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Still no crawling

Sean's just a few days shy of 9 months and he still doesn't crawl. He lays on his hands and tummy and scoots backwards sometimes, but mostly he just rolls to wherever he's trying to go. When I get down on the floor and try to get him to crawl towards me he gets on his hands and knees but just kind of rocks back and forth then flops back down to his tummy and rolls to me.

I don't know what to do to get him to start crawling. I worry about his delays. He didn't start rolling over until he was 4.5 months old, whereas as some of the babies from his birth board were rolling over as early as 6 weeks!

His 9 month check-up is in 2 weeks so I'll ask his pediatrician then but I just wanted to get some advice from btdt moms.


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Re: Still no crawling

Oh mama! Please try not to worry! My dd was born the day before your ds! 7/2/07 (saw it in your sig) and she is not really crawling either. She is 100% developmentally normal. If she weren't my third child I'd probably worry about her. But I've learned over the years (oldest is 8) that they all do it in their own time.

For your son, scooting around and rolling to what he wants is his form of locomotion. My dd is just so content with the way she is, she has no motivation to figure out the next step! It will come with time. Be patient - he will be zooming all over before you know it!

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Re: Still no crawling

My DS #1 didn't roll until 7 months, scoot until 11 months, crawl until 13 months, or walk until 15 months. He's still considered perfectly normal, in fact advanced, really... just lazy, I guess!

The fact that he's rolling to get where he wants to go is great. That shows the desire for something, devising a strategy for acquiring that something, and following through. Some kids never crawl. They just go from scooting to walking! I wouldn't worry too much yet.

ETA: just saw the other post. Perhaps I, too, should describe my son as "laid back" instead of "lazy." Wouldn't hold his own cup after the first few sips, won't hold on when being carried, learned to talk early so he could ask us to get things for him... no, lazy's the word!
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Re: Still no crawling

My now 3 year old seemed very laid back when he was that age. At 9 months he wouldn't crawl. When he wanted anything he would just roll to it. He was crawling by 10 months, and didn't take his first steps until he was a few days shy of 15 months. He is a very smart, not behind at all 3 year old now. I think some kids just like to go at their own pace! Don't worry momma, he will crawl soon

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Re: Still no crawling

My 2yr old didnt even sit till he was 11 mos old. He was walking by 13 mos, did like a sling shot. Babies develop at their own pace. Now my 12 mos old has been walking for 3 mos already! Actually being physical early has been linked to more injuries. Just cause they can walk and do these things doesnt mean they have the knowledge on how to do it safely. My 5 yr old has twisted legs, the bones themselves, its a birth defect. Hes a big boy and he walked at 11 mos which the drs considered early and they said that was adding to his leg problems because he was putting so much weight on them. Really I wouldnt worry about it. Its not a competition .
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Re: Still no crawling

I agree with the rest. My 2 yr old didn't crawl until he was 10 months old and was walking by his first birthday. Some babies never even crawl. It sounds like he is doing fine.
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Re: Still no crawling

My oldest didn't crawl until after he walked, seriously! He stood and cruised at 10mos but before that, just scooted on his bottom and rocked in place. He started walking 2wks before his first birthday and that same week, began crawling. He's totally normal. Please don't worry!
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Re: Still no crawling

Crawling is not even actually considered a milestone by the pediatric board. It's not necessary for a child to crawl to be normal. I know, we all get in our heads how our children should be and when they don't fit that picture we think something is wrong. And yes, I know, sometimes something is.

And crawling "early" doesn't necessarily mean anything, either. My son was crawling by 7 months but wouldn't walk unaided until he was 17 months. He's perfectly normal.
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Re: Still no crawling

Neither one of my older 2 daughters crawled at all until after they could walk, and my youngest daughter just started crawling within the last month (she'll be 1 in 2 weeks.) Trust me, enjoy the time before he's super mobile! I was actually sad when Kristin learned to meant there was more she could get into...I was spoiled with my first two in that respect! Try not to worry...I know it's hard, but he'll be fine
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Re: Still no crawling

My DD didn't crawl until she was 14 months. She walked at 10 months and then had a big fall at 11 months and didn't walk again until 14 months as well. She was too afraid. I think that each baby will do their thing in their own time and their own order. I wouldn't worry at 9 months.
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