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Re: How does it 'feel' when labor starts?

SO different for each mama, each pregnancy (in some cases). Sorry!

The biggest thing I have always heard is "regular contractions, 3-5 min apart" (regular meaning for more than an hour).

However, even that can not be clear. With my latest labor, they got to 3-5 min apart for an hour, but then totally backed off through the day. By 1:00 I thought it was false labor because they were now 10-15 min apart.

We got a labor check so mu husband could go back to work and found that I was at 6cm. When they checked me at the hospital at 8-9 cm, contractions were STILL 10 min. apart. They didn't get intense until he broke my water at 9cm.

The message of this??? Labor is a mystery. Good rule of thumb though: 3-5 min for an hour

GOod luck mama!!!


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Re: How does it 'feel' when labor starts?

My water didn't break with either of my labors. I never had braxton hicks contractions so when I did have a contraction I would time them and eventually they started getting closer together and more consistent so I knew it was labor. The contractions in the beginning just felt like menstrual cramps to me. I never felt the tightening or anything, just uncomfortable cramps.
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Re: How does it 'feel' when labor starts?

With DC1 I woke up with what I thought were mild "gas pains" that were 10 minutes apart. They got more intense and closer together as the day went on. I felt the most pain in my back near my tailbone. Nothing in my cervical area hurt.

With DC2, I had BH all during the last trimester. By the last month they were slowly dilating my cervix. As in, I walked around for weeks at 3, 4, and 5 cm. They got more intense. I could feel the contraction start at the top of my uterus and move down. My uterus got hard-but not my belly since I was
"working" to relax. Again there was a lot of pressure and pain in my lower back and with this one I kept wanting to pass gas or have a BM to relieve it. The only thing that relieved it was pushing out DD!

My water never broke on its own for either labor. I was somewhere around 7cm with DC1 and 9 cm for DC2 when I let the dr break it so I could push. I guess because I was in transition when my water was broken, I never noticed a change in the intensity of contractions.

ETA: I had the bloody show/lost the mucus plug during the last month of both my pgs. My friend who is an OB said that all of the early labor signs (dropping, bloody show, BH, the body cleansing its bowels, etc) are all signs that the baby will be born in the next couple of months.
She also said that the term "mucus plug" is a bit of a misnomer since there is no actual plug, but rather the cervix bleeds easily as it dilates and then makes more mucus (mucus that is constantly produced and renewed throughout pregnancy around the cervix to protect it) to help move the blood out of the birth canal. It can collect together and form something that looks like it hung out all together, but is really just a conglomeration that was recently produced.
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Re: How does it 'feel' when labor starts?

I felt crampy, lightly at first, then heavier and more often later. I had to have my water broke both times. I know I was in labor with DS2 because of the bloody show. With DS1 I was induced.
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