the samething 20 times and he still wont listen. I have tried everything I can think of to get him to behave and nothing works. I just don't know what to do anymore. Don't get me wrong, he has his good days too. They are just totally outnumbered by the bad ones.


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Re: I am so frustrated....

I'm not sure what to tell you but I'll throw a few things out there you might want to look into if you haven't already.

Could there be any foods he is sensitive to that make him act up? Think of all the common allergy ones plus sugar and food colorings/additives. I have one nephew who cant' have red food coloring or he's bouncing off the walls. I have one nephew and one son who can't have even the smallest amount of sugar or they are impossible to deal with, very hyper, cranky, and defiant. And my three year old dd gets really hyper and cranky if she gets too much milk. She can only have small amounts each day.

Does he get enough sleep? My 12 year old ds needs more sleep than he usually gets. If his dad is here and sends him to bed around 7:00 he gets up happy at 6:00 the next morning. If he goes to bed at 9:00, like the rest of the kids, he's cranky and defiant the next day. He will insist he's not tired and can't sleep if I try to send him to bed at 7:00 and he'll get up a hundred times until 9:00 anyway, but goes right to sleep if his dad's here.

Any other environmental allergies? If he has allergies to other things like dust, pollen or animals, it could just make him feel like c**p. I know I do when my allergies act up in the spring. I don't have any other obvious symptoms, just a sinus headache and crankiness.

Is he feeding off your lack of sleep/stress/crankiness? I really think you should try and get more sleep so you're better able to handle him. I know it's easier said than done, but would probably help a lot. Maybe try a gentle sleep training solution with the one year old. I'm like you and can't function on less than 8 hours of sleep, but I've been fortunate enough to have babies and kids who usually sleep through the night. I would be so if I didn't.

I hope something I suggested helps even a little. Good luck.
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Re: I am so frustrated....

I definitely second the idea of looking at your LO's food. My oldest is like that -- started crawling at 6 months and hasn't stopped moving since. And she's now 7. We noticed a big difference in types of sugar. Now we are looking at the whole food coloring/additives thing -- nothing artificial.

Good luck!
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