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how do i strip again?

I tried stripping last week and it didn't seem to work still have stinkies and i think my fb are repelling. We use charlies soap so im not sure what our problem is. We have a front loader so when i stripped last week i just rinses a bunch and hoped that helped. So how exactly do i strip my diapers with a front loader if they start out dirty? TIA im so close to just using bleach


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Re: how do i strip again?

No answer here, just letting you know I have the same question. I tried some dawn and then about 5 wash cycles with double rinses, no detergent in them and now mine have a really bizarre and awful smell to them...

I used the "sanitary" cycle on my frontloader for the wash which is super duper extra hot and lasts 2 hours...
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Re: how do i strip again?

The best way IMHO is to simply use the hottest water you can possibly get and wash until theres no more suds. With a front loader its kind of hard but it can still be done.
On my washer i have a Hot/Cold cycle but that cold water isnt getting the buildup out of the diapers so i just skip that cycle and keep the hot water going, this cuts down on the amount of water being used and takes less time. For this to work the water has to be ubber hot.
Also, i have used the Calgon method before and it did wonderful! But i wouldnt suggest using it unless its a last resort kinda deal. Just get those diapers rinsed well with the hot water and you shouold notice a difference.
Also, with the Charlies, use less soap, only a tablespoon or less is ever whats needed. And be sure you are rinsing that out of the diapers each wash. Right when you think they are clean enough, do an extra rinse. Or, just send them through another hot cycle and stop it after it spins out adn before the cold water is added. Makes sense? That cold or warm water is goo at rinsing out the leftover soap, but really, the ghot water is best at getting it all out.
as an extra precaution, do a once a month kinda system where your just washing everything in super hot water to keep things under control, this helps alot as well.
Lastly, the simplier the better the washing. Alot of people dont relize you dont need these huge and complicated wash routines. Keep it simple and easy and keep the water hot.
BTW, with Dawn, it may work for some, but not for all. I have such huge issues with using the stuff. Ive had to strip ALOT of diapers after its been introduced to the diapering systems and IMHO, its best to be kept out of the diapers.
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Re: how do i strip again?

I recently boiled my dipaes adn inserrt. took some time to do 4-5 different loads.
then i dumped them int eh washer and added boiling water to the hot cycle.
worked GREAT!
not all diapers can take it. i did fuzzi bunz wtih no problem.
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Re: how do i strip again?

You seductively take off the shirt and hold it out and let it drop to the floor........


THAT stripping!!! Ooops... sorry...

yeah... what others have said. super hot water till no suds. I've actually boiled mine before... hemp just loves to go *poof* with the soap build up when you put hemp into boiling water.
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Re: how do i strip again?

Have you been using the Charlie's for long?? That was the culprit for us. Tried it with freshly stripped diapers, and immediately had terrible stink problems...
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Re: how do i strip again?

I have never stripped (my diapers, at least ) but I have a front-loader and I think occasionally I am going to just rinse my dipes in a sink full of super-hot water a few times. The front-loader never really completely submerses them, kwim? I have a Bulky Items cycle that would probably really soak them but my machine leaks on that cycle.
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